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Driveway Sealers for Block Paving, Concrete and Natural Stone

Smartseal provide a range of high quality driveway sealers and coatings for most types of driveway surfaces. Our driveway sealers include block paving sealers, imprinted concrete sealers, natural stone sealers and tarmac restorers.

All Smartseal driveway sealers and coatings are manufactured to BS5750/ISO 9001 quality standards and supplied direct to homeowners and trade professionals throughout the UK and Ireland.

Application guides can be found and downloaded next to each product. Video instructions for DIY can also be viewed from the link on the homepage of this website. Smartseal also provide a range of high quality driveway cleaning products to ensure your driveway is completely clean prior to sealing.

If you are looking to seal your block paved or imprinted concrete driveway and need help or advice before purchasing, please give us a call on 01268 722500.

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Protective Driveway Sealers for Imprinted Concrete, Block Paving and Natural Stone

The damp UK climate means an un-protected driveway will rapidly deteriorate over time. The damp porous surface of a driveway will quickly become vulnerable to the growth of weeds, moss, and green algae. Smartseal driveway sealers work by forming a protective seal on the surface of the block paving or concrete and effectively making it non-porous.

Natural stone in particular is very porous and will deteriorate faster than any other external surface. Smartseal driveway sealers for natural stone work by impregnating or filling all the microscopic holes or voids in the substrate to create a very efective barrier to water penetration.

Driveway sealers from Smartseal will leave your driveway protected from weathering and general wear at all times.