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Asbestos Coating Primer

Used to seal & prime seal asbestos roof tiles & prevent release of the asbestos fibres

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Asbestos Coating Primer
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Product Description

A white latex polymer based emulsion, specially formulated to seal, prime and maximise the adherence of the Asbestos Roof Coating.

Asbestos Coating Primer has been developed to improve safety prior to application of the Asbestos Roof Coating on corrugated asbestos cement roofs. The primer helps to suppress surface dusting as well as inhibit the release and spread of asbestos fibres which could be harmful to health. It will quickly absorb into porous asbestos roof sheeting as well as any cladding constructed from the same material.


  1. Sealing of industrial asbestos roof sheeting
  2. Sealing of warehouse and garage roofs
  3. Sealing of storage areas containing asbestos cladding and roof sheets

When use externally, this product is formulated to seal the surface of asbestos cement roof sheets as well as prevent dusting and avoid the release of potentially harmful asbestos fibres. For expediency, it can be applied a short-term solution to asbestos that is starting tp deteriorate. In this instance 2 coats are advisable. However, it is generally used as an effective primer for Climashield Asbestos Roof Coating to improve the weather resistance and durability of asbestos roof sheets.

When used internally, the asbestos primer will inhibit surface dusting and can applied to the internal face of asbestos roofs and cladding.

As a primer for the Asbestos Roof Coating, it is frequently used on friable asbestos surfaces, as well as porous areas where the surface is showing signs of 'fretting' and general deterioration.


  • Helps to seal in potentially harmful asbestos fibres
  • Easy application by brush or low-pressure sprayer
  • Improves adherence of Asbestos Roof Coating
  • Solvent free - very low VOC content
  • May eliminate need for specialist asbestos removal
  • Improves water resistance
  • For use on internal and external asbestos
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable


  1. Do not apply in wet conditions or to damp asbestos sheeting.
  2. Always take advice from a qualified and competent Health & Safety professional prior to working at height on easily breakable surfaces like asbestos roof sheets.
  3. Make sure you are proficient and understand the correct procedures regarding PPE and waste disposal when working with roof sheets made from asbestos.


Only apply once the asbestos has been cleaned and is free from dirt,alage, moss or lichen. Shake container before use. Apply one coat with brush or sprayer to a dry surface in temperatures between 10 - 25 degrees centigrade with no rain forecast. Once dry, then apply the Asbestos Roof Coating

2 to 3sqm per litre


  • If using a sprayer to apply, always wear a face mask (FFP3) and goggles for protection to eyes
  • During preparation and cleaning of any asbestos surface, always wear a face mask (minimum FFP3)
  • Wear disposable chemical resistant gloves and protective overalls during preparation and application
  • Avoid contact with the skin and eyes at all times (rinse immediately with water if this happens)
  • Keep application area well ventilated at all times when primer is being applied
  • Ensure any empty containers are disposed of responsibly in accordance with HSE requirements. 
  • Ensure any used PPE is disposed as asbestos contaminated waste. The primer is classified as non-hazardous during normal use.

As long as it is unopened and subject to storing in the correct conditions, the primer has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture. Store upright above 5 degrees centigrade in original containers, out of direct sunlight. Do not allow to freeze. Keep out of reach of children.

Smartseal Asbestos Coating Primer is supplied in 5 & 25 litre plastic containers.

Please read the Safety Data Sheet before commencing any work. If unsure how to use the primer, please call 01268 722500 for technical help and advice.

Asbestos coated roofs, especially older ones, can be very fragile and prone to break quite easily. With this in mind, any asbestos roof should only be accessed with great caution when undertaking any surface preparation or asbestos coating work. This means using the recommended crawler boards that spread weight evenly, as well as the correct harnessing and access towers needed to complete any project. Smartseal are first and foremost, suppliers of cleaning products, coatings and sealers. We are NOT Health & Safety advisors, so cannot provide definitive guidance on areas such as 'working at height' or 'working with asbestos'. Prior to undertaking any work, if you do not have the relevant experience in this sector, we strongly recommend that you contact a qualified Health & Safety professional for guidance in all areas relating to PPE, best practice etc.

Any recommendations are made without warranty or guarantee, as to how accurate, reliable or complete they are. This is because any conditions of use or application are outside our control and it is the responsibility of the user to satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the product when selecting it for use on any project.

Product FAQs

Q: Is the asbestos coating primer a water base product?

Yu Yan Wu

A: The asbestos coating primer is a non-solvent, water based primer for use on asbestos roof tiles or asbestos roof sheeting prior to application with the asbestos roof coating.

Response from Nick
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