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CONCRETE DUSTPROOFER Internal & External SEALER Highly Effective, DURABLE, Long Term Protection (sample, 5 & 25L)

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Quick delivery, simple instructions, easy to apply with roller, seems to work well.

By A Reviewer From England

Our concrete garage floor was very dusty, brushing it just created more dust. It also wasn't smooth, it was bumpy as if planks of wood were used when it was made. Because of that I wondered whether the concrete sealer would work well or require a lot of the product. As it worked out the 32 sq m. floor required less than two of the 5 litre bottles for two coats. I am very pleased with the results.

By Christopher Phillips From Southampton

Goes on easily inside and out. Has successfully sealed old untreated concrete at the back of my garage, previously sealed concrete at the front of my garage which had worn thin and newly laid concrete on the edge of my drive. Two coats seem to have done the trick, very pleased but will be interested to see if it looks as good in a few years time.

By Peter Andrews From North East England

I had lived with my dusty garage floor for a long time but decided enough was enough and researched the options for sealing it and had decided on PVA until I read the horror stories of people who had gone down that route, yes its inexpensive but the downsides were too many especially if it gets wet in the future. So researched again and found Smartseal and read the comments which mostly reflected my requirements. Bought two 5 litre containers of concrete sealer for large double garage to give it two coats (6 litres would have sufficed but will use the balance for other projects), first coat you could almost hear the concrete sucking it in and the second coat was very easy, absolutely delighted with the results. Applied it with a 9 inch roller and extension pole which made the whole process a breeze.

By Bryan Edwards From Worcestershire

Based on testing the 100 ml sample of concrete sealant on a very dusty garage floor.it was easy to apply, dried in the quoted time and seems to have don the trick. I will now order the 5l size to do the job

By Peter Andrews

10 litres of concrete dustproofer did 2 coats of a large double garage floor. The sealer applied easily with a wide brush. The previously very dusty garage floor is now dust-free. Ensure you do good preparation - brushing then washing. Good courier service (i.e. not Parcel Force!)

By Roger Hartley From Chesterfield

Excellent product !

By Adrian Wood From Devon

Well pleased! Easy to use. Concrete sealer covered single garage floor with plenty left over. Much superior to product from local hardware store that cost more.

By Andrew Smith From Eastbourne

Used this concrete sealer on a garage floor which is about 4 months old. Applied 2 coats and floor seems completely sealed. I found that it was easier for the first coat to pour the product from the container directly onto the floor and spread with a roller. Second coat was better applied with the roller dipped in the product and only required about half the amount. Floor looks good so far with a slight sheen and no sign of dust anywhere - very pleased with it and have enough left for another coat in due course if required.

By Steve Gough From Warwickshire

Fast delivery very good sealer and easy use

By Nigel Reynolds

A Really good concrete sealer. Pretty much does what it says on the tin. Quick & easy to apply. Decent coverage. Dried fast !

By Ben Phillips

My new build concrete garage floor was ridiculously dusty. Every time we stepped out of it we left a trail of white footprints. The floor area is around 45 square metres and I applied two generous coats of the sealer using less than three quarters of the 25 litre drum I purchased. The first coat soaked in very quickly and I applied a second coat 15 minutes later. I'm really pleased with the result. The floor is now totally dust free and has made the garage far more usable. I telephoned the sales department to check on my order and they were extremely polite and helpful too. I would recommend this product and supplier to anyone suffering with a dusty concrete floor.

By Stephen Ashby

Easy to apply, the concrete sealer dries to a nice satin finish, goes a long way

By Simon Gibson

The concrete dustproofer is a great product, recommended highly. Very simple to use and it does exactly what is states it will do. Garage is completely dust free and no more white footprints everywhere

By Andy Carling From Portishead

Delivery timeframe was as promised and the sealer did exactly what it said it would do. Sealed a dusty concrete garage floor so I no longer create white footprints everywhere. Easy to use. I would recommend.

By Andrew Taylor

good product

By Raymond s

Prompt delivery - product was very easy to apply - give the container a good shake - apply with a roller - easy to apply - two coats of sealer - and all the problems we had with dusty concrete were solved - product did exactly what it was supposed to do - 10 / 10

By George Andrews From Cumbria

I'm very pleased, I can now kneel down with out getting white knees! I think maybe my floor was rather smoother than I thought as the product went on really easily with a roller and I have enough left over to do a couple of small sheds. No nasty smells or fumes, this is very important. I very much appreciated the advice given by email prior to buying. Thank you.

By B Bickley From Monmouth

Applied sealer to new concrete garage floor slab (cast three months ago) first coat of concrete sealer soaked in immediately so had to follow up with the second coat at once.Have since applied two further coats of sealer,now appears completely dust free,very easy and simple to apply using a roller.

By Ian Kennerley

Excellent product. Will use again.

By Bruce Mudford From London

Great product, it did exactly what I needed it to do, easy to use, no toxic fumes/smells. Highly recommend!

By Adrian Smith

Fast, well organised delivery. Used the product on an old medium finish concrete floor in a shed used for storing all the garden equipment. Application is exceptionally easy (I used a small disposable roller). Seems a bit like PVA to use. After about 2 hours on a warm day the second coat was applied, although I'm not sure that it was absolutely necessary. No more dust, great.

By Terence Shepherd

By Lynne Hayward

Brilliant product. Covered the required are as descirbed and worked way better than I expected. No more dust is generating on the concrete floor. Really easy to apply too. Highly recommended!!!

By Shaun Peralta

Really easy to use, used a roller to apply onto the Garage floor - took around 30 mins to apply. Applied second coat about 30-60 mins after first - not sure I even needed a second coat, but thought better safe than sorry. My floor is now dust free. On a side note ordered the sealer on a Monday PM and it arrived Tue am the next day. Very pleased with product and service.

By Paul White

Does what it says on the label, used on old garage floor

By Robert Hackwith

Applied this product on a polished concrete floor. The floor had been down for approx 10 years and had never been sealed, it was still like new but we wanted to eliminate the dust it created if possible. It is a large floor area of approx 250m2 so bought 2 of the large 25L drums based on the coverage data. Applied with rollers except around the edges, easy to apply and looks great. If using on polished concrete I would suggest that the coverage would be approx 20m2 per litre as we have 1.5 drums left after putting on a generous coat ( near impossible to put on second coat with polished concrete) so exceptionally good value and we have plenty of other floors that we can use the rest on.

By Fred Phillips

Great product. Applied easily to 16 sq m with a brush and about a quarter left over from 5 litres. Quick drying. Floor several years old, only required one coat in my case. No problems with delivery.

By Robin Wharton

Used for porch was easy to apply. After one coat sealed and no more dust.

By Claire Jacob

I used this product on my new garage floor about six months ago. It was easy to apply using a roller. I rolled on two coats, one straight after the other. It has left the concrete very slightly darker and you can see that it has soaked in well. It certainly does what it says on the tin and there is now no dust when I sweep the floor and I can kneel down to work on the car without getting covered in concrete dust. I would certainly recommend it.

By Nick Morgan From Scottish Borders

Great product. Easy to use and it does exactly what is suppose to.

By Marta Gradaille

Expensive, more than enough to do a double garage! Only been down a few days, but looks like its done what its meant to and no more dust when I brush the concrete. Went on easily and as another reviewer mentioned its actually easiest to pour it on and then use a roller to spread it out.

By Edward Felmer From Guildford

Really does exactly what you want it to do. Placing a second coat, you could already see the sealing affect from the first coating. Went on much easier by pouring an amount of the sealer on the concrete then spreading with a roller. Hardly had to use any for the second coat. Really pleased with the product.

By Adam Kharchi

happy with product, no more dust.

By Bill Whitehouse

Concrete Dustproofer - Does what it says on the tin.

By Robert Ball

First Class service and First Class product. Could not be more satisfied.

By David Norman Culverwell

Excellent, Arrived on time, easy to use, and sealed very well on first coat. Would recommend if large area to cover. I had 112 sq m to do and went on easily with a roller

By Ian Lindsay

Good Product, done what it said on the tin, Delivered on time with good customer service.

By Fred Collins From LH2 Studios
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Concrete Dustproofer for Concrete Floors

Helps prevent concrete dust problems on newly laid concrete floors

Highly effective, easy to apply Concrete Dustproofer with no strong harmful smell. The concrete sealer is suitable for internal or external use. It is a durable concrete floor sealer, garage floor sealer and sealer for power floated concrete floors.

Solvent FREE concrete dustproofer that helps prevent dusting on porous concrete surfaces. It's frequently used to seal and prevent dust on concrete on garage floors and industrial floors.

  • One or Two coat application (see coverage) 
  • Effective Concrete Dustproofing
  • Durable Concrete Sealer
  • Easy to apply by Sprayer or Roller
  • Manufactured to BS5750/ISO9001 standard
  • Gives additional protection to Concrete Surfaces
  • Stain and Oil resistant

If you want to prevent concrete dust on floors and walls, use the Concrete Dustproofer. The concrete sealer is solvent free and ideal for internal use to seal concrete floors and walls. If you are looking to seal an external concrete surface like a driveway or patio, you may want to consider the Solvent Based Concrete Sealer.


Average Coverage 4 - 6 mē per litre, dependent on porosity of the concrete.


Suitable for sealing tamped concrete, cast concrete, screeded concrete or power floated concrete floors.


SEE MSDS and Technical Data sheets for more info.

Preparation: Apply to clean and dry internal or external concrete.

Application: By sprayer, roller or paint brush direct from container, do not dilute. If a second coat is required, apply before tack dry.

Coverage: Dependent on porosity and finish of concrete, average coverage will be around 4 mē. Product will appear opaque when wet, but will be clear when dry. Ensure adequate supplies of product are available. Agitate drum before opening, keep sealed when not in use. Clean spillages with water.

Health and Safety:
Harmful by inhalation and if swallowed. Irritating to skin.
Wear appropriate safety wear at all times.