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Floor and Wall Sealers

Slate sealers for internal walls, floors and worktops

Suppliers of great protective sealers for slate floors, worktops and walls in the home. Using our slate floor sealers can keep your slate floor looking great at all times and make ongoing cleaning and maintenance so much easier.

Apply two coats 'wet on wet' by brush, sprayer or roller for best results. Available in a dry invisible finish or damp, colour enhancing effect.

If you need help or advice before placing an order, please call 01268 722500.

High quality penetrating slate sealers for long lasting protection to slate floors, worktops and walls. Also know as impregnating sealers that are available in a dry invisible finish or a damp colour enhancing effect.

If you are looking to buy the best slate sealer you can find, look no further as we can help. Our slate floor sealers offer lasting protection from stains and dirt and make cleaning and maintenance of slate surfaces much easier.

The highly protective floor sealer for slate is suitable for other types of natural stone flooring such as limestone, travertine, marble and terracotta.

Apply the slate floor sealer by cloth, brush, sprayer or roller depending on the size of the area to be sealed.