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Sealers and Coatings

Sealers and Coatings for all forms of Brickwork and Masonry

Smartseal supply a range of great sealers for long lasting waterproof protection to brickwork. The brick sealers act as dustproofers on unrendered walls internally and externally.

Porous brickwork around a property can lead to many problems including the spread of damp. To prevent water ingress and the inevitable spread of damp, we strongly recommend applying a sealer to brickwork which will waterproof a brick wall and stop water penetration.

Our brickwork sealers are solvent free, so will not give off potentailly harmful vapours while they dry off. Application is easy by roller, brush or sprayer for larger areas.

PLEASE NOTE: Once the brick and masonry sealer has been applied, the surface of the brickwork or masonry cannot be painted afterwards as paint will not bond to the surface.


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Porous brickwork is the main cause of damp spreading throughout a wall. If there is nothing to stop water ingress on a porous wall, it will eventually find its way into a property. Damp can become a big health issue internally as it can lead to the spread of mould and algae spores in a home. You can now prevent damp on brickwork using our brick sealer and masonry protection cream which will provide a waterproof barrier and will make brickwork non-porous once dry.

Our highly protective brickwork sealers are used widely in the domestic and commercial marketplace and will seal brick walls for many years to come.

PLEASE NOTE: Once the brick sealer has been applied, the surface cannot be painted afterwards as paint will not bond to the surface.