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Masonry Protection Cream (5 sizes) Damp Proofer & Brick Sealer. Dry, Invisible Finish; Breathable; 25 Year Protection

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Sample Available Masonry Protection Cream (5 sizes) Damp Proofer & Brick Sealer. Dry, Invisible Finish; Breathable; 25 Year Protection
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Bought this masonry cream to seal a single stone built porch which I have had damp problems through winter. So after 2 days I cant say if its got rid of damp problem ask me in 6 months

By James Parkinson

Ordering and delivery of Masonry Cream very good. coverage as stated about 5 sq m/litre but I would think this depends on the type of surface applied to. Painted on with 3" brush very easy to apply. The reason for four starts there has been no wet weather to assess the sealer. Hopefully, it will last for as long as stated for 25 years.

By Stuart Clark

The masonry cream was easy enough to apply with a brush onto the very irregular and porous Cotswold stones of my cottage back wall. As anticipated, I only had a coverage of about 4 sq m/litre. Not yet fully tested as it's been so dry, but I'm hopeful that it will solve the problem of penetrating damp. The ordering process and delivery service was good, but I am still waiting for a reply to my email asking some preliminary questions of the product!

By Patricia McCurry

Good communications from SmartSeal advising slight delay due to waiting for one of the ingredients. I found the masonry cream easy to apply using a 3" brush with it giving good coverage. A good product can recommend.

By Jim Kennard

Great product, I have an old cottage with porous bricks. I was advised that the masonry cream would be most suitable. It is very easy to apply, I used a brush. When I had partially completed a wall , there was some heavy rain. The water just beaded And ran off on the part I had done. The difference was amazing. Hopefully it will last as long as is claimed but very impressed so far.

By Gary Street

product application did what it said on the tub 100%. Sealer dried clear, easy to apply, brush washed out in water, and no smell. Would recommend this product as the only product you need to waterproof the exterior of your home.

By Dean Cox

Product arrived within stated delivery time to N.Ireland. Came 2 x 5 litre tubs and masonry cream was in plastic sealed bag within tub which meant no danger spillage and also ease to use thereafter. Spent couple days applying this sealer during lock down to both new and very old red brick - went on with great ease. Have had some rain since and appears to be a success. Quite expensive but like everything you only get what you pay for and trust it will be money well spent. Very friendly telephone manner and advise prior to placing order as I was unsure to buy cream or liquid?

By Keith Irvine

With everything going on, your service was great, there was a bit of misunderstanding with the delivery company saying they hadn't received the goods and I couldn't track it, but all sorted after I think, Alex stepped in. Cream went on well, so I'll wait for the next windy downpour to see if it worked. Thanks for your help Gordon and Wendy Wilkins The Meadows Asthall Leigh Oxfordshire OX29 9PX

By Gordon Wilkins From Gordonwilkins2016@gmail.com

Purchased the masonry cream to protect brickwork being penetrated by flood water when river levels reach our property. Will not know if this works until that dreadful moment happens. River levels did reach our property in February 2020 and water did penetrate above dpc level. As we had some really good weather towards the end of March and temperatures were above 10c, I repointed my dpc and treated brickwork after it had dried thoroughly. I used both a roller and masonry brush. It does splash so wear gloves. Not sure if it would cause harm but for the sake of safety. Brush, roller and tray clean very easily with water. No discolouration of brickwork once dried. Cannot tell difference between treated and untreated brickwork. Not had much rain to tell if beading effect happens since using product. I have some more brickwork to do but that is on garage and need to do some prep work first. Up to now I can recommend this sealer to do what it is intended for and price is more favourable than some alternatives.

By Brian Williams From March 2020

Had some damp coming through a single brick exterior wall so found this product after reading numerous reviews, suggestions etc. I have treated the exterior wall with one coat of this product but until we get some wet weather I can't say that the product works well. Having said that it goes onto brick with ease and dries in so that you cannot see it which is great!

By Lester Connelly From Northampton

The masonry cream went on wall very easy, goes a long way too. Good costumer service and delivered quickly.

By Mark Jones From Portsmouth

Easy to use and good coverage. Well pleased.

By Jeremy Giltrow

Excellent service

By Beverley Mckearnen

excellent service as always

By rae doble

Service was 100%, sample delivery 100%, product application did what it said on the tub 100%. It dried clear, easy to apply, brush washed out in water, and no smell. Would, and are recommending to all our clients as the waterproof product. Skeer Chartered Building Consultancy

By Jackie Skeer

Cannot comment on the product as not used yet, but hoping that it�s going to be as good as previous reviews say. Order dispatched quickly so happy with the service.

By Karen Ingham

Used before an a Norfolk Red Exterior wall, a very porous brick. Let the bricks dry out after the winter, applied the cream as directed and ended up with dry walls. No or very slight discolouration but only noticable between treated and untreated bricks.So good I treated the other side of the house as well.

By Roy Bogstrup



Been waiting for bad weather to arrive, to submit a review for the seal cream, well it arrived! Garage always had a bad leak coming from the exterior bricks, put the weather seal cream on the exterior and inside of the garage...WOW,dry as a bone in a desert, no leaks what so ever, brilliant ...100% dry,highly recommended.����������

By Michael Whyte

Excellent product seems to have sealed both Bricks and Mortar and stopped spalling dead in its tracks

By Ian Brand

Product seems to be working, the reason I have knocked a point off is due to the packaging as it didn't give much protection and the tub had split.

By Susan Nesbitt

As good as the much more expensive market leader. I covered the exposed side of my house several years ago and it is still working well. Just completed the final side. Totally invisible and easy to apply.. Quality product

By Robert Smith

Bought this product to seal some new slim brick cladding that I had done. It was very easy to put on, I went with using a brush so that I could ensure that the mortar was sealed and it was a breeze to do. Over the next couple of days, I could see the colour fading back to the original colour. It rained very hard a couple of days later and I could see the water just sitting on the brick face as beads, so I think it is has done the job perfectly.

By Stephen Etchells

The waterproofer went on as easily as advertised and so far so good,we have not had much rain lately but am pleased so far.

By David Allison

The cream is easier to apply than expected. For quite bricks that are less porous than standard, it only covers 2.5 square meters instead of 5 square meters, therefore had to twice as much as initially expected! The company has been very helpful in getting the second order delivered early the following day. Thank you.

By Jayshree Pearce

Product 10/10, Website Information 3/10. Excellent product... so why only three stars? Had to seal a (very) porous garage wall from the elements and decided on ClimaShield as one of the walls I don't have external access to and as far as I could tell this could be applied to the inside wall. It definitely works, and I know this because of the less than helpful information about the product - coverage. It was claimed that a five litre tub would cover approximately 25-50 square metres. Fine I thought, I have 20 square metres to cover, so a 5 litre tub should do the trick. Not even close. It barely managed to cover 12 square metres, leaving some of the wall exposed... for when it rained a few days later. And so I can say for sure that the product works like a charm as the treated part my garage wall was bone dry with the water just rolling off like a ducks back, whereas the untreated part of the wall was wringing wet and seeping through to the inside of the garage. So, SmartSeal - ClimaShield is an excellent product that performs exactly as it says on the tin. Shame your information leads to buyers ordering the wrong quantity.

By Michael A From Wiltshire

Very prompt delivery. Easy to apply only time will tell whether it has worked

By David Lee

Smartseal's customer service is very good - both before and after the sale. I purchased this product to weather proof my garage. I found applying the cream with a roller too cumbersome but this is probably down to the type of brickwork. I used a fence brush instead. A few days later we had heavy rain and I could visibly see the water beading off the brickwork. If it lasts 15+ years I'll be delighted.

By Gary Andrews

I have applied the masonry protection cream to old concrete steps and to internal walls of a storage room. The cream has turned processed surfaces hydrophonic. That is what I wanted and I am happy to find (finally) the product that works. This happened one week ago and the surface still repels the water. The interesting bit is that the cream does not dry out competelly after application. The surface just stops absorbing it at some point and stays wet. It looks normal, I just did not expect this. The surface the cream applied to is not slippery when wet.

By Pavlo Ivanov From Clydebank

Prompt delivery. excellent product, easy to apply and doing its job well.

By Dennis Johnson

Excellent service: Products worked well and very good advice from Nigel. Would definitely recommend.

By Colin Egan

We were very impressed with the Customer Service. There was a swift response to our technical enquiries. The product has proved to be extremely easy to apply; this is in line with what we were told and subsequently read. A first class service all round backed by the fastest product delivery early the next day.

By Terence Baker

Used the masonry seal on our south west facing wall as in heavy rain we had water coming in over the window. It has stopped it completely so we did the rest of the house. Now in the space of half an hour after rain the walls are touch dry. The water just runs off. A friend in the village was so impressed he used it on his limestone built house and it has stopped the water penetrating his walls completely.

By Mike Burrell From derbyshire

Gable end of house had damp inside, re pointed no change, due to very porous old bricks porous.Talked to Smartseal and appliedthis breathable masonry cream was applied.It has worked perfectly, house sold!

By Robert Bishton From Hampshire

easy to use,does what it is supposed to do, very pleased

By neil o'reilly From reigate

Used to seal the gable end of a clients house who had been suffering from really bad damp ingress into the upper and lower floors of the property. Clima shield masonry cream, seems to have done the trick, client says the damp patches are receding with the help of a dehumidifier, and not returning as is usual. Will definitely be adding this to my arsenal of damp cures.

By Carl Brierley From Cheshire

Bought 5 litres to do a gable end on my house that had been leaking in water in heavy, prolonged driving rain. My flat-roofed garage adjoins this gable end and things were not enhanced by the builder placing the cavity trays two courses below what they should have been. The bricks are "faced bricks" and therefore quite porous. Put the paste on without skimping (it was my house after all) and found that I had to buy an extra litre to finish the job. We have had some splendid periods of prolonged, driving rain since that date and there are no signs whatsoever of any leakage. They say it has a 25 year guarantee - absolutely brilliant!

By Leslie Beacham From Private Householder

Ordered on Friday, arrived on Monday, applied Monday evening. Raining on Wednesady, so far so good. I did have to carry our some remedial pointing and clean down before applying Masonry Cream. Hopefully will remain dry.

By Phil Baker From Cornwalll

Very good product, easy to apply and has sealed the brickwork against water ingress.

By Richard Green From Southampton

Damp problem solved !!! Recommend viewing video guide if you're not sure of how to apply this product. Follow what you see and you can't go wrong. I applied the cream to my property in the summer months on one of the few dry weeks we had. Cleared my damp problems immediately. Very highly recommend this product ,both for the price and quality. WELL IMPRESSED

By Mike Baxter From Barnsley

Masonry Cream - great product, easy to apply, soaks into brick surface and dries quick leaving exterior surface really waterproof.

By Alan Hutchinson From Woodlands Community Garden

Easy ordering. Prompt delivery. Good price. Product simple to apply and does the job (brick feature wall in mens urinal)!

By Tina Bamford From Windsor

Quick delivery,good price,product as described

By Mary Murdoch

Very prompt delivery after easy ordering on the website which gave detailed information of the product and how to use it properly. The product lived up to it 's reputation and fully damp proofed a bottom floor flat walls with excellent results. Would totally recommend this product without hesitation.

By James Cobb

Excellent service. Helpful staff.and resolved an issue regarding Breathability with out fuss.highly recommended

By David Coates From Folkestone

Excellent product, easy to apply with good results. Does what it says on the tin.

By Colin Adcroft From Warrington

Very helpful advice when I asked about the right product for our problem. The cream was delivered very promptly. It is very easy to apply. I tested an area where it had been applied compared to an area not yet treated the following day and the difference was amazing. Absolutely no water retained on the wall. So far this autumn no water has penetrated the wall.

By Mike Burrell From Buxton

Very helpful advice when I asked about the right product for our problem. The cream was delivered very promptly. It is very easy to apply. I tested an area where it had been applied compared to an area not yet treated the following day and the difference was amazing. Absolutely no water retained on the wall. So far this autumn no water has penetrated the wall.

By Mike Burrell From Buxton
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Step-by-Step Video Guide

Climashield™ Masonry Protection Cream is a VOC free, water based, protective treatment specially formulated to create strong waterproofing properties on brickwork, masonry and render. The deeply penetrating Masonry Cream is a very effective damp proofer and brick sealer that forms a strong barrier against penetrating damp. .

  • Dry, "Invisible" Finish
  • Leaves Walls Breathable
  • The waterproofing masonry sealer will last up to 25 years

In a storm dry walls are essential if you want to avoid water ingress and long term damp. The Masonry Protection Cream provides long lasting protection from water penetration and the spread of damp in masonry and brickwork by filling the porous voids within the substrate without blocking them. This allows the masonry to release trapped moisture and to 'breathe', preventing moisture build up. 

Unlike waterproof paints and waterproof coatings that are available in DIY stores our protective cream is far more effective and lasts much longer. It will also retain the original dry appearance of the substrate so it is ideally suited for application to brickwork, stonework and most forms of unprotected masonry.

This highly effective damp proofing system will also provide a highly effective additional barrier to flooding as part of any existing flood protection system.

Dry damp proof walls will also increase the thermal efficiency of a property. This can produce energy savings from an average of 6% to as much as 29%, if used in conjunction with other green deal systems.


Viscous masonry cream based on Advanced Silane/Siloxane chemistry.

For best results, one heavy application of ClimashieldTM Masonry Cream on standard brickwork at 5m² per litre is recommended. On dense, less absorbent brickwork or render, coverage can be increased by up to 10m² per litre.

The substrate must be dry prior to application, otherwise this will present a barrier to the Masonry Cream soaking into the surface. Minimum application temperature: 10°C. Store the product in a cool, dark place to prevent contamination by bacteria or fungal spores carried by air. Only open containers to remove the amount of product required and then close the lid once the product has been taken out. Once the containers have been opened, use up the complete contents as quickly as possible.

Can be applied by roller or paint brush. Due to its high viscosity, a simple, drip and run free application is possible. In general, only one heavy application is required. The cream will penetrate and absorb into the substrate within 30 minutes to several hours, depending on surface porosity. Once dry, the brickwork or masonry will be left with a dry/invisible finish.

Technical data sheets and application information available upon request.

PLEASE NOTE: Once the Masonry Cream has been applied, the surface of the Masonry or Brickwork cannot be painted afterwards as paint will not bond to the surface.