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By Janet Hoye

Havent used it yet but will leave review when used

By Janet Hoye

Havent used it yet but will leave review when used

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Green To Clean (Apply & Leave)

Highly Concentrated Formula - Treats 100-150 m². Kills & Prevents Algae & other Oganic Growth

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Product Description

GREEN TO CLEAN is a concentrated microbiological biocide specially formulated to kill and remove all types of green organic growth on external hard surfaces. Just spray and leave it to take effect. 

GREEN TO CLEAN is easy to apply and suitable for use by the DIY market or professional contractors. After application, the powerful formulation will quickly start to kill and remove organic growth, algae, mould and mildew as well as the various types of lichen that are frequently found on driveways, patios, roofs, walls and paths. 

Used frequently to kill green organic matter on

  • Walls & Brickwork
  • Decking & Fencing
  • Driveways & Patios
  • Natural Stone
  • Tarmac
  • Roofs & Render

To ensure surfaces remain free of organic growth, GREEN TO CLEAN can also be re-applied at any time in the future to help keep external hard surfaces looking clean at all times. GREEN TO CLEAN is used frequently by homeowners as it can easily be applied with a watering can or sprayer. Only 5 litres is required to treat up to 100 - 125m.

  • GREEN TO CLEAN kills most types of organic growth on external hard surfaces.
  • Multi-surface application - roofs, patios, driveways, walls, paths and other external hard surfaces.
  • Avoid using on sensitive surfaces such as lead work, aluminium and other sensitive materials.
  • External use only.
  • Ideal for DIY use.
  • Can be re-applied at any time to prevent future regrowth.
  • Quickly kills green growth, algae, lichens, mould and mildew.
  • Easy application via watering can or sprayer.
  • Does not contain bleach or acid.
  • Long shelf life for storage.

Surface should be dry before treating. Do not apply if rain is expected within 12hrs of application (the longer it dries on the surface, the better the results). Do not apply in extreme temperatures (classed as below 5c and above 25c - to avoid rapid evaporation, ideally spray early morning or late afternoon).

APPLICATION: Dilute 1 part of GREEN TO CLEAN with up to 5 parts of water depending upon extent and type of contamination and growth. To treat heavy infestations of organic growth use 1:3 ratio (results usually seen within 5 - 21 days).To treat moderate infestations of organic growth use 1:5 ratio (results seen within 5 - 21 days).

COVERAGE: 5 Litres treats 100 - 150m

GUIDELINES: Ensure you have adequate personal protection,i.e. gloves, face mask, suitable protective eyewear & clothing. Shake container well before opening. Add GREEN TO CLEAN to water in container to avoid excessive foaming. Stir or mix the solution well before applying. Ensure thorough saturation to affected area.

Product FAQs

Q: What is your best product for lichen and heavy growth of moss on roof.


A: We would recommend Green ClearPRO. This would be a contractors choice for heavy infestations of organic growth. It also acts as a effective preventative.

Response from Alex

Q: Hi, we have some green and general dirt staining on our white outdoor patio tiles (I think porcelain but could be ceramic). Which product is best for this - Green Clear, Green to Clean or Clean Extreme? Presumably all are toxic/will kill grass if rinsed on to lawn? Many thanks


A: We would recommend Green Clear or Green to Clean, they will not damage the grass, even though it is always advised to saturate surrounding areas with water prior to use. The Xtreme Cleaner is far more aggressive and would not be required to treat the algae. It might be required if the staining is from a 'man made' product and not a result of organic matter. Hope that helps.

Response from Ricky

Q: Does it remove black spots from indian stone please? thank you


A: Green to Clean is a gentle non acid and non clorine based cleaner. Once applied, it can be left on the patio to 'go to work' over time, it will gradually kill of the black spot, but this could take a few months. For fast results, you wou need our patio cleaner Xtreme product. Hope that helps.

Response from Nigel
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