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Protective sealers for Brickwork and Masonry

Smartseal supply a comprehensive range of high quality sealers that provide lasting protection from water ingress and damp on brickwork and masonry. Damp penetration is a big problem with porous brickwork so applying a protective sealer will waterprrof the brickwork and stop the spread of damp which can be a health hazard.

If you have porous brickwork or masonry walls and want to stop water from damaging the surface over time, all you have to do is apply one of our highly protective brick sealers or our long lasting Masonry Protection Cream. These will provide a long lasting protective barrier, preventing water from penetrating into the wall or bricks. The waterproofing sealers have excellent water resistant properties and can extend the lifespan of most types of brick or masonry surfaces.

Most brickwork is very porous and subject to water ingress in heavy rainfall or a storm, so keeping the brickwork dry is challenging for most homeowners. Damp will spread quickly if walls are constantly wet, so a wall must be dry to avoid this problem. Our waterproofing sealers and protective masonry creams will keep walls dry at all times. Once dry the wall will exhibit hydrophobic properties during times of excess rainfall as in a storm. Water will bead or bounce off the sealed brickwork instead of absorbing into a porous substrate.

Buy sealers for brickwork or masonry protection cream to waterproof walls and prevent the spread of damp.