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Wall Sealers to Prevent the Spread of Damp

Suppliers and stockists of high quality sealers and coatings for house walls.

Our protective wall sealers will help to prevent water ingress and the spread of damp on brickwork, masonry and natural stone. The house wall sealers are effective in heavy rainfall or a storm and will keep walls dry at all times. Flood protection is becoming more and more important as rising sea levels and warmer winters from the global warming effect causes more flooding throughout the UK. Our brick wall sealers and masonry protection cream will keep wall dry at all times.

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Protective sealers for internal and external wall around a house.

It's important that house walls are sealed to prevent the spread of damp which is a common problem within the home. External walls can be sealed with brick or masonry sealer as long as they are not painted. Internal walls can also be sealed using concrete sealers or natural stone sealers for walls. Masonry Protection Cream can also be used if the wall needs to be waterproof.

All house wall sealers will prevent water ingress in walls which is the main cause of damp spreading over time. Wall sealers to waterproof walls are essential for long term protection to house walls. Our sealers are impregnating sealers that penetrate deep into a wall and fill the microscopic pores within the wall. This will make the wall water resistant or waterproof and prevent damp friom forming on the wall and spreading.