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Roof Sealers

For Concrete, Slate and Clay Tiles

roof sealers for concrete, slate and clay roof tiles

Smartseal supply high quality clear roof sealer which is the best sealer for roof tiles that have ongoing problems with the growth of moss. Our roof sealer is suitable for most roof tiles. All roof sealer is manufactured to BS5750/ISO 9001 standards. We also stock impregnating clay tile sealer and sealer suitable for slate roofs.

Our Impregnating clear roof sealer is highly effective and when applied by a Smartseal registered installer is covered by a 10 year guarantee. It is a one coat product that is free from harmful chemicals and coverage of approx 125 m2 per 25 litre drum is expected.

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If you are currently in the roofing trade and would like to find out more about trade and quantity discounts for our roof sealer and roof coating, or for any technical help and advice. Please call 01268 722504 orcontact us. NEW Trade Enquiries Register Here

In application of roof sealer or roof coating not only protects, but will also enhance the visual impact of the roof. Smartseal Roof sealer will not blister or peel and will harden and seal the concrete roof tiles permanently whilst still allowing full breathability to expel any retained moisture from the loft space.

The special mix of polymers will not soften in high temperatures or become brittle in cold weather conditions. Roof sealer and roof coating will both extend the lifespan of the tiles and minimise maintenance. Smartseal supply a clear colour enhancing acrylic roof sealer and solvent free impregnating roof sealer which will alter the chemical structure of the roof tile making it non porous.

Once moss, algae and dirt has been cleaned from any roof it is important the roof is then protected by a roof coating, roof sealer or roof paint. As roof tiles get older and the original protective coating on the tile start's to fail they gradually absorb more and more water. This creates a perfect environment for moss and algae to establish itself. The application of roof sealer also provides a 'self-cleaning' barrier.

If your old tiles have lost their colour application of roof paint or roof coating will create the impression that new roof tiles have been installed If you require any advice on what roof sealing or coating  product is right for you, please call 01268 722500 or contact us.

Also available on our website are 100ml samples of our roof sealer and roof coating for a inclusive price of £3.95. Our impregnating roof sealer also comes with a peace of mind 10 year guarantee when installed by a registered Smartseal Agent