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'BLOCK MAGIC' Sealer GREY - Re-colour Old Block Paving - ALWAYS- Apply 2nd coat of Sealer

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Sample Available 'BLOCK MAGIC' Sealer GREY - Re-colour Old Block Paving -  ALWAYS- Apply 2nd coat of Sealer
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FANTASTIC product, Ive completely transformed my double sized driveway from a mouldy worn patchy red colour to a nice modern fresh grey. Would absolutely recommend to anybody. Great customer service and quick response when queried and rapid delivery. The tutorial videos online were exceptionally helpful also. Thanks.

By Ryan J Mitchell From Bathgate

Excellent product and amazing finish. I used the drive clean Extreme, Block magic grey & black, and clear block paving sealer silk. Had a minor issue using roller for clear sealer but smart seal support team gave excellent support and I followed their advice and switched to spray application. So happy with the results and save 10 K

By Chris Farrell From Lancashire

My block pavers went down over 30 years ago so obviously faded and looking at them in winter months was depressing ,thought of replacing them but with thought of price and mess saw advert for Smartseal and thought why not. Must say when I look at the difference on a damp winter morning it is 100 % more pleasing, can't quite believe the same pavers

By Colin Burling From Hull

One one coat of block magic created a fantastic finish, 2 further coats of matt block sealer and I'm very happy with the results. Hopefully low maintenance block paving, which should keep that "newly laid" look for years to come.

By Lucas Fernandes From Nottingham

Absolutely fantastic stuff. Created a brand new driveway. Used smart seal block magic grey with a roller. Two coats. And then used smart seal sealer (silk) with a sprayer. Two coats again. Amazing look and finish.

By Ryan Swinney From Liverpool

Fantastic product. Completely transformed the block paving. I've saved thousands of pounds. Used grey and black block magic and clear sealer in silk. The results speak for themselves. Will recommend to family and friends. Ps the service from smart seal staff was 1st class.

By Sharaz Ali From Derby

Added 2 coats of colour then sealer finish was high quality looks like a new drive great product

By Greg Hutchinson From Sunderland

Absolutely Brilliant totally changed the look of our block paved drive, would highly recommend using this product, And would recommend this company too, excellent service from ordering on line to delivery. Thank You.


This is a great product and my drive looks really nice. Id worked out the coverage but was just a bit short so ended up ordering another 5L as Id decided to give it another full coat, not the products fault by any means. I just didnt realise how porous my very old block paving was. I also ordered another tin of sealer for the top finish but didnt need it as that went much further. All in all, very happy with the result.

By Kim Richardson

Just ordered and used a tester pot.Sealer itself seems OK but the colour is not attractive at all. Supposed to be grey but its a really blue grey with a huge metallic look to it. Does not look like a natural grey or even blue block at all. A very strange colour.

By James Barlow From Uk

Great product does exactly what you expect


Ordered the sample size of the sealer to see colour, was quite a dark bluey grey, would love it if there were more than the 3 colours available. Very easy to apply, seems like a great product.

By Mark P From Harlow

Superb product - my only critique is that the grey is a bluey grey. But the sample area I created without seal surpassed all expectations- even dragge Pitts with stones underneath and - only brushed and wiped off and bam! The product was as good as new. Great product, sadly only available in 3 colours - and didn't fit in with the rest of the garden. 5 stars none the less

By Andrew Rainsbury

Ordered the sample of block magic to try - loved the colour and seemingly ease of use, tested on a spare paver. Will order the correct size when the weather improves. Looking forward to doing it!

By Kim R From Staines

Grey block magic sample purchased went on well and looks good, will now purchase larger quantities for next year and more suitable weather

By Nigel Cullis From Gloucester

I haven't had this item painted on my block paving yet, ordered it so that i had it ready when my workmate could come to do it. I know I will love it as I sent for the sample so I could see the colour & I have alaedy had the red colour & am really pleased with it. so I know I shall have no complaints with the grey. Delivery arrived when I was told it would come carrier was very polite. I am one of your satisfied customers. thank you.


Good trial size Product, only needed a small amount of sealer to match some old block paving with new blocks, colour was a bit blue so i mixed in a little black colourant and got a perfect match for the darker looking blocks. very pleased with results.

By Peter Rice From Rayleigh

Great results from using the block magic sealer. Customers own words were: looks better that when it was new. Happy with that ??.

By Marc Tyrell From Jet Clean Solutions

Excellent products well impressed. The Xtreme Drive Cleaner did what it said on the tin, cleaned the blocks and removed weeds and algae from just need to jet wash. Two coats of block magic grey on red and grey block paving covered really well, even before the clear sealer; passers by and neighbours already commenting on how good the drive looked. Fast forward to sand and clear sealer on this has totally transformed the driveway. No need to go to the expense of a new driveway these combined products makes and old blocked paved drive look new. Unfortunately I did not take any before photos but happy to shared after photos if anyone is interested

By Andrea French

Quick delivery. Ordered a sample of the sealer to test the colour output Easy to apply good coverage and good shade of grey not too dark or light will look to do the driveway now

By Carl Barron

Just used this sealer today on my block paving. Very easy to apply, Does need a second coat, but that could be down to my application rather than the product! Looks good though.

By Terry McHugh From Newcastle

Hi, I ordered some of your grey block paving sealer, and I just wanted to say, the product is superb. It has made my drive look like new, and I am very impressed with how it went on and how it has dried. The test will be the longevity of the product, but I have faith it will last for some time, as I tested it first on a single block paving stone. I took a sharp knife and gave it some hammer, and it barely made a difference! Products such as this need promoting more, and I for one will certainly recommended to friends and family. All the very best for the future, Mr D Barrow.

By D Barrow From Leicester

Bought the sample seal to see how it would look on our drive and must admit we are very impressed with the look it will bring once we are able to do the entire drive once the 25ltr tins come back in to stock, very impressed

By Kevin Graham

This coloured block paving sealer is marvellous, it does what it says on the tin

By Jenny Harvey

Good product cover but not the colour I was looking for

By Stephen Hancock

Decided on the black rather than the grey but an outstanding product that has transformed a very tired driveway.

By Gavin Jones From Merthyr Tydfil

Great product, really pleased with the colour finish on my block paving.

By Phil M

Great product, really pleased with the colour finish on my block paving.

By Phil M
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Step-by-Step Video Guide

Add colour to your block paving to make it look like new.

Smartseal "Block Magic" is a blend of liquid pigments and acrylic resins that soaks deeply into paving, totally transforming and protecting block paving driveways and patios. 'Block Magic' replaces the colour that sun, rain, vehicles and pressure washing has taken away. Apply one coat of 'Block Magic' by brush or roller, leave to dry, re-sand the joints and then apply a coat of our clear sealer. PLEASE NOTE: old or poorly conditioned pavers may require two coats of Block Magic to achieve a uniform finish.


 Transforms Old Block Paving

  • Recolours and Protects
  • UV Stable
  • Colour Fast
  • Stain Resistant
  • Hard-wearing
  • Covers 3 m/litre on average based on one coat (coverage may be reduced to around 2.5 m per litre on old pavers)
  • Other Colours Available

See Technical section below for more information.


Liquid UV stable pigments blended with acrylic resins and solvents create "block magic". Developed by Smartseal with older block paving in mind, it will not only recolour block paving but protect the paving from future colour loss, weeds algae and staining.

'Block Magic' Coloured Paving Sealer is applied by roller, at a rate of approx 3.0m per litre (around 2.5m per litre on old pavers). Make sure the colour has dried evenly across the block paving before applying a clear second coat of sealer.Prior to applying sealer, sweep kiln dried sand into the joints and ideally compact with 'wacker plate'.The sealer will be tack free within 2 hours at 20C and foot traffic may be permitted after 4 hours. Vehicles should be kept off the sealed area for a minimum of 24 hours at 20C. These times may be increased or reduced depending on the ambient temperature.
Ensure no rain is forecast for at least 6 hours after application. Do not apply when the ground temperature is above 25C or below 12C.
All equipment should be cleaned with Smartseal cleaning fluid after use.

Deicing salts should not be applied directly on sealed block paving or concrete sealers.
Salt chemically reduces the temperature at which water freezes and will result in water ingress into the pavers.
Subsequent freezing may result in the paving 'sealer' being broken by the expansion of water as it freezes and white 'pitted' areas may become visible.


*** If your Block Paving has been previously sealed - to ensure compatibility, please contact us here before ordering: https://www.smartseal.co.uk/help-advice/contact-us.htm

Existing paving should be pressure washed to remove all surface debris and muck from the joints.
If the area is contaminated with weeds & moss then it should be treated with Smartseal moss clear or weed killer.
Oil and other stains should be removed using Smartseal Driveway Cleaner or Oil Remover.
The treated area should then be left to dry and the joints re-sanded & compacted to the lower edge of the paver chamfers with clean kiln-dried sand.
Moisture in the paver & sand will inhibit penetration of the sealer and produce whiteness.

Technical & Test Data
Smartseal Block Paving sealer has been tested by the TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) and certified that it meets the SRV (Skid Resistance Value) for all categories of paving for local authority pedestrian areas and when heavily trafficked is suitable for special applications where risks of skidding are high as laid down in the UK Highway Authorities Tender Specification. Copies available on request.

Specification Clause
"Newly laid block paving shall be treated with Smartseal block paving sealer to protect and stabilise jointing sand and enhance surface colour and increase abrasion resistance.
 All materials should comply with ISO 9002 for Quality Assurance.

All work should be carried out in conjunction with the manufacturer's current technical data sheet and instructions for use".

Health & Safety
Flammable liquid. Do not smoke. Keep application area well ventilated.

Wear respirator, gloves and goggles when applying. Store in a cool place. Flash point 40C (Abel-Closed Cup). Refer to the Health & Safety Data Sheet for further information.