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A detailed article to understand how to build a masonry fireplace, taking advantage of the available space that where generous, allow you to engage in more "comfortable solutions".


Fireplace: calculate the optimal size of the combustion chamber is quite difficult and is often preferable.

At least for that part, buy prefabricated mounted or to be mounted, constructed in sizes that practical experience and thermodynamic theory have proven to be the best in terms of thermal efficiency.

If such prefabricated, from the point of view of performance, they are an excellent choice not the same can be said of their appearance: raw concrete blocks, either smoothed, reminiscent of the weirs and the antitank bunker.

The real work to build a fireplace is preceded by careful marking on the affected walls (two if the fireplace is in the corner) and on the floor of the definitive measures that you want to give the fireplace and any rooms for wood and benches.

The base of the fireplace

It`s a big plate, supported by a pillar of concrete blocks in which the air supply tubes are also walled for combustion.

On the basis, following the manufacturer's instructions, mounting the entire prefabricated treating well the sealing of joints.

The prefabricated terminates at the top with the release of fumes to be connected with the mouth of the existing chimney.

The realization of the fitting, in robust 2.5 mm sheet, is preceded by that of a cardboard model obtained for subsequent attempts.

Then the fitting must be accurately welded to the flange of the prefabricated sealing every possible way the flue.


Ancient bricks

The lower part of the chimney becomes covered with bricks "old hand" building three pillars: two which protrude frontally from the base and one at a certain distance holding the bench.

This is brick walled coast over a sheet 2.5 mm at the other end supported by the base pillar and screwed to the wall behind.

In front of the mouth of the fireplace, resting at the ends on brick pillars, walls will spark a slab of granite.

The base wall between the two pillars is stone coated .

In the bricks wall and stone slabs the realization of perfectly regular joints goes very well taken care of.

Still it needs stone for coating the vertical walls of the prefabricated and, with the use of a rib, the false bow over her mouth, as well as the back of the brick bench.

To obtain a nice aesthetic effect with the bricks and the stone slabs do not break with the trowel, but are cut with the grinder disc.

The hood

On the top of the prefabricated hood is created, after having ascertained the perfect tightness of the fitting of the pipes to the chimney flue, a perforated bricks dihedral that definitively closes the fitting and reaches the ceiling.

At the base of the hood it is fixing the wooden shelf, protruding on the two free sides and, starting from this, they get up two boards of hollow flat blocks, inclined towards the walls until you reach the angle between the perforated and the ceiling dihedral.

Step by step, the rise space behind it is filled with expanded clay with an insulating function.

The new hood plastering with cement mortar of lime and cement abounding with lime which makes it more doughy, adherent and easy to smoothen.

A plaster almost completely dry it gives the stability spreading it with the American trowel (rectum of a rigid sheet steel by a handle L- or C, which is used, from the bottom upwards, to spread mortar, plaster or stucco) and smoothing it with a rubber trowel.

Building a fireplace with stones and bricks - Phases

Building stone fireplace

To build brick walls antiqued requires the utmost care and in putting them in bubble and lead both in achieving perfectly uniform and regular joints.

The upper part of the prefabricated is covered with stone slabs gap surmounted by wooden shelf which marks the division between optically fireplace and hood.

Building a fireplace to ceiling

Fireplace chimney is prefabricated halls and inserted into a complex structure made up of benches, bar cabinet, shelves for books, spotlights, wood holder, drawers.

The prefabricated is walled on four feet in solid bricks using refractory mortar.

The same mortar is used to seal the first section of the flue in stainless steel corrugated pipe (the entire barrel is covered with rock wool).

Mounted and tested the fireplace is traced on the floor the complete outline of the structure and the entire surface is bounded paste a footboard of flat bricks, cooked recovered.

Preparing the sub frames of the three openings (compartment for electrical installation inspection, wood store, chest of drawers).

It is build in stone walls and closes the upper part with hollow flat blocks, armed with electro drowned mesh into the mortar, in turn covered with terracotta tiles.

It creates the sub frame for the mouth of the chimney and the movable bars and proceed as for the lower part.

When the masonry is dry, peeling off the sub frames, they chisel away the burrs mortar and prepare the anchors to anchor the central wall hood and the closure to the left.

A finished coating (using hollow flat blocks) applies the skim coat over the entire surface and is then finished with roughcast given roller.

The wooden parts are the base of the hood and the movable roof bars: they must be fixed to the masonry and protected carefully when plastering and painting.


The fundamental structure is now complete!

It is known the electrical system under trace which feeds the spotlights that illuminate the left of the hearth area.

The flue liner is already plastered and are completing the rest of the hood.

The movable seat bar on the right is still armed with the sub frame that will be removed after the wooden cover and before mounting the door.

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