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Let Smartseal Help You - Summer is just around the corner

Let Smartseal Help You - Summer is just around the corner

23rd February 2018 in Latest News

A smart new driveway or patio really enhances your home, but with time the elements can cause unprotected surfaces to become untidy, dirty, faded and overgrown. But do not worry, Smartseal have the perfect solution. 

If you are a person who does not enjoy, or have time for DIY, our registered agents are experts in transforming the look of your property, protecting your investment and reducing future maintenance. Smartseal agents are well equipped to enhance the appearance and transform all the external surfaces around your home. You can request a driveway cleaning quote using our online enquiry form.

Whether you have moss covered roof tiles, old looking tarmac, or a weed covered drive, we can help. Our registered agents can bring new life to your decking, dampproof your walls, refresh your patio and restore your driveway. 

Before any work is carried out, a FREE quotation will be given and specification of work to be carried out agreed. The technical process varies according to the surface, If weeds or moss are growing, a cleaner or moss killer should be applied, and in the case of oil stains, a treatment with oil remover would be recommended, then the cleaning process can begin.

Registered Smartseal agents all have professional pressure washers and complimentary equipment. This is designed to help them clean more efficiently and minimise disruption.

Whether your surface is Tarmac, Decking, Imprinted Concrete, Block Paving, Natural Stone or Roof Tiles our cleaning products will make the cleaning process easier and reduce the risk of damage caused by intensive cleaning. Once this part of the process has been completed, to preserve that fresh look, the application of Smartseal sealers and coatings will protect any surface. 

If you have block paving or imprinted concrete that has lost its colour, your local Smartseal agent can also supply a range of tinted sealers to restore faded colours and make it look like new again. 

Once your property has been transformed, it can be kept looking great with a top up coat of sealer or coating every few years. For a FREE driveway cleaning quotation, contact us now and we will organise a FREE quotation from your local agent. Request a driveway cleaning quote or a patio cleaning quote via our online enquiry form.

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