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Why pressure washing can damage your drive

Why pressure washing can damage your drive

19th January 2018 in Latest News

Pressure washing can damage block paving

If you can imagine, every time you jet wash your drive or patio, it creates an accelerated weathering effect that is not beneficial to the surface and will reduce its lifespan. This could mean that 10 year old block paved drive that has been pressure washed 3 times during this period will have suffered a lot of degradation. This could be equivalent to a 25 year old paved surface that has just weathered naturally.

Block paving is always laid onto a bed of sand, this means drives and patios can suffer from ‘dips’ and noticeable subsidence as the and underneath the blocks is gradually washed away by copious amounts of water being washed over the surface and between the joints.

At Smartseal we train our contractors to properly clean all forms of block paving, tarmac and concrete surfaces only once with a professional pressure cleaner and then protect the surface with a protective coating or sealer. Protection with a quality block paving sealer or coating will enable any future cleaning required to be carried out by either cleaning products alone, or a driveway cleaner and gentle washing. This 3 step process avoids the need to use a powerful electric or petrol cleaning machine.

Why pressure washing can damage your drive

It is advisable for driveways in poor condition, or that have not been cleaned for many years to be initially pre-treated with quality cleaner or moss removal product a several days before the cleaning process is attempted.

This pre-treatment should result in the surface being cleaned more effectively and easier, without the use of a sustained, potentially damaging jet wash.

If this 3 step approach (pre-treat, gentle clean and seal) is adopted there is no reason why the driveway should not look as good In 20 years as when 1st laid. General maintenance will be far easier and less time consuming with the drive protected from colour loss, algae and lichen.

To learn more about how to clean and maintain all external surfaces, please view our ‘Q&A and How to’ Videos on our website.

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