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Sealers and Cleaners for Floors

Slate Sealers and Cleaning Products for Slate Floor Tiles

Slate is frequently used for flooring and is very popular because it is very hard wearing. Smartseal have a range of stone floor cleaners and sealers to ensure slate flooring can look good at all times.

Smartseal Slate sealer is a protective impregnating sealer for use on all types of Slate floor tiles in kitchens, conservatories and other internal areas. The long lasting sealer will keep the Slate protected from oil, wine and grease and make ongoing maintenance much easier.

Use our Slate sealer on slate floor tiles that are clean and dry and any other internal slate surfaces.

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Internal Slate Sealer

Smartseal are suppliers and stockists of high quality internal slate sealers to provide lasting protection from most slate surfaces within the home.

Available in a dry finish which leaves the slate in a natural looking finish without altering the original appearance. We can also supply a colour enhancing Slate sealer that brings out the colours to produce a damp look effect that will enhance or bring out the natural colours of the Slate.