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Damp Proofing for Brickwork and Masonry

Waterproofing Walls, Masonry and Brickwork to protect against Water Ingress and Penetrating Damp

With climate change mostly to blame, the winter months in recent years across the UK seem to be getting warmer and wetter. This has created additional problems for homeowners who worry about keeping their homes warm and dry through the winter. Keeping walls dry and protected from damp is no easy task and most homeowners don’t know what to do when faced with problems arising from water ingress. If external walls are not adequately protected from water ingress, this can soon lead to penetrating damp and all the associated problems it brings.

Penetrating damp caused by too much moisture ‘leeching’ through poorly protected external walls can cause all sorts of issues that can be expensive to fix if not addressed early enough. Health issues in particular cause by damp, are a major cause for concern to most homeowners, especially families with children or the elderly. Black mould on internal walls is a particular problem that often starts and spreads because of damp getting into a property. Many people have lifelong respiratory issues that originated from living in properties where black mould has spread on internal walls.

As well as the harmful effect on someone’s health, the spread of damp can result in a lot of additional problems such as costly repair bills if the penetrating damp is left unchecked and left to spread. The good news is that these potentially costly damp problems can all be avoided or at worst treated and fixed if they occur. We have registered contractors across the UK that have all the expertise and knowledge around damp problems that can help prevent water ingress on your walls and brickwork. They use the latest technology and damp proofing materials to stop penetrating damp getting into your home and help you avoid expensive damp proofing bills. The damp proofing treatments they provide is two-fold; firstly, it can help form a protective barrier on an external wall with then provides high levels of water resistance. This waterproofing of external brickwork and masonry around your home can also help you save considerable sums of money by preventing heat loss through any damp wet walls. This waterproofing process on the walls of your home will also help you save money as dry walls prevent heat transfer from the inside to out much more effectively than damp wet walls.

Our waterproofing and damp proofing services for walls, masonry and brickwork are available throughout the UK. Over the years, we have developed a nationwide network of contractors that cover all the major cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow as well as all the major towns. If you live anywhere in the UK and would like to find out more about getting your walls or masonry protected against damp, we can certainly help. Our registered contractors can protect your walls from penetrating damp by applying Climashield Masonry Protection Cream. The cream is specially formulated to provide long lasting protection against water ingress to walls made from brickwork and masonry. Other products such as anti-mould paints and anti-condensation paints can be applied to give addition protection to homeowners and their homes.

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