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Imprinted Concrete


Imprinted Concrete Sealing & Colour Restoration

Imprinted concrete is a very hardwearing surface, used extensively across the UK for the construction of driveways and patios. There are also many commercial premises that have areas laid with imprinted concrete. Although the concrete is very durable, it does require ongoing maintenance and this may involve re-sealing and possibly re-colouring the concrete every few years.

We supply our registered agents with all the materials they need to carry out professional restoration of any imprinted concrete cleaning, sealing and restoring the original colour, if necessary, for all types of imprinted concrete surfaces. Any cracks that need repairing can be filled in with a crack repair compound. This is a cement and mortar mix with colour hardener to ensure any large crack in the surface of imprinted concrete is filled and less visible than before.

Our imprinted concrete sealer comes in three finishes; gloss, silk and matt. If necessary, our agents can also mix an anti-slip additive in with the concrete sealer to make the concrete surface less slippery once sealed. You can discuss any preferred 'finish' with one of our agents.

To arrange a FREE no obligation quote to re-seal your imprinted concrete driveway or patio, please call 01268 722500 or send an online enquiry.

Some examples of our imprinted concrete cleaning service

Imprinted Concrete

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