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There are a wide range of patios to the rear of domestic properties across the UK as well as many large commercial patios that need maintenance on a regular basis, such as those found at golf clubs and hotels.

Most patio surfaces are laid with porous materials that may look great when first put down, but quickly start to look dirty if not looked after. Block paved patios and natural stone in particular are very porous surfaces which will soon go green in damp weather conditions, due to algae and moss growth. Weeds will also spread quickly in the 'soft' sanded joints of block paving, and the only way of stopping this is to have the surface coated with a protective patio sealer.

We have built up a reputable network of local registered patio cleaning contractors who can clean and seal all types of patio surfaces as listed below:

  • Paving Slabs & Flagstones

  • Indian Sandstone

  • Other Natural Stone (Limestone, Travertine etc)

  • Block Paving

  • Patterned Imprinted Concrete

  • Crazy paving & York Stone

Our registered patio cleaning contractors are supplied with the best patio cleaning materials as well as our range of high quality patio sealers. The most frequently used sealers for patios are block paving sealers and imprinted concrete sealers as these until recently, have been the most common patio surfaces. However, with the increasing numbers of natural stone patios being laid, we are now supplying long lasting impregnating natural stone sealers, that can help to slow down the re-growth of moss and algae on porous sandstone and limestone.

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