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Cold Lay Repair Tarmac / Asphalt (12.5 kg & 0.25 ltrs primer) - Available in BLACK or RED - Repairs Holes in Tarmac and Asphalt Surfaces

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Customer Reviews

Efficient and helpful service from snartseal. The tarmac repair sealant is in tub. Easy to lay by an amateur like me and highly recommended

By David Dixon

Good product. Definitely needs warming up before application. I left my tub in the airing cupboard overnight! Dont over fill the hole and work up to the required level, compacting as you go.

By Simon Peacock

Ive being restoring Tarmac driveways for the past several years, not only restoring the surface, but repairing damaged areas of the Tarmac. Smartseal cold lay Tarmac is very easy to use. Ive used this product several times with great results. The key is preparation, Smartseal also provide a primer with the coldlay, which helps the coldlay adhere to the surface area. Great Product and highly recommended.

By Adam Fitzgerald From Basingstoke

Very good product and service

By Dave Davies From Thatcham

Good product and easy to work with so long as the cold lay tarmac is slightly warm. I needed about ten tubs, so it would be better and more cost effective if it came in bigger tubs at a discount, as the RED tarmac ( which I needed ) is almost twice the cost of BLACK. I have no idea why this is. maybe somthing to do with dye.

By Stuart Goldhawk

The cold lay repair tarmac arrived very quickly. Only used a small amount so far but very pleased with the ease of use and the results. Superior to the DIY stores brands.

By Colin Murphy

Red tarmac was a good match for repairing pot holes; had to use black filler, so as not to waste the more costly red , Did the job just fine.

By Allan Williams

Great product and so easy to use, left in in the conservatory overnight(no smells as the bucket that it comes in is airtight), primed the hole with the primer supplied then overfilled the hole by approx. 10mm and tamped in place with a piece of flat bar and a lump hammer

By Tim Lovell From Daventry

The product was very good

By Neil Smith From Solihull

Easy to use and looks good next to old tarmac. Instructions on how much primer to use would have been useful but overall very pleased

By Colin G From Sevenoaks

This did what it said on the tin. I heated it with a hot air gun and it filled my pothole perfectly. Very easy to use

By Ian Todd

Chipping size too large and no size given in specifications No clear instructions for bottle of primer given on container or in video

By Alan Summerfield

Excellent product, easy to apply and good results.

By Lionel Coutts From Northants

Great service - arrived promptly and was easy to use and final effect blends in well. Far more than I needed to do the job!

By Nige From Hampshire

Delivered promptly, did what it said on the carton, laying instructions would have been helpful

By Don From Hampshire

believe it does what it is supposed to! It looks like it won't work BUT it does! great Thanks

By Ros ogden From Exeter

The tarmac chips would be OK for a large repair but are too coarse for small repairs. Also, there is insufficient bitumen mixed in with the chips. Two types of product should be on offer - coarse for large repairs and fine for small repairs/top layer of a large repair.

By John From Cheshire

Good product and the supply of primer saved having to purchase this separately

By Ronnie From Macfadyen

The entire ordering process was excellent. We even received a call after our order advising we may need a tint as we chose the red colour and they had reports it was too bright. They included this FOC. Also, they advised on a different crack repair, and even though it was a greater cost, since they had processed the order they did not charge the difference. Now the product. We just recently were able to use it due to the weather and we've had people stop and ask about it and admire it as they walk by. WE LOVE IT. The directions were easy to follow and our only setback was rain that appeared when part wasn't dry but we had enough for another coat. We would recommend this highly.

By Mr and Mrs Kelly From Cheshire

Hi Excellent, it does the job perfectly plus i did it myself. Thank You Ann.

By ann mooney From leyland

Does what is says on the tin

By Paul Mortimer From Gravesend
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Repairs Holes in Tarmac and Asphalt Surfaces

Smartseal Tarmac/Asphalt Cold Lay Repair is carefully formulated for ease of use and to give good results for small repairs to holes or cracks. It is very easy to use directly from the container. First, apply the included 0.25 litre primer to the damaged area and then simply compact the Tarmac into place by hand. AVAILABLE IN BLACK OR RED.

Once the tarmac repair is complete, Tarmaseal repair coating can be applied to the area straight away.

For additional advice, please call 01268 722505 or visit our dedicated Tarmac Repair website.


Smartseal Cold Lay Tarmac is ready to use quick, cost-effective repairs to paths and driveways.
Simple to use, No specialist tools or equipment are required

Ensure the area where the cold lay repair is to be laid is clean and dry.

Apply the included 0.25 litre Primer to the area to be repaired.

Use an ordinary rake, spade or trowel to spread the
cold lay repair. Leave approx 10mm higher than damaged area to allow
maximum compaction

Use a heavy, flat object for 'tamping' Wet the tamper frequently to avoid the cold lay
repair sticking to the tool.

When repairing deep pot-holes (greater than 30mm) lay the cold lay repair in two stages.

Thoroughly compact the first layer to 20mm and leave for 24 hours. Then thoroughly compact
second layer to the required level. Allow the repair tarmac to harden fully.
It is not recommended to use product in temperatures below 10o

After prolonged storage, it may be necessary to expose the cold lay tarmac to direct sunlight
for 1-2 hours prior to opening to soften the material and restore workability.
Coverage rates will vary greatly relative to depth of potholes
See How to and step by step guides on www.smartseal.co.uk for further instructions.