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By Martin Rubenstein

I have a garden sprayer that I have used for spraying chemicals, but I could see from the website that this sprayer is a truly professional model. And I was certainly not disappointed. It was obvious from the most cursory of examinations that this is extremely well designed and built; it is solid and rugged and is very good value for money. There is no comparison between this sprayer and DIY garden sprayers. And the 12L capacity allows a good compromise of 6L of liquid sealer and 6L of compressed air, which is enough to see the job through without frequent re-pressuring and without making the sprayer uncomfortably heavy. I have made 2 modifications, because I am cleaning my roof tiles. Firstly, I have made a junction in the lance extension so that I have the option of adding 1m, 2m and 3m stainless steel extensions, as well as retaining the original lance length. Secondly, I have made a plate containing a Shrader valve to fit in place of the hand pump, so that I can pressurise the container from my compressor. This is not something I am recommending, because not only could it invalidate the guarantee, but it could also be highly dangerous. With a maximum of 4 bar of pressure, there would be over 100 kgf on the underside of the plate, and, for that reason, I will not give any details of how I did it. Suffice it to say, that, should anyone want to make similar modifications, the sprayer is rugged enough to take them. But such modifications must not be undertaken without very careful consideration. as well as the necessary engineering competence to carry them out safely.

By Elizabeth Hunter

Fast delivery. Used the sprayer to apply sealer to limestone patio. The chemical flow was very fast and it was easy to use and job was finished efficiently. I also purchased the chemical cleaner for the sprayer and have used it for multiple other jobs.

By Zoltan NagyFROM Nottingham

Super easy to use this sprayer for patio/block paving sealers. Saves lots of time! One of my best purchase what not needed to break into the bank for. ?

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12L Professional Sprayer with Viton Seals (clean after use with Cleaning Fluid)

Large Capacity Professional Sealer Sprayer with Chemical Resistant Viton Seals

In Stock
Visa Electron
Product Description

High Capacity 12 litre Sealer Sprayer with Viton Seals

This sprayer is resistant to all kinds of chemicals and detergents applied in industry and in cleaning.

For future-use with our high-performance solvent-based sealants, it must be used in conjunction with Application Tools Cleaning Fluid and be flushed through with this after every use.

Acid-proof lance, viton seals, together with an extremely durable high-pressure container.

  • light-weight, yellow translucent polypropylene tank
  • telescopic lance from high-quality stainless steel; unextended length = 67 cm / 26 in; extended length = 115 cm / 45 in
  • nozzles with regulation of stream angle 
  • push-in on/off dosing valve 
  • safety valve
  • in-line filter
  • locking pump handle
  • reinforced PCV hose 170cm
  • carrying belt
  • additional spare parts with funnel and silicone smear
Product FAQs

Q: Could you please advise when you expect the '12L Professional Sprayer with Viton Seals' to be back in stock? Could you also advise please if replacement parts - valves/seals etc are available? Thanks in advance...

Jim Cook-Martin

A: We would recommend the 11.4L Chapin Pro Sprayer with viton seals as a alternative. We would have all spare parts available with this model.

Response from George
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