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Deck Cleaner

Deck Cleaner

Smartseal deck cleaner is a powerful cleaner that will quickly remove moss, green algae, dirt and lichen from wooden decking. The wood cleaner is also frequently used as a composite decking cleaner when other cleaning products haven't worked.

Decking by its very nature is often made from softwood and has limited protection from weathering. The porous surface can quickly become covered in dirt, green algae and general grime that can make it look quite unsightly. If left to deteriorate further the wood can start to splinter and break up which would mean total replacement at some point. Composite decking is a better option as its more robust. However, it will still need cleaning, so our deck cleaner is frequently used as a composite decking cleaner as well as a wood cleaner.

Our deck cleaner is very easy to use and can easily be applied by watering can or sprayer. The results are also amazing and can usually be seen within 60 minutes or so after application. For best results, we always suggest applying the product and leave it on the surface to dwell for 45-60 minutes. During this time, we also recommend scrubbing the product into the surface with a stiff broom or brush. This should remove any ingrained dirt or grime and once rinsed off the surface can look transformed.

The wood cleaner and deck cleaner is perfect for homeowners to use and can help to keep any wooden decking or garden furniture clean at all times. If you are looking for the best wood cleaner or composite decking cleaner then our deck cleaner can produce fantastic results without the need to employ the skills of any professional cleaning contractor.

The best wood cleaner and deck cleaner now available from Smartseal. This fast acting non-acidic cleaner is perfect to use as a wooden decking cleaner as well as a composite decking cleaner. This east to apply deck cleaner can swiftly clean all types of decking and wooden garden furniture. 

If you are searching for the best composite decking cleaner or wood cleaner that can remove moss, algae, dirt and grime from most external wooden surfaces then deck cleaner from Smartseal is the perfect product. Porous wood can quickly get covered in green algae and this can make the surface of wood very slippery especially when wet. This can quickly become a health and safety problem and quite dangerous to walk on. Moreover, this can be a real problem, especially in a commercial environment like decked areas at pubs, restaurants, wedding venues and gold clubs. Using the deck cleaner can resolve this issue as it will rapidly remove any surface contaminants that could result in the wooden decking becoming very slippery.

To keep wooden decking clean and looking its best at all times, the deck cleaner should be used at least once a year, especially after the winter months when most unprotected external surfaces will go green and get dirty. The product is suitable for use on wooden garden furniture, decking and can also be used as a composite deck cleaner. The results can be amazing and these surfaces which once looked very unsightly can quickly look like new again after just one or two applications of the deck cleaner.