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Wall Coating Textured - A Superior Matt Fnish, Textured Masonry Paint Suitable for External or Internal

This Professional Grade textured wall paint is specially formulated to offer enhanced elasticity

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Product Description

Climashield Textured Wall Coating is a superior matt finish, textured masonry paint. It is suitable for application to most types of external and internal masonry walls and will last for up to 15  years.


The superior grade textured wall paint is specially formulated to offer enhanced elasticity compared to other, cheaper textured wall paints, available in most DIY stores. This 'flexing' feature gives it exceptional crack-bridging properties during application. Once fully cured, after around 24-48 hours, it will enable the waterproof exterior paint to flex and allow it to move with the expansion and contraction of the surface without cracking.  This important feature offers superior performance throughout the year, enabling it to withstand any seasonal extremes of temperature.

The lab-tested formulation contains materials which are designed to give the waterproof wall paint long-term durability even in areas subject to extreme weather conditions.

The textured wall paint once fully cured, provides a microporous finish. This prevents water ingress, whilst allowing the painted substrate to 'breathe' the same time and allow moisture to pass through from inside to the outside and evaporate. This helps to prevent damp caused by the build up of moisture inside a property.


  • Will outperform standard masonry paints
  • Can be applied to brickwork, stone, concrete and rendered walls
  • Available in 12 popular colour shades
  • Easy to apply by brush or roller.
  • Solvent free, non-toxic formulation 
  • Lasts up to 15-years
  • Provides excellent waterproofing to walls and masonry 
  • 'Breathable' formulation that prevents moisture build up in the home
  • Can be used on internal and external walls
  • Easy to clean washable paint
  • Will easily cover and fill small cracks in the substrate
  • Helps to prevent condensation build-up on internal walls  

How does it work?

Climashield Textured Wall Coating is formulated using superior grade polymers and U.V stable pigments. This means it will provide enhanced durability, even under extremes of weather. For most homeowners this means complete peace of mind, as they know it will last longer, maintain its colour over time as well as help to prevent water ingress and damp.   

Climashield Textured Wall Coating has a multitude of external and internal uses in the residential and commercial sector:


  • Houses and bungalows
  • Lighthouses
  • Barn conversions and farm buildings
  • Traditionally built stone cottages
  • Commercial & industrial buildings
  • Churches & other religious buildings
  • Coastal properties 
  • Shops & Restaurants
  • Golf Clubs & Sports Stadia    


  • Domestic & commercial garages 
  • Car showrooms
  • Gyms 
  • Agricultural buildings including milking parlours
  • Warehouses & Manufacturing    
  • Dog kennels & catteries (washable)
  • Bars & restaurants    

...and many more...!!!

Climashield Textured Wall Coating is a solvent free water-based masonry paint. The low odour, non-toxic formulation makes it ideal for use on internal and external walls. The high quality paint has a thick viscosity that covers most textures of substrates with ease. It offers exceptional performance as an exterior waterproofing masonry paint as well as providing a long-lasting washable finish on internal walls and ceilings.


Prior to the application of Climashield Textured Wall Coating, any surfaces being painted should be clean, dry, free from grease, oil, flaking paint and any other contaminants.


  1. Cleaning: Wash off any dirt or algae from the wall with clean water. This can be done with a pressure washer or depending on accessibility, using a combination of detergent and a scrubbing brush. Once clean, leave sufficient time to completely dry off.
  2. Remove any loose paint:  This is important as it can affect the adhesion of the new paint to the surface. This can be done using a paint stripper, or generally with a wire brush and paint scraper. Only the loose or flaking paint needs to come off prior to application.
  3. Neutralise and kill off any Mould or Algae: If there is any mould or algae on the surface, pre-treat with Smartseal Render Cleaner, to neutralise and inhibit further growth.
  4. Remedial repairs: Make good any existing damage to pointing, masonry or render. Take particular care to rake out any loose or crumbly pointing and re-point using a good quality pointing mix.
  5. Surface stabilising & priming: If the existing surface is friable or showing signs of breaking down, use Smartseal Surface Primer to harden and consolidate the surface. This will greatly improve the adhesion of the Climashield Textured Wall Coating.
  6. Masking: For best results, take time to mask off with tape any windows and other areas that you want to prevent any over-painting. This will result in a quicker application as well as a better finish. It will also save time having to clean off the masonry paint from areas it should not have been applied to. 


Stir thoroughly before use. Apply by paint brush or good quality masonry roller only. DO NOT try to apply the textured wall coating using an airless sprayer. For best results, we recommend applying minimum of two coats. Additional coats may be required to cover strong existing colours or noticeable surface staining. To ensure a quality finish to all areas being painted, 'cut-in' with a small paint brush around window frames or other areas which are difficult to cover with the roller.  


Approx. 8-10 sq metres per litre. On textured or very porous surfaces this can vary and may reduce down to around 5-6 sq metres per litre.  


  1. Do not apply in temperatures below 7 C or if the surface of the wall is above 30 C.
  2. Do not apply in damp or wet conditions or if rain is forecast within 24 hours of application
  3. Do not apply to damp substrates.
  4. If efflorescence or salts are present, pre-treat with Smartseal Efflorescence Remover. 
  5. DO NOT USE an airless sprayer to apply the textured wall coating.


Before starting out any wall painting, please read the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) & Safety Data Sheet (SDS) thoroughly. If you still need clarification regarding any aspect of your wall coating project, please call 01268 722500.

Product FAQs

Q: would this be suitable to waterproof the outside of 19th century brick built village hall, as an alternative to bitumen, to prevent floodwater seeping through. It flooded in Oct 23 to depth of 200mm and we want to install flood doors on the openings and waterproof the outside

Martin Lee

A: The recommended product would be our Masonry Protection Cream. This is the most effective water resistant product we supply. Samples are available for testing.

Response from George

Q: Can I use the paint on top of the cliamashield cream


A: A water based exterior paint can be applied a period of time after the masonry cream

Response from

Q: Hi I was wondering if this product contains artex and is it suitable for indoor ceilings


A: We would not recommend the wall coating for internal use.

Response from Alex
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