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Start A Driveway Cleaning Business. Make Good Money with Your Own Pressure Cleaning Business

[img117-S-L]Driveway cleaning and general pressure cleaning is one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK. As more and more people look to maintain their properties this has created a big demand for pressure cleaning services in the residential and commercial sectors. 

Smartseal are one of the leading suppliers of protective sealers for driveways, patios, roofs and many other external and internal hard surfaces. We have the knowledge and expertise to help YOU get started in your own pressure cleaning and sealing business. If you are already in business for yourself and are looking to add-on or diversify we can provide everything you need to add these profitable services to your existing business. 

Why has the demand for driveway cleaning and general hard surface cleaning taken off in the UK so much in recent years?

[img88-L-R]For over 30 years massive amounts of block paving, pattern imprinted concrete, tarmac and paving slabs have been laid in the UK. Over 70% of all new homes have block paved driveways with in excess of 4 million square metres of block paving alone laid every year. All of these external hard surfaces will deteriorate over time and need regular maintenance to keep them looking like new. Home and business owners alike want to keep their properties looking good and protect their original investment but most don't have the time or the pressure washing equipment to do it.

Start Your Own Driveway Cleaning Business....Become Your Own Boss and Work The Hours YOU want...!!

The great thing about working with Smartseal and running your own pressure cleaning business is that you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. There are many benefits..

  • Full technical support[img111-L-R]
  • Comprehensive training
  • Business packages to suit all budgets
  • Local leads to supplement your own enquiries
  • High quality sealing and coating products
  • Pressure cleaning equipment
  • Work with a recognised brand
  • Work as a Smartseal 'Registered Installer'

If you are also interested in roof cleaning as well as a general hard surface cleaning business we can help you get started. Roof cleaning and roof coating is also a fast growing business as people realise that professional maintenance is a far more cost effective alternative to the unnecessary replacement of a roof. We generate a large number of roof cleaning and coating enquiries across the UK and always need more professional roof cleaners to service these high quality enquiries.[img114-L-R]

Contractors who pressure clean and seal hard surfaces laid at domestic and commercial properties can earn from £150.00 to as much as £400.00+ a day.

Some companies ask £18,000 + to buy a pressure cleaning franchise. Smartseal do not sell expensive franchises which may restrict your ability to grow your own business. Smartseal offer support and proven working techniques to help make your new business become profitable very quickly.

If you are considering starting a new business in 2014, why not consider starting your own driveway cleaning business with the support and help of Smartseal? You can register your interest by calling one of our friendly staff on 01268 722500 or by completing our online enquiry form.