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Driveway Cleaning Northampton | Patio Cleaning Northampton

Driveway Cleaning Northampton & Patio Cleaning Northampton

All external surfaces throughout Northampton are under constant attack due to the UK climate and its weather conditions which can cause concrete based products, such as block paving, patio slabs or imprinted concrete to become dirty, tired, discoloured and covered in growth or stains. Without the required surface maintenance, driveways and patios will continuously deteriorate until they reach a point where they can no longer be restored. Smartseal's registered driveway cleaning Northampton & patio cleaning Northampton are here to help.

Having your driveway or patio cleaned and sealed by a Smartseal™ registered driveway cleaning Northampton & patio cleaning Northampton contractor will protect your driveway from these conditions and help restore the surface back to its original appearance. Every contractor is trained to understand all aspect of surface restoration enabling them to restore most external surfaces back to their original condition.  After an enquiry is made we will contact one of our approved driveway cleaning contractors that is local to you, the contractor will then contact you directly to arrange a convenient to visit your premises and inspect the surface, a FREE no obligation quotation will then be given allowing you to decide if you wish to use our services.

If you live in Northampton or any nearby areas including Daventry, Rugby, Wellingborough and Huntingdon our registered contractors offer a number of other cleaning services that include:

  • Roof cleaning, colouring and sealing
  • Tarmac re-colouring and restoration
  • Natural stone cleaning and sealing
  • Sandstone cleaning and sealing
  • Oil and grease stain removal
  • Block paving cleaning and sealing
  • Imprinted concrete restoration

We can also carry out natural stone cleaning and sealing in Northampton, Rugby and Daventry for drives and patios laid with sandstone, limestone, granite or slate.

Our locally based contractors have invested in professional jet washing and pressure cleaning equipment. These highly trained contractors offer a competitively priced service, to the highest standards with the minimum upheaval or inconvenience. Each surface restoration begins with a deep cleaning process that will remove all dirt and growth from the surface, to ensure that all weeds are eradicated the contractor will pre-treat the surface. After the surface has sufficiently dried you can chose the have your driveway sealed by one of Smartseal’s™ high quality sealants, an entirely optional service that comes highly recommended thanks to the benefits it provides.  

The benefits of applying sealers include: 

  • Protection from harmful UV light
  • Waterproofing the surface
  • Solidifies jointing sand minimises algae, moss and weeds
  • Resistant to oil and chemical stains
  • Enhanced colouring
  • Reduced future maintenance

For DIY customers, we provide DIY project kits, these include everything required for a professional job, at a fraction of the price. To ensure you can complete the restoration product, we have technical staff that are on hand to help with any problems you may encounter during the process, the kit also comes with simple step by step instructions that go over the cleaning and sealing processes. To see a step-by-step guide of driveway cleaning & sealing, watch our short surface restoration video.

If you run a professional driveway cleaning business and would like to become a Smartseal™ registered company in the local area, please enquire stating your experience and services offered.

For a FREE quote, or further information on our driveway cleaning Northampton & patio cleaning Northampton services in the area, call us on 0800 988 0348 or fill in our online enquiry form. We can undertake most types of pressure cleaning in towns across Northants such as Wellingborough, Kettering, Bedford, Banbury and Milton Keynes.