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Driveway Cleaning Portsmouth | Patio Cleaning Gosport

Driveway Cleaning Portsmouth & Patio Cleaning Gosport

Portsmouth and nearby towns Havant and Gosport together make one of the largest urban areas on the south coast. For many years, residents in the area have had block paving and other paved surfaces laid to create driveways, paths and patio areas for the homes. Many of these paved areas now require maintenance of some sort, as many types of surface growth such as algae, moss, lichen and weeds have taken hold over time. Thankfully, Smartseal's driveway cleaning Portsmouth & patio cleaning Gosport are here to help. 

Smartseal's™ approved driveway cleaning Portsmouth & patio cleaning Gosport installers are fully trained in every aspect of driveway cleaning, patio cleaning and paving refurbishment in Portsmouth, Havant and Gosport, to provide you with a quality cleaning service at an competitive price. Our contractors pride themselves on completing all jobs to a high standard with minimal inconvenience and upheaval caused to the customer.  

Our range of cleaning services:

  • Block Paving Cleaning and Sealing
  • Patio and paving slab refurbishment
  • Tarmac restoration
  • Pressure Washing cleaning
  • Imprinted Concrete cleaning and Sealing
  • Natural stone cleaning and sealing

We can also carry out natural stone cleaning and sealing in Portsmouth, Fareham and Gosport for drives and patios laid with sandstone, limestone, granite or slate.

After the surface has been thoroughly cleaned and dried we recommend that your driveway or patio sealed using a Smartseal™ paving sealant. Choosing this option over a standard pressure clean will benefit the surface in a number of ways and save homeowners money in the long run due to the reduced maintenance required.

Smartseal™ Sealer Benefits:

  • Protects against UV light
  • Hardwearing resin surface protection
  • Solidifies jointing sand
  • Restricts algae, moss and weeds
  • Oil and grease resistance
  • Enhances colour
  • Minimises future maintenance

For any DIY enthusiasts who live in Portsmouth, Smartseal™ now supply DIY Paving sealing kits directly to homeowners in the area. These comprehensive kits, come with everything needed to guide you through a paving cleaning project at your home. To see how it can be done, please take a moment to look at our surface cleaning and sealing videos.

If you are new to driveway cleaning or an existing company based in Fareham, Waterlooville or Petersfield and would like to work with Smartseal™ as a registered driveway cleaning contractor, please register your interest with us.

Please call us now on 0800 988 0348 to request a FREE quote for driveway cleaning Portsmouth & patio cleaning Gosport or any of the other services listed above in Hampshire including Petersfield and Chichester. Alternatively, you might want to make an online pressure washing enquiry.