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Driveway Cleaning Swindon | Patio Cleaning Salisbury

Driveway Cleaning Swindon | Patio Cleaning Salisbury

As market leaders for the provision of quality paving sealants and driveway cleaning services, Smartseal are able to carry out extensive surface cleaning projects throughout Swindon and Salisbury. Our professional local installers are fully trained in the application of our block paving sealer and other sealants we supply, regularly carrying out driveway cleaning Swindon &  patio cleaning Salisbury.

As we are getting more and more enquiries from the Swindon area for all types of surface cleaning we are looking to train more Smartseal installers. If you are interested in becoming one please make an enquiry.

As well as driveway cleaning, we provide cleaning services on all types of surfaces such as patios, imprinted concrete, block paving, tarmac plus jet and pressure wash paving slabs, tennis courts, swimming pool surrounds, garage forecourts and commercial buildings.

We can also carry out natural stone cleaning and sealing in Swindon and Salisbury drives and patios laid with sandstone, limestone, granite or slate.

The benefits of sealing any paved surface are numerous and can help with reducing ongoing maintenance costs. After jet washing and the paving has dried off, we can apply Smartseal paving sealers to the surface. The block paving sealer will reduce colour loss, solidify any sand between the joints and make any surface staining easier to remove. The sealer will also make it much harder for algae, moss, lichen and weeds to grow on the surface.

For homeowners considering DIY it may be beneficial to take a look at our DIY project kitsthese give all the materials and tools required for a professional job, at a cheaper price. See our instructional video guides on driveway cleaning and sealing.

If you live in or near Swindon, Salisbury or other parts of Wiltshire, and would like a FREE driveway cleaning Swindon & patio cleaning Salisbury estimate or any other service, please call 0800 988 0348 or make an online enquiry.

We also carry out driveway cleaning Swindon & patio cleaning Salisbury, also covering surrounding areas such as Calne, Malborough, Wootton Bassett, Chippenham, Devizes, Hungerford & Newbury.