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By Robert Morris

I chose Smartseal mainly because they came top of all the reviews for patio sealants. Great choice of products and advised me on the correct sealant for my Indian sandstone multi coloured slabs . Went for the colour enhancer sealer to highlight the different colours and patterns. Absolutely delighted with the end finish, would highly recommend these guys,they know everything about surface finishes.

By Jennifer LapingtonFROM Gloucester

We have cleaned the patio with Smartseal Extreme cleaner, and after 3 days now using the Colour Enhancer, must say I am extremely dissapointed this has turned my lovely Natural Stone patio two years old a terrible shade of brown. Wish I had never paid this amount of money to get this product.

By Ken BonserFROM Northamptonshire

Always a litle sceptical about believing reviews on a product website. I have an Indian Sandstone Patio about 30sqm. Applied a diluted bleach to clean it along with jetwash. Applied two coats of Colour enhancer including a "wet coat" as instructed. The results are good, the sandstone colours are darker and defineatly enhanced. It is expensive but still got some left if the effects don't last. We wait and see!

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Natural Stone Sealer - COLOUR ENHANCER

(Sample, 1L,5L,25L Sizes) High Quality, Durable Sealer for Slate, Sandstone, & Limestone. Not suitable for Kandla Grey Sandstone. Impregnating Sealer for Natural Stone, 5 - 10 m²/litre average coverage on first coat; up to 5 years protection

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Product Description

Natural Stone Sealer with Colour Enhancing Effect

Protective impregnating sealer to enhance the colour of Natural Stone

Smartseal Indian Sandstone Sealer and Natural Stone Sealer is a high quality, clear, solvent free acrylic impregnating coating system. Application of the sealer will alter the chemical structure of the porous sandstone or natural stone providing a excellent water repellent and stain resistant surface.

The sealer, once applied, will give a damp or slightly wet look finish on natural stone and enhance the original colouring of the surface.

  • 1 x 25 litre will treat up to 150 m
  • Resistant to algae, lichen and staining
  • Will leave surface darker or 'damp' looking dependent on porosity of surface
  • Average coverage 5 - 10 m per litre first coat and 10 - 20 m per litre second coat, dependent on porosity and finish of surface
  • Application by roller or sprayer
  • Touch dry 2 - 3 hours
  • Fully waterproof in 24 hours
  • Lifespan of up to 5 years can be expected
  • Suitable for Sandstone** (see exceptions below), Limestone, Terracotta, Slate, Marble and Granite
  • Can be used externally or internally

**Exceptions to Sandstone suitability: 

Please note this product is not suitable for Kandla Grey (mid and light grey) sandstone

Product FAQs

Q: We have just had a new patio laid with Raj Indian Sandstone. I would like to seal it to prevent dirty marks spoiling the patio. would it be ok to seal now or best to leave it s while before sealing. I have read conflicting advice. Many thanks. Bob

Bob Kondys

A: We would advise to leave it 3 months before sealing, to allow any efflorescence to disperse from the stone. If your patio was pointed with a sweeping compound, we would advise to leave it 6 months before sealing. This is because sweeping compounds can leave a residue (both invisible and visible) which can prevent the sealer from soaking in. If you did want to seal after 3 months when a sweeping compound has been used, you can use our residue remover beforehand and then you can go on to seal.

Response from Ricky

Q: we have internal stone frames which the client want to strip back and expose, we want to reduce the 'dusting' of the elements and also expose the natural beauty of the finish. How does do they differ from a normal dry finish to a enhanced colour, doe the enhanced colour add a stain colour to the stone ? How does it bring our colours that the basic one does not? We can send photos of the proposed areas if that would help. Thanks Jon I am on site to day so a conversation may be better. Thanks Jon

jon tankard

A: It would be best to get in touch with our technical team who would be able to give you the best advice regarding the Natural Stone Sealer Colour Enhance.

Response from Ricky

Q: Is it suitable for concrete tiles?


A: Thank you for the question. We would suggest trying our concrete based sealers, they would be more suitable for the surface.

Response from George
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PREPARATION: Prior to application of sandstone sealer or natural stone sealer ensure surfaces to be sealed are clean, dry and free from contamination. If algae or stains are present pre-treat prior to cleaning with an appropriate cleaning product.

**If applied to a surface where a "sweep-in" pointing compound has been used within the last 6 months, the natural stone must be fully cleaned with Smartseal Residue Remover prior to sealant application.**

APPLICATION: A suitable pressure sprayer or roller is recommended taking care to avoid any pooling. Application on all substrates should be to full saturation and on vertical surfaces commence at the bottom and work upwards.

Remove any excess after approx 30 - 40 minutes.

  • For best results, apply one coat to saturation, and once touch dry (normally around 45 min), apply a second coat "wet on wet" (which means before the 1st coat has totally dried) 
  • Do not apply in damp conditions
  • Application temperature range: 15 to 23C 
  • Shake container well before use.

All equipment should be cleaned with water immediately after use.

SHELF LIFE: Store away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. Protect from frost.
12 months (in original sealed container).


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