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Start Your Own Roof Cleaning Business. Make A Good Living Cleaning and Sealing Roofs 

Roof cleaning and coating is fast becoming a mainstream business in the UK. The damp UK climate has resulted in excessive moss growth on millions of roofs. This in turn creates deterioration of the roof tiles and can result in long term damage and excessive maintenance costs if not rectified. Increasing numbers of homeowners in the UK are now looking for solutions to keep their roofs clean and free from moss growth.

Smartseal are leading the way in the supply of protective coatings and sealers for most types of roof tiles including those made from concrete, slate and clay. We are industry experts in the process of roof repairs, cleaning and sealing and can help you start your own roof cleaning business. If you already run a surface cleaning business, you may well want to think about adding roof cleaning and coating to your services as they are very profitable and can be done all year round, which is a great help with cash flow. 

What are the main reasons for the growth in demand for roof cleaning and coating across the UK?

The UK is a densely populated country and there are millions of homes with various roof types. Unlike driveways and patios which many homeowners feel they can maintain themselves, cleaning a roof is a different proposition and some that needs a qualified profesional to undertake. Every roof in the UK should be cleaned at some point to keep it looking like new. Unfortunately, most homeowners leave it far too long before considering having their roof cleaned. This often means that roofs often have a large amount of moss growing on them, making moss removal a priority. If the moss is not killed off and removed, the roof tiles may get damaged due to excessive weight on the roof structure. Roof repairs can be very costly, so it is always best to keep your roof cleaned and protected to avoid this if you can. Home and business owners alike want to keep their roofs free from moss and protect their original investment but most of them do not know how to go about it.

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Why Not Start Your Own Roof Cleaning and Coating Business....Be Your Own Boss and Work The Hours YOU Want...!!

Working as a roof cleaning contractor with Smartseal and running your own roof cleaning business means you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

There are significant benefits..

  • Full technical support

  • Roof cleaning courses

  • Roof coating and sealing products

  • Comprehensive training

  • Business packages to suit all budgets

  • Nationwide lead generation

  • Roof cleaning and coating equipment

  • Work with a market leader and recognised brand

  • Become a Smartseal 'Registered Installer'

If you are also interested in roof cleaning as well as a general hard surface cleaning business we can help you get started. Roof cleaning and roof coating is also a fast growing business as people realise that professional maintenance is a far more cost effective alternative to the unnecessary replacement of a roof. We generate a large number of roof cleaning and coating enquiries across the UK and always need more professional roof cleaners to service these high quality enquiries. Many of our roof cleaning and coating enquiries come from prominent websites we own such as and

Roof cleaning contractors who pressure clean and coat roofs on residential and commercial properties can earn from £300.00 to as much as £600.00+ a day. 

Smartseal do not sell expensive roof cleaning franchises which can restrict your ability to grow your own roof restoration business. Smartseal have a very well priced roof cleaning business package plus offer you the support needed to help make your new business become profitable very quickly.

If you are interested in starting a new roof cleaning business and would like to know what we can offer, please register your interest by calling one of our friendly staff on 01268 722500 or by completing our online enquiry form.