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BLACK LIMESTONE SEALER - Transforms, Re-Colours, Seals Tired LIMESTONE & SLATE Highly Effective & Durable

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Smartseal black limestone sealer was just what I needed to make our patio look good again. Followed the instructions on the can and boy what a difference, after 2 coats it's looks like a new patio. used less than 5 Lt, it dose go a long way, 5 Stars, will use smart seal again when we do our block paving.

By Peter Ryan From -

Fantastic results, well worth the money

By J N From Kingswinford

Couldn't be happier, 100% better than what it looked like before I use SmartSeal Black Limestone Sealer. Even the wife is happy and she wanted a new patio.

By Glyn Owen From -

Perfect. The black limestone sealer was easy to use, great result, great from start to finish

By Peter Scrivens

I used Smartseals black limestone sealer. The product is very easy to use. Excellent value for Money. The results speak for themselves

By Shaun Barkus From -

Amazing product! Applied on a new ish "16 weeks old" black limestone patio. It delivers a brilliant finish and great protection of the stones. Recommend to everyone. I applied 2 layers of sealent on a 46 m2 patio using a 5L can.

By Pierre Starck From Chester

It looks like it might be what I need for my acid stained pavers. Im doing test pieces and waiting to see how they weather before doing all of it

By B Catchpole

Superb product, we were disappointed with our new black limestone slabs that were grey, then I stumbled across Smartseal, we now have the black paving we wanted!

By Keith Wilcox From Southminster

Amazing results using the Black Limestone Sealer. My customer used a generic patio cleaner which ended up bleaching the limestone! Smartseal's Black limestone sealant has brought the patio up like new, and a very happy customer!

By James Mallett From Telford

I contacted Smartseal Technical section with my problem patio that the builders had left us with (a right mess) and the Residue Remover and Limestone Sealant as recommended by Smartseal worked a treat. I cannot recommend Smartseal staff or the products enough.

By Quincey de Souza From Blackburn

We used the Smartseal black patio sealer on our 14 year old patio and it came up totally revitalised and almost like new . Our neighbours and many visitors since have commented on the difference ( a couple actually thought wed had new slabs laid ! )

By Ritchie Witcombe From -

Did exactly what it said on the tin, my Black Limestone now looks like it does in the advert.

By Steven Butson From Plymouth

Wow, what a product.....Like everyone else, I laid black limestone last spring and sealed it, ended up being really dissapointed in the sealant I used. Within weeks, slabs became a dull grey. Just recently sealed with this smartseal product and have to say its amazing, so much better than the previous sealant. Goes on well with a roller, one 5l tin managed 2 coats at 40m2. Dont try anything else, this stuff is awesome

By Rob Kelly From Crewe

We had really faded grey slate patio slabs that were looking very scruffy. Luckily we found this sealer. It was so easy to use, just painted it on and now my slabs look as good as new . Very happy with the outcome

By Karen Wright From Buckinghamshire

If you have ordered and fitted black limestone you may be disappointed to find its not black. However, you will not be disappointed with the black sealent. First coat looks great but following the instructions and put on two coats of the sealer on and your patio area will look awesome. Well worth the price and effort.

By Damien Marjot

Really amazing product, the sealer has improved the look of the black limestone slabs, make sure you watch the prep video first . My only issue is with the container an easy pour spout would have been appreciated as spilt a lot early on. 100% order a test bottle first

By Nicholas Martin

Done my first Kota black limestone patio, doing my homework on sealers I came across smart seal, wow what a product! The limestone went from grey and shabby looking to a really deep black shine! Will be buying this product again, expensive but well worth it!

By Peter Day From Rotherham

Done my first Kota black limestone patio, doing my homework on sealers I came across smart seal, wow what a product! The limestone went from grey and shabby looking to a really deep black shine! Will be buying this product again, expensive but well worth it!

By Peter Day From Rotherham

Same position as everyone else laying black limestone and then feeling regret months later when it tured horribly grey from rain and sun. If you have got this far with your research then do not hesitate to buy this product. Amazing look and finish. How I wanted my garden to look. The quoted coverage is exactly as described. I bought two tins of sealer and hot two coats as it had been a while since the slabs were laid.

By Taz Malik From london

Excellent product, revived limestone slabs to the I original colour and gave a wet look finish

By Brian Kane From Glasgow

Ok, so we had the "Black" limestone put down in August 2020. From day one they really were not what we had expected. The picture of the black to what we received were very different. More of a purple slate. Within weeks the colour had already began to fade and go patchy and we felt like we had made a very expensive mistake. I called Smartseal (I have used this company previously) after reading the reviews of this Black limestone sealer. I purchased a sample pot and put it onto a spare slab. We left this slab outside for over 9 months including winter. Due to its appearance we went ahead and sealed the full patio and paths. I can honestly say that it is flipping brilliant. We are so so happy with the results! The patio now looks like it should have all along. The patio is now black not a purple grey faded mess. The stone is water repellent too so its far easier to hose off. I honestly cannot recommend this enough. I also feel that as we left a test piece outside over the winter and it still looks great this isn't going to be a job that we have to repeat every year. Well worth the money! .

By Becks J From Stoke on Trent

Great sealer, brought my newly laid patio to life.

By Andy Wild

The black limestone sealer is an extremely good product and even better than expected After trying from other manufacturers which were useless I came across SmartSeal and the results are absolutely amazing. Goes a long way too and easy to apply with a good brush!

By Terry Hylton

Incredible product. We were disappointed with our new black limestone slabs that looked grey. Came across this product and the results are WOW! If you already have or just bought black limestone slabs you probably need this product. It is a bit expensive but well worth it in my opinion. I ordered 2 tins due to the stated coverage but it covers a lot better than stated. One tin easily managed 2 coats over an area of 43m2.

By Keith Wilcox

The black limestone sealer transformed the patio, really happy with the finish. Super product and great customer support!

By Steven Jewell

We chose black limestone for our new patio which turned out to be a big mistake, within a few months the surface of the stone was turning a patchy grey and looked awful. My wife wanted to have it dug up it looked so bad, after spending hours scanning the Internet for something to get to improve the limestone I discovered Smartseal Black Limestone sealer and decided to give it a go and purchased a 5 litre can, Wow!! what a great product, I cannot recommend it enough it has transformed our patio and it now looks better than when first laid in fact it looks great, not cheap but worth every penny.

By Clive Parr

If you are looking for a top quality sealant for black limestone look no further, like another reviewer stated the difference it makes when applied to newly laid slabs is simply incredible, i went from thinking i had made a huge error going with black limestone to being absolutely delighted. 5 litres went much further than advertised

By Richard de Rome From Tamworth

Product is amazing at making newly purchased black limestone slabs look black not the dull grey they turn as soon as they have been laid. This sealer revitalises the slab and gives it a great wet look. The websites pictures do not lie.

By Peter Whatmore

Everything and more lovely shiny black stones again ??????. Great customer service awesome quality for the 5 litre tin great coverage easy to apply. Tried the sample tin of sealer for 5:99 before I committed to the purchase as Ive previously brought resealers but they all just left them a black Matt colour. This leaves the look as its been raining and when black limestone looks its best in my opinion. ??????????

By Andrew Murphy

Bought the black limestone sealer 150 ml Sample just to test if it could restore the colour of my Limestone patio which was laid five years ago but had faded dramatically from the original look. The sealer was easy to apply and after two coats gave the desired finished. A great product I shall soon be placing an order for the 5iltre can

By Leonard Myers From Wigan

Brought the black limestone sealer to restore the colour of my Limestone patio which was laid only two years ago but faded dramatically from the original look. The sealer was easy to apply and gave the desired finished, even better than when the limestone was first laid down. A great product and will definitely recommend to others and use again. I wish I could upload before and after photos to demonstrate how good it is.

By Adam Tucker From Chelmsford

Great product , revived my slabs , look absolutely amazing, great sealer, price and all round service , highly recommend

By Paul Moss

Ordered Black Limestone Sealer went on easily and covered quickly and evenly. Dried quickly and is easy to apply with a roller. Seal before grouting as it can dye your grout. Original can had been damaged in transit but it a replacement was delivered.

By Kerry Lunn From Chesterfield

Our expensive natural limestone patio looked great when it was new but that look didnt last for long. After a few weeks it looked awful, even worse than grey, boring cement slabs, and we were seriously considering getting rid of it. No amount of scrubbing or jet washing made any difference. Smartseal Black Limestone Sealer totally transformed it and it looks great again. Excellent stuff.

By Ian G

Great and relatively easy to apply sealer with roller. Showed slightly patchy with long handle roller as difficult to ensure even pressure and also stone so porous that it snatched up the sealer at the first point of contact. Although it is only a one coat I ended up doing a second coat by small hand roller with better outcome. Patio stunningly different as fading of original Black Limestone was epic.

By Maralyn Yorke From Bristol

Well impressed. Applied sealer to black limestone and they instantly look a lovely shade of black. The grey look that they had has gone and they now pool water on the surface. I only had the time to apply one coat but even that looks great. Covered 15sqm with about 1/3rd of the 5l can. Well worth the money.

By David Hurst From Hensall, North Yorkshire

If I could give this product a higher rating I would, we were on verge of lifting our black slate patios until we tried this sealer and I can't praise it enough so much so we have bought 3 more tins the finish is superb thank you so much Smartseal

By Jean Miller

This black limestone sealer is fabulous, we were thinking of replacing our slate patio until we used this and the patio looks like it has just been laid. The slate was originally black and before we used this it was looking grey and horrible. Would highly recommend this product

By Jean Miller From County Durham

I have just completed sealing my large limestone patio. The patio was laid 5 years ago and started to fade within weeks of being laid. I have spent 5 years trying to find a product that returned my patio to what I wanted it to look like, spending a small fortune on products which didn't worked. I have just completed resealing my printed concrete drive with Smart seal concrete sealant, and was so pleased with the drive, that when I saw the limestone Smart seal sealant, I immediately purchased a 5 litre can, the results where spectacular so much so I immediately ordered another 15 litres, at first, I thought the products looked expensive, however the finished result was so good, it was worth the expenditure. I cannot recommend the Smart Seal products highly enough, every product has performed beyond my expectations, which I set at a high level. Lastly, I am competent at diy but no expert, followed the instructions and watched the videos, fantastic result on my drive and patio.

By Steve Hughes From Ringwood, Hampshire

Fantastic product far better than what we have used previously. Leaves a superior finish, we will definitely use again in the future.

By Joanne Emmett
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Smartseal black limestone sealer is a highly-effective solvent-based sealer and re-colourant for black limestone which gives a transformative effect.

Limestone slabs will often fade over time and gradually turn a lighter shade of grey. The black limestone sealer can transform the look of faded limestone patios and make them look like they were recently laid. The sealer can be re-applied at any time to ensure any limestone slabs on patios or other external surfaces look good at all times.



  • Clean surface using a pressure washer and/or Patio Clean Xtreme.
  • Allow to dry for a minimum of 72 hours
  • Apply above 12C with a temperature no higher than 23C
  • Two coats are recommended
  • Apply by roller
  • Coverage: Average coverage approx. 4 - 5m/litre first coat (dependant on surface) and approx. 6 - 8m/litre second coat

Always apply to a test area first to determine suitability. A sample size (150 ml) is available for purchase should you wish to try it before committing to purchase 5 Litres.

***PLEASE NOTE*** - For best results, if a sweep-in jointing compound has been used when the slabs were laid, we would recommend using the residue remover prior to application.