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Ultimate Colour Enhancer - NOT recommended for Limestone, Granite or Slate

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Brought the colour of the natural stone out beautifully. Paving Needs two days drying time after cleaning and Enhancer eight hours drying after application so needs careful planning in our conditions. However easy to apply (used a sprayer). Lots of rain since and water seems to be 'floating' off nicely rather than sinking in. Will be a while before I can judge the effect on the algae on my North facing patio.

By Steven Ott

Good product. Easy to apply. Only did one coat and the slabs look great. After we ordered the sales staff called and gave us some advice and checked we were using best product for the paving slabs that we have. Would use again.

By S Whiston

Very good product and it does exactly what it says.

By John Adams

Sample arrived in super fast time.Tried some In a corner,well pleased.Ordered 10 litres of sealer again came in no time.Have done some of our sandstone but due to the weather have yet to complete. Very pleased so far.

By Tony Beeson From Cannock

Product was easy to apply, I used a small roller and did the slabs individually (Indian Sandstone) to ensure even coverage, adding a 2nd coat within 30 minutes as per instructions. The final finish brings out all the natural colours, a bit like a wet look but without the shine. After speaking to one of the technical guys at Smartseal he confirmed that a top up application can be added a few months down the line if required but not essential, which is good news if you want to maintain colour. I've only given 4 stars and not 5 because of the price compared to some competitors.

By Kerry Hammond

Bought a sample of this along with the standard Colour Enhancer as I wanted to see the difference in the "flesh" so to speak. I found that the standard one was not dark enough on the lighter coloured sandstone such as light greys so opted for the Ultimate Enhancer. I used a small mini roller to apply it, waiting about 20-30 mins before topping up with the 2nd coat. Personally I think the standard enhancer is ok colour wise on darker colours but when you have a mixture of colours such as Indian Sandstone then the Ultimate Enhancer pulls the colours out better. The overall finish is a mild sheen, not a completely dry look but also not too shiny. I did find though that with some colours on Indian Sandstone the final finish can very slightly alter, some dryer looking than others. I guess this is all down to how porus each stone is and how the product either soaks straight in or slightly sits on top. I did each stone individually ensuring an even coating, but I'm a fussy git. Only 4 stars due to being a bit expensive compared to some of it's competitors.

By Kerry Hammond
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Our Ultimate Colour Enhancing Sealer will transform natural Sandstone and Indian Sandstone patios, drives and floors. To avoid trapping in moisture, the sealer is fully breathable and once applied it will leave the surface with that 'just rained on' look, bringing to life the natural rich colours within the stone or slate. The Ulimate Colour Enhancer is a 'colour intensifier' for natural stone surface where the preferred look is when the surface has been rained in and the colours are darkened.

Step-by-Step Video Guide

The high quality unique non solvent formulation of this sealer for all types of Sandstone means it will not only dramatically improve the look of the stone, but provide long term protection as well.

By 'impregnating' into the surface and sealing from within, our Ultimate Colour Enhancing Sealer offers the very latest in protection for all types of Sandstone including Indian Sandstone. Solvent Free and safe to use around animals, children and vegetation, the sealer is easy to use with application by roller, sprayer or paint brush.

**Please note: This product is NOT recommended for use on Limestone, Granite or Slate**

If your Natural Stone has been recently 'pointed' using a 'sweep in' pointing compound, please contact us before application on 01268 722500



This is dependant on the porosity and nature of the Sandstone, but the average is 6 - 10m² per litre (always apply to a test area first).


Important: Once fully cured Smartseal Ultimate Stone Enhancing Sealer is extremely difficult to remove, please follow application procedure correctly or call 01268 722500 for additional advice.

1. Prior to applying, ensure the sandstone floor is totally clean and has been dry for at least 2 days. Apply in temperatures above 15°C. Application is recommended by sprayer, roller, paint brush or on very dense surfaces by sponge.
2. After approx 30 minutes apply a lighter second coat, using the same application process. Make sure no rain is forecast for a least 8 hours. Do not attempt to clean using a pressure washer for at least 7 days. IMPORTANT: 20 - 30 minutes after the second coat has been applied, remove any excess sealer from surface by cloth or dry sponge.
Protect surrounding areas with masking tape, when applying the product, wear gloves and googles at all times. ALWAYS APPLY TO TEST AREA FIRST.

Avoid use of aggresive or abrasive cleaning products, failure to do so can reduce lifespan and effectiveness of the sealer.