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Patio Cleaner Xtreme60 - Quickly Removes Black Spot, Algae and Lichen

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Customer Reviews

Effective, but on heavy soiling requires more than one application which could make it expensive. In warm weather I found it best to ever with a sheet of polythene to prevent drying too quickly.

By David French

Very good results, better than expected, tip - wear a mask when applying and wear old clothes. Interesting to see how long it takes for the black spot to return? Would definitely recommend product.

By Janet Davies From Leeds

Worked very well not cheap but worth it still got some black spot but I will continue to apply until I'm happy. You did need a mask and gloves are a good idea.

By Cathryn Wieremiej

Excellent product. After 10 yrs our patio looks amazing! Will be buying it again next year.

By Jane Bennett-Walsh

Very happy with the results of the treatment with your product. I used a good pressure washer beforehand to remove most of the staining and was impressed how much more the cleaning improved including most of the removal of Black Spot which has be a continuing problem.

By Clive Patterson From St Albans

I am generally sceptical about products that claim effortless results. Having tried to blast black spot off my sandstone patio with my Karcher (and failed), I decided to research the internet and give "Smart seal" a go due to such good reviews. Well I wasn't disappointed, just wet the patio, brush it in a bit, and go and enjoy a long cup of tea, or in my case a nice cold beer. I actually left it over night as it was cool and slightly damp. Even before using my karcher to spray it off, it was already considerably cleaner. With the Karcher then everything came off effortlessly. Looks like new, thanks Adrian

By Adrian Harper From Epsom

Outstanding results, used on sandstone patio - looks just like new. Used neat on badly spotted slabs but 1:1 mixture was fine everywhere else. Important to keep surface damp as directed.

By Mike Reed From Hampshire

This product is amazing and works far better than I imagined it would. Using a garden pump action sprayer I applied it to the patio, within a couple of minutes it smells like a swimming pool and you can see the product working. After one application and leaving for about an hour I washed down with the pressure washer and the dirt just washed away without too much effort. I will be recommending this and buying again.

By Russell Dale From Birmingham

Spent all weekend cleaning driveway and patio. very pleased with the results the monoblock looks as good as new. Thanks for that

By John Grant

Great product as patio had not been properly cleaned in years. Very strong smell when put on , left for 3 hours then washed off. This removed most of dirt/marks. Some blackspots still there but much less noticeable. Still need to try it neat on the spots but have not had time to do it yet

By Andrew Lane From Newmarket

Got to be honest after reading the reviews I thought this would be just what I needed. I have 15 sqm yorkstone patio. I used it as the instructions in its highest concetration, for 12 hours. I kept the patio damp the entire time. And pressure washed before hand. The patio looks no different at all, literally no different.

By Jonathan Butterfield From UK

Canít recommend highly enough, amazing results!

By Ryan McCann From Glasgow

If you dilute 1;1 you will get 40m2 coverage, not from a watering can. Diluted 4;1 and product did the job so well satisfied.

By David Hurdiss

I was a bit disappointed with the product I followed the instructions and my patio pavers are definitely cleaner than before. However it not remove the blackspots from my patio pavers.

By Leslie Green

Got patio a lot cleaner than it was but still left a couple of stubborn marks. (This may have been down to the way my husband used it!)

By Carol Taylor

Highly recommend. Does exactly as it promises. Took hardly any time or effort. Will be ordering more for another patio of old crazy paving.

By Denise Cunningham

Great product, easy to use with great results.

By David Hughes From Wiltshire

Excellent product my patio looks like new������

By A Washington

A brilliant product, the previous Blackspot remover that I had used for a few years has changed their formulae and not so good. I tried Smartseal, absolutely brilliant, I used 25 litres on a very large patio area for a customer and have ordered a further 25 litres for other customers now. Left it on for an hour or so, kept it wet so it did not dry out and then pressure washed off, very very happy customer.

By Ivor Welch From Hampshire

Brilliant product. Brilliant advice from sales staff

By Karl Cordwell


By Ray Thomas

Works really well black spot and white spotted areas - just be careful about splashing and the run off when you rinse it off, it's very strong stuff.

By Brian Hicks

Bought it to try and get rid of the black spot on clay pavers. Used it with a garden sprayer, diluted one to one. Sorted out the black spot, the blocks came up like new!

By Kevin Davies From Wrexham

I was apprehensive about spending £35 on patio cleaner having bought a few before that have been pretty much useless. The patio gets cleaned every year with a pressure washer, but it never looks all that clean. This product has changed that. 7 years of mould and black spot gone in a couple of hours with no hard labour. I would not hesitate to recommend this, or buy it again. Used on Indian sandstone, which looks almost as good as new after one application!

By Andy Abbott

This is one of the best products I have purchased. Removed all black spots and has cleaned all the patio and block pavers. Brilliant.

By Michael Skerratt

This product worked very well except for white spots on the stone paving . It probably helped as they where removed easily afterwards with a power washer.

By K Holdsworth

I have tried multiple cleaners in the past 10 years and nothing has worked as well as this product. I would highly recommend it!

By M Kenney

Great product. Removed blackspot from patio that was virtually covering every flag. Easy to apply with a sprayer. So pleased have ordered more for block driveway to remove unsightly black spots that no amount of pressure washing will remove. Customer care are first rate with this company. They answer queries promptly and are so helpful.

By Anne Pagett From West midlands

I was a bit worried to use it but am over the moon itís cleaned old and just layed Indian rainbow sandstone up a treat . Will be buying more would highly recommend this product

By Dee Luton From Kent

worked well, cleaned better than power washing. Didn't entirely get rid of black spot

By Jane Mcdonald

Needed to use more of the solution that first hoped, therefore the amount I had to spend to clean my whole patio was significantly more than I first estimated, however the solution did work well although some power washing was still required to remove all the algae etc.

By Ian Mounfield From Surrey

We had got a quote for £150 for a professional to clean our patio which we thought was rather steep.. so we decided to do some research and do it ourselves. My husband was sceptical about getting out the black spots as he had tried everything, including buckets of bleach and pressure washing regularly. Nothing got rid of them. We put this product on and left for a few hours in the rain. When we washed it off, all the mould, lichen and black spots were gone. We are really pleased with the results. Won't use anything else now. So much quicker than pressure washing, to be honest I can't believe we wasted so much time doing that in the past. Might as well throw out the pressure washer now!

By Hazel Ireland From Barnstaple

Excellent product, best on the market 5*****

By Karen Phillips From Surrey

Fantastic. Got rid of all black spot. Wear protective clothing.

By Pete Wiggins

Brilliant product.

By Maureen Hammond

Superb product! So easy to apply, and you can see the black stains bubble and vanish very soon after application. No back breaking scrubbing required. Would highly recommend.

By M Downes From Surrey

concrete drive had a lot of black spots, got most of them, of pleased with the result


Brought natural sandstone slabs up like new! Bit expensive but would definitely buy again.

By Craig Hunter

Very pleased with this patio cleaner. I did have a bad old patio riddled with blackspot and this cleaner removed them 98%. I now have a very clean and rejuvenated patio. An excellent product and I thoroughly recommend it.

By Keith Harris

Quick service, well packaged. The patio cleaner worked a dream, I now have an Indian Sandstone patio that looks as fresh as the day it was laid. Will definitely use again if necessary.

By Keith Clarke

Finally a product that does exactly what is says. Our Indian sandstone patio looks like it did years ago when new and black spots gone .Block paving driveway the same . Definitely using again next year worth the money .

By Tina Gates

Great product. It really does work!

By Richard Clements

First Class product. My Indian Sandstone patio had been left a mess after the winter and was covered in algae and blackspot. I was sceptical about the claims of how easy it was to use but was pleasantly surprised, I cleaned a large patio in a day and without any aggressive pressure washing. I finished the job with Natural Sandstone Sealer. I would definitely recommend.

By Stephen New From Uxbridge

I was amazed at how well this patio cleaning fluid worked. It removed dirt and black spots very easily and my patio looks as good as new again. Very impressed!

By Robert Joughin From Southampton

Very impressed with the product - Patio Cleaner Xtreme60 - and with the service provided by SmartSeal. Mandy, who I spoke to on the phone, was particularly helpful in ensuring that I received my order the following day.

By Josephine Abrines

Excellent product, this is the 3rd year running weíve used this. Gets rid of all algae, black spot, and general winter grime. lasts for a year. No effort to apply. Itís amazing! Definitely recommend.

By Sandra Mitchell

Absolutely brilliant for removing black spots on your patio, with not a lot of effort required. Only took one application to remove the black spots

By Michael Loveridge

Amazing!!! Iíve been pressure washing my Indian sandstone patio for years with varying degrees of success. This year it just didnít seem to be coming clean and the black spot was covering everything. So I resigned myself to the fact that it was probably new patio time. Iíd used some heavy duty disinfectant in the past which worked at cleaning up the stones and getting to work on the black spot but I was concerned about the damage it may do to the stone. So as a final attempt I searched online and came across Patio Cleaner Xtreme ... not cheap but I thought iíd give 5 litres a go. I was amazed at the results - you can see it working so can decide when is the right time to wash off. I initially diluted as directed but it didnít clean the bad areas so put it on neat and repeated a couple of times .. I now have flags which look like new instead of being completely black!!!! I found the best way to apply was via a garden sprayer and then I could control how much to put I and where. Not sure this is particularly environmentally friendly looking at the reaction of our garden worms but does the job. Have some great before and after photos ...

By Mrs G From Preston

Absolutely brilliant , smells initially but worth it Patio looks amazing

By Ian Green

Good product but best applied by spray if there are spaces between the slabs. Watering can is uneconomical as so much is lost!

By Ian White From Yorkshire

Fantastic service. Delivered promptly followed up by a very courteous e mail. The product is totally amazing. We were going to be digging up our patio and replacing it, but no need to now. It is like new. Wish we had found this product sooner. Many thanks

By Kath Fyall

Got a lot of general grime off but only about two thirds of the black spot probably have to use it without diluting to get the best result

By Anthony Collins

Works very well ....much easier than jet washing

By Ken Smith

I can't quite believe it! I've had black spot slowly creeping over my whole driveway for years. Jet washing didn't remove it, bleach didn't remove it, masonry cleaner didn't remove it but this did...and easily. Followed the application instructions and just rinsed it off with the jet wash, worked brilliantly. Worth every penny.

By Lindsay Lewis From Chester

Very good product ...in fact so good I have ordered another one

By Ken Smith From Maidenhead

Really good product with a terrific end result

By Richard Schuster

Pleased with this product. Needs a couple of applications or more to get rid of black spot

By David Borthwick

Bought this as our patio had spreading Lichen. No amount of jet washing would remove it. Tried this cleaner, I wouldnít say it was even very manual to brush in. Woke up the next morning, it was all gone. I am amazed, it is completely worth it. Will use this every spring to get our patio fresh. Have recommended to friends.

By Emilie Green From Shropshire

My patio is the cleanest it's ever been and I was amazed at how easy it was to use with such little effort

By Chris Brooks From Iver

Very, very, pleased with this product. Our patio has been laid 8 years and despite regular pressure washer cleans ( 3 times a year) it had a lot of black marks on it , green mould and it generally looked awful. We bought a new very powerful pressure washer and it didnít improve things. Then we Googled black marks and found this product ... itís looking great now , 95% of the black marks are gone and all of the green mould and we are just annoyed that we bothered with the pressure washer upgrade.

By Sheena Mullen

Dear Sir, I laid a 75 square metre Indian sandstone patio at the rear of my house some 15 years ago and for years I have maintained it with a pressure washer. However, whilst successful, this has also caused problems with the mortar joints which have constantly required maintenance. The last few years have seen a gradual increase in black spot lychen which has resisted every product (including bleach Iím afraid) Iíve used to try and remove it. Two weeks ago I realised that my once lovely patio was no longer something of which I was proud, and worst of all, the thought of endless hours of power washing etc with possibly not a great deal to show for it at the end, was truly dispiriting. I then found your Smartseal video on the internet and decided to give your Patio Extreme product a try. I completed this two hours ago, using two of your 5 litre bottles, and the difference to my patio already is quite remarkable. I truly was not expecting too much but the result looks outstanding. I just wish I had taken a photo of it before cleaning to show you why Iím so delighted. Thank you. Your product has saved me hours of hard work and my patio has been restored. I will now seal it and hope that your natural stone sealer will as good as the cleaner. Yours faithfully, Michael McEvoy

By Michael McEvoy From Windsor

Have only cleaned a small Marshallís garden wall so far really good results.

By Harry Seth From Feltham

Great product cleaned 3 large patios very impressed also with the service delivered 2 days after order also checked with me that address/postcode were correct . Thanks

By David Cantillon

Tried this product on paving slabs that were heavily soiled including black spots. Applied it neat and it did a really good job and although it did fail to remove 100% black spots the slabs have been aesthetically transformed. Have now purchased a larger container to do the back garden


Sprayed onto limestone and never had to do a thing. Instantly the dirt and stains were removed. It's excellent and so easy to use. So happy!!

By Mohammed Ali Benhamou

fantastic product, well worth the purchase.

By amanda demel

I've tried every product to clean my concrete yard and came across this product on line so thought I'd give it a try wow! fantastic and the concrete looks great cleaned all the algea and stubborn black marks and moss fantastic can't rave enough about it thankyou

By amanda demel From Cumbria

I have my patio back! Remarkable result, it looks really good. Now I can stay on top of it and keep it this way.

By Terry Stoakes From Charfield, Glos

First class cleaning product.Eradicated long standing black spots on my patio pavers leaving them looking like new. Easy to apply but note to follow carefully the application instructions.No need for high pressure washing.


Applied the solution to a very grubby patio,washed it off and looked better than when first layed,thank you

By Mark Oliver From Macclesfield

Takes all the misery out of patio maintenance Just spray on and it comes up like new

By tom cronin From market drayton

Great product! Would highly recommend to use this cleaner on natural stone products

By Jake Garbett From Proud gardens

Excellent service and product

By Dave Cookson From Sandbach

This was the only product that I found that brought the Indian Sandstone on my Patio back to the condition it was when it was laid 10 years ago. The original colour was totally obliterated and it had a lot of black spots. I did it last year and finished it with a Smartseal's natural stone seal which has meant it is still a good colour and is cleanable with a good hose down.

By Ruth Herbert From Hertfordshire

Really great product. In the past we've pressure washed, and scrubbed the patio and nothing has cleaned it, so we left it for a few years. I spoke to Smartseal and they recommended this product and it does exactly what it's supposed to do, patio like new again.

By Nigel Kingswood From Derbyshire

Quickly removed the majority of stains on first application. Black spots removed from concrete slabs on second clean. Amazing transformation of a very tired and dirty patio. Highly recommend this cleaner. Well worth the small extra cost involved

By Chris Billingham From Cambridgeshire

This is a brilliant product. This is our second year of using it and we needed so much less this year as the patio had not got anywhere near as dirty as in the past. Invest in a sprayer and it goes a very long way. I am extremely pleased and would recommend this product to anyone with a "black" patio.

By Bea Williams

Easy to use, does a great job and the patio has come back to life. Many thanks.

By Mark Yoxon From Northampton

Really good product. In the past we've pressure washed, steam cleaned and scrubbed the patio and nothing has cleaned it. This product does exactly what it's supposed to do.

By Michael Ivory

Worked very well without any scrubbing. Power washed first, but patio was still 'grubby'. Applied cleaner next day and slabs became 'original' clean while I watched.

By James White

Customer is over the moon with the job I did thanks to the smart seal products A++++

By Mark Garside From Stoke on trent

Excellent product, got rid of all the black spot that the Karcher couldn't reach!

By Jennifer Joynson

Excellent patio cleaning product. Finally found something that does what it promises.

By John Sellers

this patio cleaner is a fantastic product and so easy to apply! after only 1 hour, 90% of black spots had disappeared this has taken all the drudgery out of patio maintenance many thanks

By tom cronin From shropshire

Used this product on some Sandstone Window Cills and was very impressed. The product started to remove the 'black spot' & dirt without the need to even agitate it. Recommend this for those stubborn stains.

By chris walters From Swansea Clean & Seal

Amazing - works like magic. 10/10 & thanks for the telephone advice before I purchased

By Mark Yoxon

Extreme x for black spots worked a treat arrived next day 10 out of 10 Colour enhance and sealant worked a treat very good really happy with result 10 out of 10

By Stephen From Romford

Great product got all my black lichen off, my stone patio is like new.

By Mervyn From wrexham

A very effective product. I used a watering can with a rose with large holes so probably used up more than I needed to. A fine rose would be useful. Well worn slabs now look as new.

By Michael From Malvern wells

Can't tell you how good this stuff is if only had the opportunity to upload before and after pictures Offered to clean a friends patio as a start to my business the difference is amazing they are so pleased with the results as am I.

By Nick From Branston

Great product for very little work watching it remove black spot/lichen before your eyes is very satisfying goes along way when applied with a sprayer.

By J Hague From Cheshire Cleansing

The patio cleaner said 'powerful' and it certainly was. It got most of the lichen off but the difference it made to the colour of th Indian Stone was amazing. I should really have ordered a larger tin but having tried other products in the past and finding them to be useless I did not want to risk buying a larger quantity. As it happens I need not have worried, it is very good. Delivery time was quick.

By Joan Danvers From North Yorkshire

I used the Patio clean Xtreme 60 on my Indian stone patio and I'm delighted with the results. Not only did it remove the black spots but brought the colour back too. Best Regards Martin Warner

By Martin Warner From Hemel Hempstead
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Powerful and Effective Patio Cleaner

Remove black spot from block paving, concrete or natural stone on patios

PatioClean Xtreme60 is a fast acting, high performance patio cleaning product, with four powerful active ingredients. PatioClean Xtreme60 offers the simple way to keep any patio clean often avoiding the need for pressure washing. Simply dilute 1:1 and apply to a wet surface by watering can or sprayer. It is important that the patio remains wet for 1 hour. Then wash away with water from hose or pressure washer. For areas of heavy soiling, scrub into surface or re-apply.

PatioClean Xtreme 60 is a powerful cleaning product, which combines with a biocide to slow down future contamination.

For Removal of

  • Black Spot
  • Algae and Lichens
  • Moss
  • Surface Grime

5 litres of product will clean and treat approximately 40 m2 of flagstone, natural stone, or block paved patios. Wear appropriate safety wear at all times. see technical page for more information.



Sweep away loose debris and areas with heavy build up of moss. Firstly wet the surface of the patio with water. Dilute PatioClean Xtreme60 at a ratio of 1:1. Then apply liberally using a watering can or sprayer, leave on the surface for approx 60 minutes or longer before cleaning off.

It is important the patio remains wet throughout during 60 minute period, as the product becomes inactive once dry. Most ingrained organic matter and grime will be removed after one application, but sometimes a second application may be required to remove all black and white spot algae.

Health & Safety

PatioClean Xtreme60 contains chlorine as an active ingredient and will stain fabrics and sensitive materials. Take care to avoid contact with fabrics during application. Toxic to aquatic life, wear protective gloves and goggles at all times. Patio Xtreme60 can cause skin burns, avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of the reach of children