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By Julie Paynter

Absolutely superb product! I used the dark grey on dark grout that had discoloured, in two small bathrooms. I used a medium sized artists paintbrush to apply. You need to wipe the excess off quite quickly.using an absorbent cloth. I only needed about a third of a bottle for both bathrooms. The results make the floors look like new.

By Linda Wood

Excellent. Smartened up my bathroom floor.

By Jacky FrancisFROM London

It might well be a great product but in practice I found it far too fiddly to apply, and when wiping off the excess grout sealer from the tiles (within the time period stated) I often also wiped off the stain from the grout as well. Leaving a very inconsistent result, with faded patches and wonky lines. I next paid a workman to do the rest of the tiles, and his results were even worse than mine. It looks very amateurish. I seem to only have one option to rescue this - buy the stain remover from Smartseal and take the whole lot off.

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Grout Magic - (237ml & 20ml Sample Available)

Available in 10 colours. Grout Sealer & Restorer, Transforms Old Grout. An amazing grout paint & grout sealer. Makes old grout look like new. Change the colour of tile grout. Rescue and transform old grouting. A grout stain that's superior to grout pens.

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Product Description


Grout Magic from Smartseal is similar, but far superior to a grout paint. It's the perfect solution to restoring wall and floor grout to make it look like new. Grout Magic is also a grout sealer that's used to restore the original colour and look of old grouting. If required, use Grout Magic to totally change the colour of wall or floor grout.

Before using Grout Magic it's important to use the Grout Cleaner to thoroughly clean the grout. For best results we strongly recommend using the Grout Magic Pre-Treatment to ensure the grout joints are clean. If cement or grout residue is found on the tiles use the Grout Haze Remover prior to using the grout paint. We also recommend using the Mould and Mildew Remover to prevent any health issues from mould and mildew growth.

How does Grout Magic work?

Grout Magic is a powerful grout dye that is used to change the colour of old tile grout. Available in 10 colours, it will renew and transform the look of old tile grout. This superior grout sealer will absorb and penetrate deeply into existing grout on walls and floor tiles. It can give a totally new look to dramatically enhance the appearance of any wall or floor tile installation.

Once completely dry and fully cured, Grout Magic will provide a durable protective seal to the grouting. It will also help to reduce the growth and spread of mould and mildew on floor and wall tiles.

Also works as an effective grout stain remover

Not only will Grout Magic restore old grout it also acts as a grout sealer, forming a protective barrier against staining. It can be very difficult to remove grout stains that may have appeared over time. There is no need to accept the situation if wall or floor grouting is stained. Superior to a grout pen, Grout Magic can transform the look of the grouting very quickly and easily.

This product is easy to apply and no DIY skills are required, just common sense. The speedy and simple application process permanently seals and adds colour to make it look like new. It is used frequently by professional tradesmen and homeowners.




The grout dye and grout restorer comes in Black, Dark Grey, White, Light Grey, Mid Grey, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Ivory, Sandstone & Limestone.


237 ml bottle

Coverage rate will vary from 3 - 15m per 237ml bottle. Coverage rate of Grout Magic will vary considerably depending on the width of the grouted joint as well as its density, texture and surface porosity.


NOTE: It is essential to complete a test patch to determine how long the product can be left on the surrounding tiles. Depending on the type of tile, you may need to remove the product excess within 5-10 minutes or it may be possible to leave up to 30 minutes note, if left too long it will be extremely difficult to remove.

For best results, we recommend a two stage process:

Stage 1: Prime the grout surface area on both old and new installations with Grout Magic Pre-Treatment.
Stage 2: Apply Grout Magic Colour & Seal when the grout joints are clean and thoroughly dry.

  1. Shake bottle & mix well before use. If using more than 1 bottle of a single colour for an application, mix all material to ensure colour match and consistency. Make sure the grout joint is clean and thoroughly dry before applying Grout Magic.
  2. Gently squeeze the bottle to apply steadily and consistently onto the grout joint using your preferred application tool, eg a small, stiff brush or sponge working it evenly onto the grout surface. Wipe away any excess sealer from the tile surface within the timeframe established from project test (as a guide, within 30 minutes or less). Work in small manageable areas whilst applying and cleaning down your test patch will dictate when to halt application to remove excess.
  3. Allow 48 hours drying time before wetting (using shower room) or cleaning the treated grout area.

Poor application, applying the grout colourant too heavily or thickly onto the grout joint can result in blistering, cracking and de-bonding of the colour sealer. This product is not recommended for use around porous surfaces i.e. unglazed tiles and natural stone surfaces as it could permanently stain. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY.

Product FAQs

Q: Can we use also for epoxide grouts? Thank you.


A: It is always advisable to try a sample, but we have to date not had any reported issues once Grout Magic has been applied to epoxide grouts. Hope that helps.

Response from George

Q: Hello, i have a shower stall with small 2inch marble tiles, the grout is in very good shape, however it is now an off white colour. Does your product bring it back to a white color and is it easy to apply. Does it also contain a sealer?

Brian Coggin

A: Grout Magic re colours and seals old grout. It is best to watch the short 'how to' guide video through our You Tube Channel or on our website. Samples are available for testing.

Response from Jake

Q: Can I use this to change the colour of the grout on my outside paving


A: No, this grout paint and sealer is for internal use only. Sorry.

Response from Nigel
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