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Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Pressure Cleaning Equipment

If you are looking to start a driveway cleaning business or thinking of adding to or upgrading your existing pressure cleaning equipment, Smartseal can recommend a number of machines that are fully equipped for the task.

Choosing the right pressure cleaning machine can save you time and money. All of the pressure cleaning equipment we supply comes fully warranted for complete peace of mind.

Ring Smartseal on 01268 722500 for help and advice in selecting the right pressure cleaning equipment for your business.

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We can supply a range of cleaning products for a variety of surfaces. If you have block paving with weed or moss growth we can supply either weed killer or a moss clear product.

For a patio, roof or decking we can supply moss or algae remover. If you have oil stains we can supply high quality oil removal products which incorporate live bacteria to effectively break down and eventually remove oil stains.

If you have existing sealer that needs removing or treating we can supply a sealer repair fluid or sealer remover.

For more information on any of our cleaning or oil removal  products, please feel free to call us on 01268 722500