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Natural Stone Sealer 'DRY' Finish - High Quality, Impregnating, Durable Sealer for Sandstone, Limestone, Slate, Granite & more

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Sample Available Natural Stone Sealer 'DRY' Finish - High Quality, Impregnating, Durable Sealer for Sandstone, Limestone, Slate, Granite & more
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Excellent sealer, easy to use and brushes wash out in cold water.dries to an almost invisible finish, plus lets stone markings really show up.

By Peter Fox

Product delivered promptly. Very easy to apply. My Indian sandstone now sheds water and doesn't soak it up So far so good. I will see how it fares during the Winter

By Ronald Davis

Just applied today .. had to wait for 3 dry days after cleaning patio .. not an easy thing in Scotland ! So far so good .. just waiting on it drying . Sealer easy to apply. Did use the whole 5 litre for patio about 12 sq m. a few edging stones . Video was helpful .

By Marion Nichol

Good product, it seals invisibly and easy to apply

By Dermot O'Brien

Used this sealer on my Indian Stone patio that was laid a few months ago. I ordered sample products of the Dry Finish and Colour Enhancer to choose which finish I preferred. I chose and ordered the Dry Finish and applied it as soon as the weather allowed. The cool air temperature this year (May 21) meant I applied the product below the recommended minimum of 13 degrees but the result appears to be effective. Would recommend to anyone.

By Brian Maw From Sheffield

Used this on my Indian Stone patio that was laid a few months ago. I ordered sample products of the Dry Finish and Colour Enhancer to choose which finish I preferred. I chose and ordered the Dry Finish and applied it as soon as the weather allowed. The cool air temperature this year (May 21) meant I applied the product below the recommended minimum of 13 degrees but the result appears to be effective. Would recommend to anyone.

By Brian Maw From Sheffield

I did a test on a small limestone paving slab and was delighted with the invisible finish. When it had dried I poured some water on it and the slab resisted the water making it pearl on the surface. I shall do the whole area when the weather is warmer.

By Linda Perrin From Somerset

Very good product, great seal leaving the flagstones looks unaltered. Very pleased

By Daniel Moore

Used the Natural Dry Finish on our limestone copings. Although I chose a dry day it wasn't very warm, only about 13c. So below the recommended temperature, but I knew it had to be done before the weather got worse as the copings were getting marked. I dried them off and used this sealant as directed. It worked really well and they are now sealed well, just as it says, not shiny at all. If necessary I will redo in the spring. So I would definitely recommend this product.

By Terry Ellison

As with all Smart seal products this natural stone sealer works very well and was very easy to apply. instantly solved the problem

By David Evans

Put it on some Indian sandstone I had down for 18 years. Had became extremely sad looking over the years. Sprayed some strong biocide waited a month and powerhosed it clean. Used 10 ltrs of enhanced sealer, using two coats, and the stone looked better than when it was first layed. Superb product, does what it say, highly recommended


Waterproofs well with a spray.Sealer doesn't affect colour and leaves surfaces matt, which is what I wanted. Tiniest criticism is, when it's wet (and has been VERY wet) it leaves a slight milkiness over the surface of the stone (Indian sand stone).

By Graham Haig

Very efficient delivery service , found the sealer very easy to apply its only been down a couple of days but firstly you couldnt tell its sealed as it dries to a matt finish. But I know its working as I poured some water on it and it didnt soak in. Good product only time will tell how much better the patio will look now its been sealed. Would thoroughly recommend.

By Robert Corser From GL7

The natural stone sealer is an excellent product. Will use again

By Peter Hoyle

Very helpful advice from Nick Gianotti and YouTube links provided.The natural stone sealer arrived on time.Excellent!

By Martin Cubbin

The sealer is easy to use and gives a great natural finish. Will see over time how it stands up to the weather

By Peter Wood

Very easy to apply. Hopefully my sand stone path and patio will last longer without stains.

By Cavit Demirel

5l bottle arrived with 3 days. Easy to apply with a long-handled roller. Have done 2 coats over Indian Sandstone and it's certainly sealed it! Water rolls off in droplets! Superb!

By Andrew Aldridge From CRANAGE

The natural stone sealer arrived very quickly and I am really pleased with the end result, wish I had known about this before.

By Jennifer Gander

Arrived in 3 days so a good start. Easy to apply, just follow the instructions. I applied the sealer to sandstone, no colour change at all. Got about 5m per litre on the first coat.

By Simon Worrall

really good result after using this sealer

By Kevin Andrews

Excellent product & service, Many thanks. Kind Regards Steve Doyland

By Stephen Doyland

Great sealer that is easy to apply and does the job.

By Lee Waterman

Sealer was easy to apply, application rate as advertised. Looking good so far, no sheen, and neutral colour

By Richard Johnson

Excellent finish after second coat of sealer and good results from tarmac hole repairer. All the neighbours are extremely jealous.

By S Watson

Application very easy, patio now sealed looking good after first rain today

By Julia Booth

Superb product and easy to apply

By Graeme Cahill

Excellent stuff have used this sealer for over 3 years now and our patio looks as good as new

By Beryl Lough

By Tom Carr

Very effective product. Easy to use, sealer spreads well with a roller. I have used this product before on another paved area so I know that it protects the paving slabs from mould. Very happy with my purchase.

By Colette Maynard-Bond From West Midlands

Great product. It coats beautifully, keeping the stone dust free and protected, but doesn't alter the look of it at all. Highly recommended.

By Jane Weitzmann From Evesham

Bought the 25 litre container with the natural sealer to seal sandstone finishing on the house. The product is a runny as water but easy to apply with roller or brush. Can see after the first coat how water repellent the surface becomes. Second coat must surely seals it off. Done a week ago and will see over time whether the product helps with to make it stain resistant or reduces it. So far, it looks very good.

By Charl Steyn

Bought the 25 litre size for my Indian Sandstone patio. Having been down for two years it was covered in black spot mould and green algae. I spent a weekend treating the staining and pressure washing it to get as far back to original as possible. This prep work was important. Following the YouTube guides I let it totally dry out for three days and then applied it with a roller. It went on really well, being sucked into the dry stone, then a second coat 45-60 minutes later which went on easier than the first, indicating the sealant was already starting to work. It dried really "flat" which was the dry-look we were after - it doesn't look sealed at all. A few days later the first downpour led to pooling water (like a well-waxed car) which indicates that it's working well. It's now looking really good, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it holds up over the winter!

By Charles R

Excellent website, especially the videos on how to do the jobs. I'm not particularly practical but followed the guidance and found it a doddle. My polished sandstone patio is now sealed. (I bought the long handled roller since I'm not to be trusted with a sprayer gizmo.) I used the dry look sealant, no real colour change, so exactly what I wanted. On a side note, the customer service was awesome when I had a delivery issue, it was resolved immediately- very satisfied.

By Adam R From Loughborough

By john Coupe From Taunton

Good product, easy to apply

By Susan Lloyd

By Susan Lucas

By Michelle B From Darlington

By Jason Howard From Clean-Away

The sealer was easy to apply and I had enough to give two coats. I used a paint roller on my patio and it was done in no time. Would definitely use again.

By Madelaine Clarke

The 100ml test bottle has enabled me to confirm the finish on my patio, I will be purchasing the 5Litre soon as the product did not discolour or darken the finish. Having a 100ml test bottle is excellent marketing.

By Tom C

Great product.Excellent result on our sandstone.

By Evgeni Karamalov

Great product, does exactly what it supposed to. Easy to apply, didn't darken the stonework and coverage was better than I thought it would be. Fast and efficient seller. Highly recommend!

By Patrick Larkin

Used this sealer on Indian sandstone patio easy to apply does not change the look of the stone which was something I was concerned with.

By Sarah C

Easy to apply and dries very quickly with no impact on the stone colour. Water sits on the surface after one coat

By Nicola Peers

Easy to use very effective sealer, but expensive

By James Brown

I used this product 12 months ago on the lower indian sandstone patio in my garden and it proved to be excellent. I used the sealer on my upper indian sandstone patio, which takes more punishment, and it has gone on just fine. I fully expect the sealer to do it;s job once again. Excellent product..


Good firm to deal with. Sprayed 35L over large patio still needed another 10L, so very expensive for a large area. Too early to say how well it works but all other products used have been very good

By Donald Johnston

We have now tried 6 sealants and have ordered 2 x 5ltr of this product as it leaves the sandstone paving clear. You would not notice its sealed. Ticks all the boxes

By Max Levy From Portsmouth

Seems really good, Easy to apply and the finish is as described and appears to work well. I can recomend,

By Philip Sanderson

Great service and the product seems to have sealed our 200 year old stone fireplace. Thanks

By Colin Boothman

It's difficult to review as I need time to see how it is but what I can say at present is that it was delivered very quickly and the roller I purchased at the same time seems to be the best applicator for my terracotta tiled floor both inside and outside the house. Coverage seems good I think I'll end up using 50litres to cover approximately 300 sq metres

By Christopher Harvey

The natural stone sealer is a first class product and very easily applied by a brush to the work surface. I am very pleased with the finish and to date the damp related problem Has not reappeared. I would definitely recommend this product and other Smart Seal products to all the various people I know.

By ROBERT Hayward

Very easy to use and easier to apply than acrylic based sealers,looks totally natural and brings out subtle colours of stones,but remains to be seen if it is effective as it is so natural

By Peter Johnson

I used this product on granite it was very easy to apply and never altered the colour.

By Carole McDermott

A very 'dry' finish, really no visible trace of the product after two coats with a sprayer on our stone. The recommended quantity for the area seems dead right. Very clean and easy to use with no smell. Can't really give five stars until we have seen what it looks like after winter, so four for now.

By Suzan Maric

Great finish & easy application

By Glen Baily

Ordered 50L as I had a roughly 60 Sq meters patio & paving area to cover. Easy to apply (2 coats as directed) and it dried leaving patio and path looking as it did before application (Indian sandstone). I did not skimp on applying and had roughly half a 25L tub left after completing (I will use this to top up over time). Rain this summer has been in short supply but when we did have a little the sealer did exactly what it was meant to do. I have hosed off some spills and as sealer did its job have been left with no visible staining. Cannot fault product or service from Smartseal. Many Thanks

By Mark Slawson From Aylesbury

Easy to apply. Brilliant finish

By Karl Cordwell

2 coats of sealer, keeps the water off. Looks exactly like the original slab, totally dry. Decided on reflection a slight sheen is preferential so went with another product but this does what it should. Tester sample is a bit stingy though....

By Matt Lawrence

Prompt delivery.Reasonable price for a sample size.

By Sharon Woodhead

Easy to Apply,water beads on surface.You have to apply second coat when first one is still wet and I couldn't find any instructions saying you could stand on the first coat when it was wet,as it happens I did and it didn't seem to make a difference.

By David Andrews

absolutely fantastic, my customer was extremely happy with the results, AAA+++

By Mark Garside From stoke on trent

Very quick delivery. Easy to apply the stone sealer with a roller and no residue. Not rained since applied yesterday 3rd July 2016 so cannot comment on how effective it is long term.

By Paul Woodworth From Liverpool

This Natural Stone Sealer was recommended by professional landscaper. Very easy to apply, hope it does the job

By Kenneth From Hampshire

Very satisfied with this sealer applied with a roller. It rained two days after and you could see how well it worked.

By Terry From South Yorkshire

At last, a reliably dry week to use Smartseal Dry on my Indian stone patio. I jetwashed it and left it for two days to make sure all the joints were dry. I then vacuumed it and applied the seal with a rough surface roller. It was so easy and dried with no surface residue. It has now rained and the result is remarkable. 5 stars for product and 5 stars for service.

By John Hodgkin From hodgkin37@gmail.com

Used natural stone sealer on patio.Easy to apply using a sprayer,very effective after one coat but applied second just to make sure.Delivery prompt.

By alistair From Hampshire

I've been waiting for it to rain before I could write my review and now it has I can say that I am totally pleased with this product. It was so easy to apply - on uneven slabs with the roller. The finished product looked lovely then when it rained the rain went into small globules. Obviously the real test will be what the slabs look like in a couple of years time but so far so good.

By Jenny Churchhouse From Wokingham

I ordered a small sample originally which came quickly and proved the product worked on my sandstone terrace. I have since used 35 litres of the dry finish product with excellent results. The water stands on the stones and dries off quickly without leaving discoloured areas. It hits the spot for me perfectly. Speedy delivery of 3 orders so far.

By Franklin From London

By Gerry Davies From Paisley,Scotland

I recently had a new Indian sands tone patio and pathway constructed, that is around 60 square metres. I did some research and ordered 10 litres of the natural stone ultra sealer, and the delivery was quick. The price was good compared to some other products on the market. Waited for the appropriate time after cleaning the sandstone to ensure there would be no rain. Very easy to apply, using a roller with a long handle and a paint brush for the edges. I needed around 8 litres to complete the whole area. Once it was dry I could see that the look of the sandstone had not altered after applying the sealer, which is what I was after. It rained a few days later, and I could clearly see the sealer was doing its job. There were beads of water on the sand stone. I would highly recommend the sealer.

By Arvind From London

I purchased this for our recently lain Indian Sandstone patio after trawling the internet for a while. Delivery was very quick but weather not so accommodating!! None the less, 3 weeks later I have managed to dinf a brief window of opportunity and found the sealant very easy to apply using a roller on extended pole, thus saving my back! We went for the matt finish as the wetlook seemed to "in your face" for us. Then waited with bated breath to see what would happen when it rainded and sure enough, it did about 30 hours after it had been applied. Fantastic result water formed into droplets and run off where the patio sloped and dried up really quickly. A very happy customer here!

By Simeon H From Chichester

Very good service, so far its looking good, but its only been done for a week.

By Julie From London

I used the natural stone ultra sealer dry finish on my indian ivory stone portico at the entrance .It was very easy to apply with a small brush. it has not changed the lovely appearance of the stone and so far so good, the water beads up .hopefully will be stain resistant .telephone advice was very good. prompt delivery within 2 days of ordering.

By mumtaz lakha From northampton

I ordered this on Monday morning and it arrived on Tuesday morning - brilliant service! Tuesday was clearing and cleaning day, and a warm, nearly windless August Wednesday gave perfect conditions for application, which was very easy. I used a roller with a sheepskin covering which got into the crevices on the irregular finish very well. Rain tested it overnight and the surface shed the water as expected. Like others, I found I used a lot less than expected. I have used only a small amount of the second 5 litre container for a 50 sq m patio - could proboably have got away with the 1 litre size here, though I would not have wanted to risk it. The only slight problem I had was that as the stone dried quickly to the original colour I needed to put markers on the paving stones that I hadn't yet done (I used stones), though the water does roll off if you have done them.

By Susan Pluthero From Ashford

Telephone support quick and helpful. Easy to apply and appearance completely unaffected. Sheds water - just need to see that it continues to do so but so far so good.

By Roger From Usk

Used this on crumbly sandtsone. Did a great job with natural results. No artificial shine and well sealed. 5 stars

By Margaret From

I used the natural stone Ultra sealer on concrete patio slabs on recommendation of the technical sales assistant even though it does not recommend this product for this application on the website. The reason was due to being water based and easier to apply, and being less affected by damp during curing in the wetter months. I actually tried three sample pots, the wet and dry look Ultra and the website recommended acrylic patio sealer. I disliked the acrylic sealer as it was high odour. difficult/impossible to clean brushes and left the patio glistening in the sun too much. The family preferred the dry look ultra so I bought 25 litres to tackle my large patio. Actually I only needed 15 litres but a 25 litre container is not much more than 3x5 litre containers. The product seems expensive but on a total job basis is probably worth it. If you consider the time and effort in cleaning the patio and re-grouting the joints (weeks in my case) then spending a little more on a single application sealer does not seem bad. Application is a doddle. After all the previous mentioned cleaning and repair I brushed and vacuumed the patio clean, and the product just paints on like 'milk'. I used a roller and handle that I would use for emulsioning ceilings, with a large brush for the edges. After a month or so, the patio looks good and clean (not wet looking) and when it does rain the water beads up on the surface like on a raincoat.

By Alan From Bucks
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Step-by-Step Video Guide

Natural Stone Sealer with a 'DRY' Invisible Finish

Effective impregnating sealer for sandstone, limestone, granite and slate

Smartseal Indian Sandstone Sealer and Natural Stone Sealer is a high quality, clear, solvent free acrylic impregnating, breathable coating system. Application of the sealer will alter the chemical structure of the porous sandstone or natural stone providing a excellent water repellent and stain resistant surface.

  • One coat application to saturation, or (for best results apply 2nd coat 'wet on wet')
  • Resistant to algae, lichen and staining
  • Dry finish
  • Average coverage: 1st coat 4 - 8 m per litre ( 4m2 Sandstone- 8m2 Slate & Granite) 2nd coat 8 - 16 m per litre (dependant on porosity and finish of the surface)
  • Application by roller or sprayer
  • Touch dry 2 - 3 hours
  • Fully waterproof 24 hours
  • Suitable for Sandstone, Limestone, Terracotta, Travertine, Slate and Granite
  • Can be used externally or internally


PREPARATION: Pre treat surface with appropriate cleaning product. If required, fully clean off using a pressure washer and leave to dry thoroughly for at least 3 days. In order to apply sandstone or natural stone sealer, the area must be clean, dry and free from contamination. 

Always test product on-site, in an inconspicuous area, to ensure you fully are satisfied with the final appearance/ colour of the surface.

**If applied to a surface where a "sweep-in" pointing compound has been used within the last 6 months, the natural stone must be fully cleaned with Smartseal Residue Remover prior to sealant application.**

APPLICATION: Shake container well before use. Apply by pressure sprayer, roller, sponge or brush. Application on vertical surfaces should be to full saturation commencing at the bottom and working upwards. Do not apply in damp conditions and only apply to dry surfaces in temperatures above 13C and no higher than 23C. It is very important to make sure no rain is forecast for at least 8 hours after application. 

Applying one coat to saturation is normally sufficient. For best results, apply one coat to saturation and once touch dry, a 2nd lighter coat can be applied ('wet on wet' finish). If over application does occur on either coats, excess sealer can be removed with a dry roller or sponge. Ensure this is done within 45 minutes.

All equipment should be cleaned with water immediately after use.

SHELF LIFE: Store away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. Protect from frost.
12 months shelf life (in original sealed container). Once opened use within 3 months.