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By David Badley

The product works well for repairing small areas of tarmac and if properly tamped down lasts for years. The only drawback is it's difficult to break up in the tub in order to apply it.

By David Dixon

Efficient and helpful service from snartseal. The tarmac repair sealant is in tub. Easy to lay by an amateur like me and highly recommended

By Paul Ormrod

First time using this tarmac repair product. Car drove on restored area tarmaseal did not lift. Great product will use again. Paul

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Cold Lay Repair Tarmac / Asphalt (12.5 kg & 0.25 ltrs primer)

Available in BLACK or RED - Repairs Holes in Tarmac and Asphalt Surfaces. Easy, effective, cold repair to holes and cracks in tarmac / asphalt

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Product Description

Repairs Holes in Tarmac and Asphalt Surfaces

Smartseal Tarmac/Asphalt Cold Lay Repair is carefully formulated for ease of use and to give good results for small repairs to holes or cracks. It is very easy to use directly from the container. First, apply the included 0.25 litre primer to the damaged area and then simply compact the Tarmac into place by hand. AVAILABLE IN BLACK OR RED.

Once the tarmac repair is complete, Tarmaseal repair coating can be applied to the area straight away.

For additional advice, please call 01268 722505 or visit our dedicated Tarmac Repair website.


Smartseal Cold Lay Tarmac is ready to use quick, cost-effective repairs to paths and driveways.
Simple to use, No specialist tools or equipment are required

Ensure the area where the cold lay repair is to be laid is clean and dry.

Apply the included 0.25 litre Primer to the area to be repaired.

Use an ordinary rake, spade or trowel to spread the
cold lay repair. Leave approx 10mm higher than damaged area to allow
maximum compaction

Use a heavy, flat object for 'tamping' Wet the tamper frequently to avoid the cold lay
repair sticking to the tool.

When repairing deep pot-holes (greater than 30mm) lay the cold lay repair in two stages.

Thoroughly compact the first layer to 20mm and leave for 24 hours. Then thoroughly compact
second layer to the required level. Allow the repair tarmac to harden fully.
It is not recommended to use product in temperatures below 10o

After prolonged storage, it may be necessary to expose the cold lay tarmac to direct sunlight
for 1-2 hours prior to opening to soften the material and restore workability.
Coverage rates will vary greatly relative to depth of potholes
See How to and step by step guides on for further instructions.

Product FAQs

Q: Had to remove an old fence post which damaged the driveway, one tub might not be enough, the area is 40mm deep in places. Should I put down some cement just to ensure I have enough. Product looks great in the tub, perfect colour.


A: We would suggest using the product in temperatures less than 20 degrees centigrade to ensure it hardens correctly. You could put some cememt in to the hole first if you wanted to ensure you had enough cold lay repair to fill the hole.

Response from Nick

Q: I need 1 tub of red cold lay tarmac. How do I purchase this? Is the product available from builders merchants such as Travis perkins?

John Dannatt

A: Red Tarmac Repair is available directly through our website. Travis Perkins might stock it, you would need to contact them directly. hope that helps.

Response from Nigel

Q: What is the coverage per m2?


A: There is no specific coverage ratio as there ae to many variables for the crack or pothole you're trying to repair with the Cold Lay Repair Tarmac / Asphalt.

Response from Christie
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