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How To Clean A Patio Without A Pressure Washer

2nd February 2024
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How To Clean A Patio Without A Pressure Washer

Patios are fantastic features for any property. They offer an attractive outdoor space that can be enjoyed in many ways, bringing friends and family together and providing a space to relax and unwind. Patios also help boost the appeal and even value of a property. However, a clean patio requires maintenance to ensure it retains that appeal.

Cleaning Patio Slabs

Cleaning a patio involves several aspects. Staining and general dirt hinder the aesthetics of any external surface, but the presence of organic matter is unsightly and potentially hazardous. Pressure washing and jet washing patios correctly will remove the build-up of dirt and contaminants. However, formulas designed to kill green matter, including algae, moss, lichen and black spot, will leave the surface looking bright, clean, welcoming, and safe underfoot. Applying high-quality surface cleaners to tackle the issue is important.

Cleaning Patio Slabs

How to Remove Algae from Patio Slabs

If you want to eradicate algae and moss from your patio, Smartsealís Green Clear kills all green matter. This easy-to-apply, fast-acting formula not only banishes harmful growth from your exterior surface but also deters future infestations. Simply spray the solution over the surface and leave it to work its magic. Soft washing may be required after a few days, depending on the dead green matter on the surface.

For faster results, Smartsealís Xtreme Patio Cleaner is a powerful cleaner that targets algae, black spots, grime, moss and lichen. Xtreme patio cleaner contains four active ingredients and can be diluted and applied directly onto the patio using a sprayer or watering can. Simply wash the formula away with a hose or pressure washer after application, and enjoy your refreshed patio.

How to Remove Black Spots from Patio

Black spot is a form of lichen which thrives on stone surfaces. The dampness and shade that UK weather offers give the ideal conditions for black spots to form and spread. Black spots are unpleasant-looking and unwelcome, so many property owners seek to rid their surfaces of them.

Xtreme black spot remover by Smartseal eradicates black spots, lichen, algae, mould and mildew from natural stone patios. This not only cleans contaminants but also protects against future infestations. Xtreme black spot remover is easy to apply and does not need to be diluted. It is a high-performance black spot cleaner that removes it from natural stone and blocks paving surfaces. This remarkable cleaning formula does not need to be diluted and can be applied with a sprayer or watering can. After one hour, wash away the solution, and your surface will be revitalised and ready for use.

How to Remove Algae from Patio Slabs

Should I Pressure Wash My Patio?

When it comes to cleaning your patio, there are various options. Using a pressure washer on external surfaces can significantly improve the aesthetics of a surface and prevent them from becoming dirty and slippery. Pressure washing is much easier and faster than scrubbing the stone, but the job must be done correctly. This means investing in the right washer and accompanying cleaning products. Using a washer with too much power or the wrong solutions could damage the patio and hinder its aesthetics. Using a washer that is too weak will not get the job done.

How Often Should You Jet Wash a Patio?

How often you jet wash your patio may depend on a few factors, including how often it is used and how it is used. As a rule, cleaning a patio every six-twelve months is recommended for maximum results and a healthy surface. If your patio is used for a business, i.e. within hospitality, it may need more regular cleaning. A typical patio at a residential property would benefit from one/two jet washes a year to ensure it retains its visual appeal and keeps contaminants at bay.

Should I Pressure Wash My Patio?

Can I Clean a Patio Without Pressure Washing?

Yes! Using specialised cleaning formulas, such as those offered by Smartseal, you can clean your patio thoroughly and simply rinse away the formula. Treatment time and method will vary depending on your product's key purpose. The beauty of these products is that they have been specifically crafted to tackle the material of your surface and the issue (staining, moss, algae etc.).

Be sure to clear the patio area before you wash it, ensuring all furniture, plants and garden toys are out of the way. You should also not return any items to the treated area until it is completely dry after the cleaning. Remove as many weeds as possible before treatment, including nettles and thistles. Sweep away any remaining debris and leaves before starting the cleaning process.

Soapy water can work wonders to give your patio surface a quick spruce-up between thorough cleans. It is important to note that this will not be as effective as cleaning solutions designed for the job or professional patio cleaning. It will, however, effectively remove surface grease and staining caused by things such as barbeques.

What Is the Best Cleaner for Sandstone?

Smartsealís Xtreme natural stone cleaner is ideal for cleaning all natural stone surfaces, including sandstone. It is made to quickly tackle tough mould, mildew and black spots, removing them from natural stone surfaces. The outstanding results this sandstone cleaner provides can transform patios.

What Is the Best Cleaner for Sandstone?

What is the Best Wet Look Patio Sealer?

Sealing a patio helps improve the visual quality and longevity of the stone. Smartsealís Natural Wet Look Stone Sealer is a water-based sealer. It has a clear, durable silk/satin finish and can be applied to any stone or brick surface. This rapidly drying and user-friendly product protects patios from oil and other stains.

What is the Best Patio Sealer For Concrete Slabs?

Many people wisely choose to seal their concrete patios. Smartseal offers a high-quality, durable patio sealer. This is ideal for concrete paving slabs, specifically for tackling common concrete issues. This includes weed growth, staining, colour fading and moss. The benefits of using this high-performance cleaner include the following:

  • Enhanced colour

  • Significantly improved aesthetic appeal

  • User-friendly product (apply with a roller, brush or sprayer)

  • Abrasion resistance

  • Deters weed growth

  • Stain resistance

  • Deters organic matter

What is the Best Patio Sealer For Concrete Slabs?

Can you Seal a Porcelain Patio?

You can seal Porcelain patios just as you would any other high-quality stone surface. However, using the right products when sealing porcelain patios is essential. You must also ensure your patio is correctly cleaned before sealing.

Smartseal offers their premium quality porcelain tile cleaner - a professional grade cleaner that swiftly removes ingrained dirt, algae, bird mess and any other unavoidable grime. Porcelain patios are not cheap. They are an excellent investment that you will want to protect.

Sealing your surface is the best way to preserve it, and Smartsealís porcelain sealer is the perfect option. This hard-wearing sealer for porcelain surfaces forms a protective barrier while enhancing the porcelain's natural colour. The sealer leaves the surface with a wet look and shines once dry.

The benefits of this porcelain sealer are:

  • Ready-to-use and easy to apply

  • A wet-look sheen that aesthetically boosts the surface

  • Quick drying

  • Protection against oil and staining

  • It enhances the surface colour

  • It makes the maintenance and cleaning of the surface easier

  • One-coat application

  • Durable and long-lasting sealer

For high-performing patio cleaning and sealing products, contact us.

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