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Imprinted Concrete

SMARTSEAL: DIY Imprinted Concrete Sealersealer

Imprinted Concrete is the most durable and hard wearing surface available for driveways and patios in the world today.

Laid properly with the right materials, it requires minimal maintenance and will only require a coat of imprinted concrete sealer every few years, to keep it looking like new. However, if the driveway or patio is laid incorrectly, or installed under the wrong weather conditions problems can soon occur.

Smartseal have worked with imprinted concrete sealer and imprinted concrete materials on site for over 15 years, we have all the experience needed to help you with your project

Whatever condition your imprinted concrete is currently, with a little bit of work and investment in quality sealing  materials,  it can be restored to look nearly look as good as when first installed

sealerSmartseal  give first class advice and supply all the materials required to any person or company who are looking to restore their imprinted concrete, or any other type of paving surface.

On this  page of our website you will find information on how to solve most problems that occur with imprinted concrete.

If you cannot find the right information for you, or you would like free quotation from a approved Smartseal installer, contact our imprinted concrete advice team by call 0800 988 0348 or complete an online enquiry form.


sealerIf your imprinted concrete is generally in good condition, then normally two coats of imprinted concrete sealer being applied with a sealing broom is all that will be required to leave the surface protected and looking as good as new.

If the imprinted concrete is in very poor condition you may need to apply multiple coats of sealer with the right colour tint mixed in, to create an even colour across the surface.

The steps for re-sealing the concrete are easy to follow -

1. Power wash your imprinted concrete driveway or patio (treat stains with Smartseal oil remover).

2. Leave the driveway or patio to thoroughly dry and ensure good weather is forecast prior to applying the imprinted concrete sealer.

3. Apply two coats of imprinted concrete sealer with a sealing broom (add smartseal anti slip additive if required) and leave at least 2 hours between coats.

By applying two coats of Smartseal XtraPlus imprinted concrete sealer on most surfaces it should be at least 3-5 years before a top up coat of sealer is required.

Call 0800 988 0348 for further advice and technical help or complete an online enquiry form.

Peeling or Flaky Sealersealer

We often receive calls or emails from consumers with imprint concrete driveways where the sealer is 'flaking' or 'peeling' away from the surface in places. This 'flaky' appearance generally occurs for one of three main reasons:-

1. TEMPERATURE - The surface temperatures of the imprinted concrete was too high when the sealer was applied resulting in the sealer drying on the surface before it had 'soaked in' 'keyed or 'bonded' to the surface.

2. RELEASE AGENT - When the imprinted concrete driveway or patio was cleaned off prior to sealing not all the 'release agent' was removed. This leads to the imprinted concrete sealer not penetrating the surface of the concrete properly and not bonding to the surface.

3. COLOUR - To much colour pigment has been added to the imprinted concrete sealer. This would again result in the sealer being unable to penetrate the concrete slab properly.

These kind of problems would generally be most visible on trafficed areas of the driveway where  'warm' car tyres will readily lift the imprinted concrete sealer away from the surface.

These kind of sealer problems can be greatly reduced by 'breaking' and 'thinning' down the existing sealer with liberal amounts of Xylene* being 'scrubbed' into the surface and with a sealer broom.

*Amounts of Xylene required would be dependent on condition of existing surface, but average use required would be approx 3sq metres per litre.

For further advice or technical help call 0800 988 0348 or complete an online enquiry form.

Loss of Colour

sealerIf the overall colour of the imprinted colour is poor or patchy it would have occurred for one of the following reasons

1. Imprinted concrete sealer has not been regularly applied to the surface
2. Not enough 'colour hardener' was originally applied to the surface during installation
3. Long term wear and tear from vehicle use
4. Damage caused by rain during installation or curing process

All of these problems above can be treated by using the correct combination of imprinted concrete colour tints, imprinted concrete sealer and special thinners being applied.

We are happy to talk through and supply a step by step guide for this process tailor made for your personal needs. Just call imprinted concrete sealer team on 0800 988 0348 for any further information or any questions. Alternatively, complete one of our online enquiry forms.

Surface Whiteness or 'Blooming'sealer

A frequent problem with imprinted concrete sealer is a surface whiteness, salty, misty look, on 99% of occasions this has occured for the following reasons:-

1. The concrete slab was not fully dry when the imprinted concrete sealer was applied.
2. The imprinted concrete sealer became wet through rain or dampness before the sealer had properly dried or occasionally the wrong type of sealer was used when re-sealing was done.

Our Xylene special thinners will solve this problem. Once applied and worked into the existing imprinted concrete sealer with a sealing broom the Xylene* will 'break down' the sealer, release any moisture, plus remove the whiteness and reset the surface.

A top up coat of Smartseal XtraPlus imprinted concrete sealer is now all that's required to give the imprinted concrete driveway or patio that just installed look once more.

*Dependent on the degree of whiteness the Xylene should be applied at a approximate ratio of 4 sq. metres per litre and may require two applications.

For further advice or technical help, call 0800 988 0348 or complete an online enquiry form.

Crack Repairsealer

Surface cracking to imprinted concrete, just like most concrete surface can sometimes occur. Most of these cracks are where the concrete has 'dried out' and will remain minor.

The visibilty of these small cracks can be reduced significantly by applying imprinted concrete sealer with the matching colour tint across the entire surface. Trying to repair these smaller cracks is not recommended.

Sometimes more pronounced cracking occurs due the following examples of poor workmanship or insufficent surface preparation. They can be very unsightly and can certainly reduce the 'kerb appeal' of any home.

1. No expansion joints not being cut into the concrete slab
2. Expansion joints being either not positioned in the right places, insufficent joints being cut or they have not been cut deep enough into the concrete to be effective.
3. Not enough of, or the wrong type of concrete or an insufficent sub base material has been used.

If a repair to the crack is required we can supply fast drying, colour pigmented extra strength concrete in small amounts (available in 25 colours). that when mixed with water, will form a 'paste' that can simply be worked into the crack with a trowel .

For FREE technical advice call our imprinted concrete sealer advice team on 0800 988 0348