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By Andrew Pitfield

Fast delivery easy to use no staining to tiles. Its been on 2 weeks and so far all is good

By Catherine Williamson

Grout sealer works well, easy to apply and doesnt stain.

By Luke Wattie

Couldn't be more impressed with this grout sealer. Purchased for my new bathroom and initially planned to use a well known alternative brand. However, most existing grout sealers have been around for 10 years, and I figured technology has moved on leaps and bounds. Applied one coat by hand with a fine artists brush, it immediately absorbed and the grout darkened. Within 30 minutes the grout returned to its origional shade. Applied a second coat today that took longer as it didn't want to absorb into the grout very quickly, which tells me that the first coat did exactly as it should and sealed the grout in one hit. Excellent product ?

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Grout Sealer (500ml)

Seals & protects grouting on wall & floor tiles. Invisible finish. Clear grout sealer that makes grout water & stain resistant. Helps prevent growth of mildew & mould on tiles in bathroom showers, kitchens walls & floors.

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Product Description


Superior Grout Sealer is a solvent free grout sealer that resists water, and oil based contaminants. Simplifies maintenance and does not change the appearance of the grout whilst allowing for moisture vapour transmission. It is used as a grout tile sealer for floor and wall tiles. As a grout protector it helps prevent mould and mildew on tiles in Bathrooms & Kitchens.

  • Works on cement based wall and floor porous grout joints for ceramic tile and natural tile installations
  • Can be used wall tiles and floor tiles in kitchens & showers
  • Effective for interior and exterior applications

Superior Grout Sealer works as an effective grout protector and is used in conjunction with other internal sealers and stone cleaners from Smartseal. If mould or mildew are present, use Mould and Mildew Remover first before the application of the Grout Sealer.

If you want to change the colour of existing grout use Grout Magic, an amazing grout restorer far superior to a grout paint or grout pens.

Directions for Use

  • Read entire label before using.
  • For new installations sealer can be applied 48 hours after grouting.
  • Use Grout Cleaner to ensure grout joints are clean, dry and free of existing sealers or coatings.
  • Use Grout Haze Remover to remove mortar or cement residue on tiles
  • Apply the Grout Sealer using a soft-bristle paint brush or sponge applicator.
  • Apply a second application, allowing a minimum of 30 minutes drying time between coats.
  • After 2 hours conduct a test to determine if surface is completely sealed by applying water droplets to the surface. If water is absorbed, apply an additional coat. Wait 2 hours and repeat the test.
  • Ready for surface traffic 2 hours after final coat. Sealed area should be kept dry for minimum of 12 hours. Achieves full cure in 24 hours.
  • Clean applicator tools with water after each use.
  • May be reapplied as needed to grout joints that are clean.

Always test a small area according to application instructions, with a 24-hour cure time to determine desired results.

LIMITATIONS: Do not allow sealer to dry on tile surface because a residue will be visible. Do not allow sealer to come in contact with any non-recommended surface. Sealer will not prevent surface wear from etching from acids or caustic chemicals.


Coverage rates

Approximately 15m2 to 60m2 per coat per 500ml, depending on porosity of grout joint and method of application. For example, on a 30 x 30 cm tile with a 3mm grout joint a 500ml bottle will cover approximately 40m2 for 2 coat application.

Expected Wear

Will vary depending on porosity and texture of surface, type of area, surface wear, frequency and type of maintenance products used. The expected wear is up to 5 years. Extreme weather conditions, harsh cleaning methods and high alkaline or solvent-based cleaners will affect the longevity and performance.

Storage Information

Close container after use. Store in original container only. Store and use in temperature between 10°C and 27°C. Protect unused, stored product from freezing.

Product FAQs

Q: Is it OK to use on porcelain tiles?


A: This sealer could be used on the grout of Porcelain tiles. Hope that helps.

Response from Ricky

Q: Hi guys I need to remove mould from my grout before buying your grout sealer. I see that you produce a grout mould remover - how is yours different to the HG products that I think use bleach. Any thoughts would be appreciated Regards Elliott

Elliott Holmes

A: Most intense grout cleaners, contain surfactants (cleaning agents)plus sodium hypochlorite (this and water, small amounts of sodium chloride, sodium carbonate and sodium hydroxide. If you can get the grout clean, just by using cheaper household bleach, we would suggest trying this 1st

Response from Nigel

Q: A rival.product comes as an aerosol spray and is designed to cover frout and tiles. My issue is that it turns my glossy tiles to a matt finish....and it stinks. Looking for alternative I have found your product and like one of your reviewers ontend to apply with a brush.. My tiled area is 9.5 sq meters and my question is approx. how many bottles will I need


A: One bottle of the grout sealer should certainly be enough for 9.5m2. Hope that helps.

Response from Alex
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