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Anti-Condensation Paint (Available in 10 Colours and 3 Sizes)

Acrylic co-polymer emulsion paint for use on interior walls and ceilings - For Walls & Ceilings in Bathrooms, Kitchens & Bedrooms. significantly reduces condensation build up as well as preventing the growth of black spot mould.

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Product Description

Smartseal Anti-Condensation Paint is a heat modified acrylic copolymer emulsion paint for use on interior walls and ceilings. Suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens & bedrooms, it has a dual purpose; helps to significantly reduce condensation build up as well as preventing the growth of black spot mould. Smartseal Anti-Condensation Paint is available in a range of popular colours and gives and gives an eye catching finish every time. It is ideal for use in properties with low levels of insulation or on cold external facing walls.

The paint solves the frequently encountered problem of mould growth and condensation build-up in two ways. The unique formulation contains microscopic cenospheres or 'beads' that increase the surface temperature of the surface it is applied to, reducing condensation build-up. It also contains a powerful active fungicide to help inhibit further mould growth. The combined product benefits has a dual purpose effect of preventing mould growth and condensation build-up as mould needs a moist environment to grow and spread.

Smartseal Anti-Condensation Paint is frequently used to regulate condensation levels on walls and ceilings in bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. The dual-purpose paint will also help to control and inhibit the growth of black spot mould. Black spot mould is potentially harmful to human health as well as very unsightly if left to grow and spread across internal walls and ceilings. Asthma sufferers or anyone with persistent breathing problems are particularly vulnerable to the damaging effects of the spores.


  • Mitigates against the harmful impact of condensation in homes
  • Can reduce condensation levels by up to 95%
  • Helps prevent further black spot mould growth
  • Can improve air quality within the home

Smartseal Anti-Condensation Paint should not be seen as a complete alternative to having adequate ventilation. We strongly advise not using it in areas where there is excessive or uncontrolled condensation that has been left to accumulate over time. 

Smartseal Anti-Condensation is for internal use only.

It should not be use on heated surfaces such as radiators.



For best results, any surfaces the anti-condensation paint is being applied to, should be clean, dry, and free from surface contaminants.

1.  Clean & Neutralise any Mould or Mildew

Any walls and ceilings which show signs of black spot mould infestation, should be cleaned thoroughly with Smartseal Moukd & Mildew Remover first. 

2.  Make good any surface defects

Any surface defects should be filled before the anti-condensation paint is applied. Ideally this should be done using a good quality plaster filler that can be found in most DIY stores.

3.  Painting over Existing Paint

Smartseal Anti-Condensation Paint will easily cover the majority of Matt-finish emulsions. However, please be aware of painting over some some eggshell, silk and vinyl finish paints which are historically resistant to overpainting.

4. Existing Stains

Long standing black spot mould infestations can permanently stain or blacken a surface such as plaster, timber or existing paint. In instances like this,it may be advisable to subsequently decorate to help disguise and hide the staining. 


Stir thoroughly prior to use.

Apply by brush or roller at least 2 coats of Smartseal Anti-Condensation Paint.  If trying to coat dark or strong colours, an additional coat may be required to totally disguise original colour.   

DO NOT apply at air or surface temperatures below 10 C or in areas of high humidity.


Finish:  Matt
Coverage: Approx 4-6m2 per litre per coat
Initial Drying Time: Around 1-2 hours
Re-coating:  Allow 2-4 hours
VOC EU Limit (Cat: A/a): 30 g/I Max 10g /I VOC
Application Temperature: 10 degrees centigrade to max 25 degrees centigrade
Sizes Available: 2.5 litre & 5 litre 

Colours Available: Currently available in a range of 10 colours

Storage: Store in original packaging in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight and protect from frost (product becomes totally unusable after frost damage). 

Shelf Life: 12 months from the date of manufacture, subject to storing correctly as above.


  • Wear a face mask (minimum FFP3) during surface preparation and cleaning.
  • Wear protective gloves during preparation and application.  
  • Avoid any contact with skin and eyes.  
  • If eye contact occurs, wash immediately and thoroughly with plenty of water.
  • Keep out of reach of children. 
  • Make sure area is well ventilated during application and whilst drying.  
  •  Dispose of empty containers responsibly.  

NOTE: Prior to using the anti-condensation paint, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS) which can be downloaded from the product page on our website.

Product FAQs

Q: Hi, I've purchased your anti mould paint rather than the anti condensation as it says it also says helps to prevent condensation build up. I'm a bit concerned that a response above in the reviews says it doesn't help condensation ?


A: Anti Condensation Paint helps to keep the surface slightly warmer, this helps reduce heat transference that creates the condensation. The anti mould paint contains biocides to help prevent mould. The anti mould paint benefits on the label states "as well as helping with thermal efficiency" Hope that helps.

Response from Nick

Q: Can you get this in a silk finish Rgds Paul


A: We would suggest trying a sample of the anti condensation paint, it might well give the finish you are looking for. We do not stock an actual 'silk' finish.

Response from Nigel

Q: Please can you let me know what is the difference between anti-condensation and anti-mould paint. I need to paint my internal wall to the semi detached side of our house, which is suffering with condensation and also very cold. Luckily it has not developed any mould as yet. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.


A: Our anti-condensation paint contains tiny ceramic beads that help the paint increases the wall temp therefore reduces condensation. anti-mould will not help withn condensation issues. The anti mould paint contains a biocide to help prevent mould. Hope that helps.

Response from Nigel
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