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By Lynne Draper

Delivery was about two days. Green Clear is amazing, spray it all over then within six hours we could see a difference. A day later it was all gone. We have Indian Stone. Would highly recommend this product !! Thank you ?


I've used this product more than once. It does what is claimed and works really well. I've used many Smartseal products and all have been excellent.

By Michael Stones

I have not yet used the product "Green Clear" as the weather has been mixed (rain and frost) which is not the ideal condition for usage. However, I can say that the response time from ordering to delivery was very prompt and had the conditions been more favourable I could have completed the necessary task within a week of ordering.

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GREEN CLEAR (Formerly Moss Clear) (2 x 5L)

BUNDLE OFFER! Buy One, Get One Less Than Half Price. Green Growth Killer for Roof Tiles, Tarmac, Drives, Patios, Block Paving - Highly Effective

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Categories: Green Growth Remover
Product Description



Green Clear is a fast acting green growth killer for roof tiles, block paving, tarmac, drives and patios. It that can help to keep a surfaces free from green, algae and lichen growth. Highly effective, safe & easy to use. It is frequently used as a green growth killer for patios and as an effective green growth remover for tarmac.

Features & Benefits:

  •     Will work without pressure cleaning
  •     5 litres covers up to. 100 - 125m
  •     Biodegradable and non-hazardous
  •     Can be applied easily by watering can or sprayer  

Green Clear is a fast acting biocide and green growth killer for roof tiles, tarmac, brickwork, block paving, drives and patios. Once applied, it can rapidly remove green growth, algae, fungi, lichen and other forms of organic growth. Not only will it kill green growth, it will kill any spores and help to prevent it returning in the near future. Green Clear is also a versatile product and can also be used to kill and remove green growth growing on block paving, concrete, tarmac, decking, and many other external hard surfaces. When using as a green growth killer for patios use at higher concentrations when diluting.  

Green Clear is a concentrated formulation that safely removes all types of green growth from roof tiles, tarmac, block paving and other hard surfaces. There is also no need to pressure wash, scrub the surface or rinse off the product after application. This helps to avoid damage to roof tiles and cut down on the time it takes to get a roof clean. The green growth killer for roof tiles can also be re applied at any time to reduce the possibility of green growth, lichen and algae spores re-growing. As a green growth remover for tarmac it can be sprayed onto the surface and left to take effect, which will normally start to happen within 72 hours.


To ensure product effectiveness, dilute at a ratio of 1:5 (one part Green Clear to five parts water).

One 5 litre container of Green Clear will cover an area of approx 100m to 125m.

A pump sprayer or watering can is recommended for application.

Does not contain bleach or acid.

Product FAQs

Q: Which product would you recommend for removing lichen and black spots from a patio - Green to Clear or Green to Clean?

Anki Vaughan

A: If it is heavy contamination our Xtreme Cleaner might be the better option. Both the green clear or green to clean would work equally well. It would be a case of apply and leave and see the results over a few days / couple of weeks. Hope that helps.

Response from Nick

Q: I have just taken delivery of Green Clear principally to use on moss on my garage roof and various paths. I was just wondering if I could also use it on a corrugated ‘plastic’ see through roof (with gutters) on an out building. I look forward to hearing from you.

Carole Fuller

A: Yes, the product can be used on any outdoor hard surface, including corrugated roofs. It contains no ingredients that could damage the substrate.

Response from Nigel
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