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Roof Cleaning Cornwall |Roof Moss Removal Newquay

Roof Cleaning Cornwall & Roof Moss Removal Newquay

Roof Cleaning Cornwall and Roof Moss Removal Newquay provide professional quotes for work to be carried out on your roof. Roof Cleaning Cornwall and Roof Moss Removal Newquay can offer a knowledgeable and efficient service, as well as surrounding towns. As Smartseal Registered Installers, our cleaning service will remove years of contamination and surface growth and instantly improve the appearance of the roof.

Roof cleaning Cornwall and roof moss removal Newquay can issue the first and biggest defence against moisture absorption, loose/falling debris, and heat loss. With importance of this service it will reduce the likeliness of active moss/grime buildup and allow the surface to be effectively maintained

The significant advantage of dealing with a Smartseal Registered Installer is that you are dealing directly with a local, reliable roof moss removal Cornwall cleaning company, you are NOT paying for canvassers, sales staff and installation managers who are not even meeting or checking the work standards of the team assigned to your home by "national" companies. Furthermore, We offer a no-nonsense reef survey at your property for roof cleaning Cornwall and roof moss removal Newquay. We will also put it in writing to give you total peace of mind and also to help you make up your mind with no pressure. 

Our Roof Cleaning Process

Many roofs in Cornwall suffer from a build-up of moss and dirt which looks unsightly and needs cleaning. This would be the process our Registered Contractors undertake if you employed the services of Roof Cleaning Cornwall and Roof Moss Removal Cornwall:

  1. To get rid of moss, algae, lichen, grime, and pollutants, the roof would firstly receive a thorough cleaning with specialised roof cleaning tools and supplies (like our Green Clear).
  2. Once totally clean, the roof is assessed, and any remedial roof repairs like cracked or broken tiles and the mortar that needs replacing due to weathering on hips, ridge tiles and valleys are carried out.
  3. A biocide treatment will then be applied to ensure any residual sub-surface moss and algae spores are eliminated.
  4. Once clean and dry, roofs would benefit from the optional application of Smartseal Roof Sealer or Roof Coating.

Our transparent Roof Sealer, which dries quickly, will serve as a protective barrier on top of the roof tile, deflecting the incoming weather and adding an additional layer of water repellence and stain resistance. These qualities also have a 10-year lifespan.

From Clean And Care To Quality: Our Full List Of Services

We also offer a clear Roof Sealer or Roof Coating for further protection. The quality Smartseal roof coating we use is 100% acrylic and mixed with binders that allow the tiles to flex with the cold and heat. By using a sealer, it will not only enhance the natural colour but will protect the roof from further contamination and provide a barrier to contaminants, therefore reducing maintenance

The Climashield™ Roof Coatings that we can offer to homes in Cornwall provide the highest quality pigments that are available, protecting from deterioration caused by UV light and providing a quality adhesion between the coating and the tile. It is water permeable, therefore allowing the roof to 'breathe'; an essential factor in expelling moisture from the inside out. If a sealant is used without this provision, harmful fungi and pollutants can take hold.

Ask Us For A FREE Roof Cleaning Quote

If you would like a FREE quotation and survey for roof cleaning Cornwall or roof moss removal Cornwall or any surrounding town, then please call 0800 849 9498 or enquire online. We have professional roof cleaners covering Cornwall, Beverley and Harrogate who will carry out roof repairs and cleaning to all types of roofs.

See our Roof Cleaning and Coating video here.