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Roof Cleaning Manchester, Moss Removal Manchester

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Roof Cleaning Manchester, Moss Removal Manchester

Smartseal offer a professional roof cleaning and moss removal service via their network of Professional Contractors for homes and business premises in Manchester. If you need a local professional roof cleaning company to carry out top quality roof repairs, roof cleaning and roof sealing in and around the Manchester area then please give us a call on 0800 849 9498 or complete our online enquiry form.

Roof Cleaning Manchester, Moss Removal Manchester

The benefit of contacting Smartseal and then dealing directly with the contractor is a much reduced pricing schedule as the overheads incurred of paying for canvassers, sales teams, installation managers etc, are not incurred.

Initially, the roof will be treated with fungicidal wash to eliminate the overgrowth of moss, lichen and algae that many roofs in Manchester suffer from. The roof cleaning would then be carried out with specialist professional roof cleaning equipment. This will throughly and quickly remove the moss, algae, lichen, dirt and pollutants.

Once totally clean and dry there is the option of the application of a protective roof sealer this will transform the appearance of the roof, leave it water resistant and protected from the harmful effects of UV light. It will also offer long term protection from moss and algae and generally protect the roof tiles and the mortar from further deterioration.

Roof Cleaning Manchester, Moss Removal Manchester

Smartseal roof coatings are water vapour permeable allowing the roof to 'breathe'. This importantly enables the roof tiles to expel moisture from the inside out and avoid the appearance of damp spots.

All our roof sealers allow 'flexing' and movement within the roof tile. Technically this is highly important because exposure to heat and cold will cause roof tiles to expand and contract naturally and our coatings won't interfere with this process.

If you would like a FREE quotation and survey for roof cleaning, moss removal and sealing or coating in any part of Manchester please call 0800 849 9498 or enquire online.

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