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Roof Cleaning Norfolk|Roof Moss Removal Norfolk

Roof Cleaning Norfolk & Roof Moss Removal Norfolk

As a property owner, you may worry about the condition of your roof. Roof Cleaning Norfolk and Roof Moss Removal Norfolk is the solution. The UK weather takes its toll on all roof surfaces, and it isn’t easy to notice an accumulation of mess and organic matter on roof tiles. Roof Cleaning Norfolk enables property owners to keep on top of this, significantly reducing the risk of cracked tiles.

Why Roof Cleaning and Roof Moss Removal Is Essential

Roof Moss Removal Norfolk clears all tiles of contaminants, such as moss and lichen. These things thrive on porous materials, such as tiles. Damp weather leaves the roof vulnerable to such growths, but a roof tile sealer can help enhance the protection of tiles.

As a property owner, you will benefit from the services of Roof Cleaning Norfolk and Roof Moss Removal Norfolk in several ways:

  • Potential home buyers will notice a roof that is well presented
  • The value of your property is protected with a fully functioning roof
  • Fresh looking tiles give a new look and a good impression of a building
  • Leaks, decreased insulation, and mould are often caused by broken or loose roof tiles. Correct roof care will reduce this risk significantly

A roof that is presentable and clean makes a world of difference. Curb appeal will reduce when the roof looks cluttered, dirty and contaminated. Roof Cleaning Norfolk is the perfect way to ensure your home or business premises receive the best roof care.

Our Process

The work will be carried out in stages, usually following this pattern:

  1. Initially, a fungicidal wash or moss removal product (our Green Clear) will be applied to tackle the fungal growth, algae and lichen that are so prevalent on many roofs in Norfolk.
  2. Next, the roof will be thoroughly cleaned using our specialist cleaning equipment. This will finally take care of the fungal and moss growth tackled in the first stage and efficiently clear the roof of entrenched grime and dirt.
  3. The third stage is examining the roof and taking care of any remedial work that may be required. There may be damaged mortar between the ridge and hip tiles, which can be chipped out and re-pointed. Any loose ridges and hip tiles can be re-bedded, and any damaged tiles replaced

From Clean And Care To Quality: Our Full List Of Services

Once this is done and following a biocide treatment to ensure sub-surface moss spores are totally eradicated, all roofs would benefit from applying a Roof Sealer or Roof Coating. Smartseal Roof Sealer and Coatings provides an impenetrable barrier which ensures that the fungal growths mentioned above can't take hold. To a large extent, the same is true of unsightly grime and dirt, which will be washed away by rain.

Smartseal Roof Sealer has been developed to combat the constant problems of moss and weed growth and to enhance the natural colour and aesthetic appeal of new or mature roofing. This sealed surface will increase abrasion resistance and also protect from erosion and weed infestation and provide a barrier to contaminants, thereby facilitating easy maintenance. A roof sealer will make any roof tiles water resistant, which will further help to slow down the re-growth of moss, algae and lichen. It will also help to prevent further deterioration of roof tiles and help to prevent costly roof repairs.

Smartseal Roof Coating is water vapour permeable, allowing a roof to 'breathe'. This importantly enables the roof tiles to expel moisture from the inside out. Smartseal roof coatings are 100% acrylic; they are also mixed with additional binders, which allow the roof tiles to flex with cold and heat as is normal.

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