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Roof Cleaning Scotland, Moss Removal Scotland

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Roof Cleaning Scotland, Moss Removal Scotland

If you are looking for an established roof cleaning company in Scotland, we can help. Our network of professional roof cleaning and moss removal contractors cover the main areas such as Glasgow and Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland. Our roof cleaning contractors offer professional roof cleaning, moss removal and protective coating and sealing services that can totally change the look and appearance of any 'tired' looking roof from Aberdeen to Ayr.

Roof Cleaning Scotland, Moss Removal Scotland

The roof cleaning process is carried out in a few stages:-

  • To ensure an effective cleaning process the roof is first treated with a fast acting moss remover. This will help to kill any algae, moss or lichen that grow on many roofs in Scotland.
  • The roof is then deep cleaned using specially designed roof cleaning and moss removal equipment to remove any ingrained dirt and any moss that has built up

  • Once the roof has been thoroughly cleaned it is important to carry out any roof repairs. There are many roofs in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee & Aberdeen that are in urgent need of repairs and we can certainly help. Any loose mortar between crests, ridge and hip tiles can be removed and re-instated using special mortar for roof tiles. We can also replace any tiles that may be cracked or damaged.                                                                                       Roof Cleaning Scotland, Moss Removal Scotland

  • After the roof has been cleaned and any necessary repairs carried out you then have the option of a protective sealer or coating. The roof sealer and coloured roof coatings will keep the roof water resistant and filter out most UV light that can cause long term damage to a roof.

  • All of the coatings used allow the roof to 'breathe' whilst ensuring the tiles are protected from deterioration. The roof coatings we use in Scotland will also restrict the growth of moss and algae on roofs from Inverness to Dumfries.

If you need a roof cleaned or moss removed and live anywhere in Scotland, ask for a FREE roof survey and quotation by calling 0800 849 9498 or click here to complete an enquiry form.

Watch this very informative roof cleaning and coating video...