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Roof Cleaning Southport, Lancs, Moss Removal Southport, Lancs

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Roof Cleaning Southport, Lancs, Moss Removal Southport, Lancs

An unmaintained roof can be a costly replacement when left to deteriorate. However, re-roofing is not always necessary, depending on the restoration service that is provided. We offer a professional and efficient roof cleaning, roof repair and roof moss removal service, that will transform any roof in Southport and surrounding areas such as Chorley, Wigan and Ormskirk; restoring its appearance and bringing back that kerb appeal.

Roof Cleaning Southport, Lancs, Moss Removal Southport, Lancs

A moss killing biocide will be used initially, to treat the roof and eradicate any infestation of moss and lichen, which is a problem that affects many roofs in Southport.  

The roof cleaning process would then be carried out using our high tech equipment, which enables the easy removal of moss, algae, grime and dirt. This deep cleaning tretment dislodges and clears years of contamination and debris, restoring the appearance of the roof almost instantly.     

Once the roof cleaning is complete, we offer a roof repair service to residents in Southport, where we will assess and repair any damaged areas. Any defective mortar between the tiles can be hacked out and we will focus on any re-pointing that is necessary at this stage. 

Roof Cleaning Southport, Lancs, Moss Removal Southport, Lancs

We then offer you the option of a protective roof sealer to protect the surface and provide a barrier against further contamination. New roof tiles remain structurally sound for years, even when the protective coating has worn away. However, old tiles are made up of more porous materials that degrade with age unless the surface coating is maintained.  

The benefits of applying a sealer contend with the constant problems of moss and weed growth. It will provide a water vapour permeable surface allowing the roof to 'breathe' and importantly enable the roof tiles to release moisture from the inside out. This will therefore discourage any contamination from mould and algae and assist in easy maintenance.

We are confident of the cleaning service we provide and the products that we use and know that you will be totally satisfied with, not only the appearance of the roof, but the reassurance of the longevity that it will assure.  

For roof cleaners in Southport and FREE quotes call 0800 849 9498 or complete this enquiry form. We will also quote for roof cleaning and moss removal in Ormskirk, Preston, Skelmersdale, Wigan and Chorley.

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