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By Simon Escott

Very good product. As mentioned by others you have to make sure you clear of excess and this takes effort. Now real test as winter approaches. In hindsight personally maybe should have gone for colour enhancer or wet look sealer to show off effort of looking after stone!

By Alfred Blair-Smart

The contractor who laid out the back garden left it to me to seal the sandstone and I am glad that I found Smartseal. It effectively seals and enhances the stone without any discolouration when finally dry. An excellent product which I can thoroughly recommend.

By Andrew CharlesFROM London

Having used the Indian stone cleaner and natural stone sealer before and not getting the longevity in the product I thought I would, I decided to give it one more try. I found it okay but it now seems very expensive compared to other products on the market,which I have also tried and found to be just as good. The sealant is easy to apply but the cost of covering a medium size patio I found to be very expensive. So would I use it again ? probably not

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Natural Stone Sealer - DRY FINISH

High Quality, Impregnating & Breathable | Durable Sealer for Sandstone, Limestone , Slate, Stone Internal & External

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Product Description

Natural Stone Sealer with a 'DRY' Invisible Finish

Effective impregnating sealer for sandstone, limestone, granite and slate

Smartseal Indian Sandstone Sealer and Natural Stone Sealer is a high quality, clear, solvent free acrylic impregnating, breathable coating system. Application of the sealer will alter the chemical structure of the porous sandstone or natural stone providing a excellent water repellent and stain resistant surface.

  • One coat application to saturation, or for best results, apply a second coat once 'touch dry'
  • Resistant to algae, lichen and staining
  • Dry finish
  • Average coverage: 1st coat 4 - 8 m per litre ( 4m2 Sandstone- 8m2 Slate & Granite) 2nd coat 8 - 16 m per litre (dependant on porosity and finish of the surface)
  • Application by roller or sprayer
  • Touch dry 2 - 3 hours
  • Fully waterproof 24 hours
  • Suitable for Sandstone, Limestone, Terracotta, Travertine, Slate and Granite
  • Can be used externally or internally

PREPARATIONDue to the effects of Efflorescence and Natural Salts and Minerals, that can permeate through Natural Stone, it is recommended not to seal for a minimum 4 months after installation.

Pre treat surface with appropriate cleaning product. If required, fully clean off using a pressure washer and leave to dry thoroughly for at least 3 days. In order to apply sandstone or natural stone sealer, the area must be clean, dry and free from contamination

Always test product on-site, in an inconspicuous area, to ensure you fully are satisfied with the final appearance/ colour of the surface.

**If applied to a surface where a "sweep-in" pointing compound has been used within the last 6 months, the natural stone must be fully cleaned with Smartseal Residue Remover prior to sealant application.**

APPLICATION NOTE: Application on vertical surfaces should be to full saturation commencing at the bottom and working upwards. Do not apply in damp conditions and only apply to dry surfaces in temperatures above 13C and no higher than 23C. It is very important to make sure no rain is forecast for at least 8 hours after application. 

Depending on the stone/surface, more than one coat may be required. For most porous stones, a 2nd lighter coat can be applied once touch dry (slightly wet). If over application does occur on either coats, excess sealer can be removed with a dry roller or sponge. Ensure this is done within 45 minutes.

  1. Shake container well before use
  2. Ensure that surface area is completely clean from dirt & grime.
  3. Allow surface area to dry, will take 3 dry days depending on the weather.
  4. Apply 1st coat to saturation by roller, sprayer or brush.
  5. Apply 2nd lighter 'mist' coat (approx 45 minutes after 1st coat if suitable).
  6. If over application does occur, please remove excess sealer with a dry sponge or cloth.
  7. Avoid walking on surface 4 hours after application and 48 hours for heavy traffic.

All equipment should be cleaned with water immediately after use.

SHELF LIFE: Store away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. Protect from frost.
12 months shelf life (in original sealed container). Once opened use within 3 months.

Product FAQs

Q: Hi, I had indian stone patio slabs laid the last week in May. When do you recommend sealing the patio? Thanks


A: We normally suggest leaving the patio for a minimum of 3 months to ensure any salts (efflorescence) that may be present comes out prior to sealing.

Response from Nick

Q: Hi team, Interested in the Natural Stone Sealer product. We're concerned about the chemicals in the product as we have a two-year-old toddler who will be walking on the patio. Also concerned about chemicals potentially seeping into the surrounding garden. Please can you let me know what it's made from and potential harm to people amd the environment. Regards, Mark

Mark Hudson

A: This is formulated using polymers that are deemed as 'food safe' So it can be used to seal kitchen worktops. It is not harmful unless swallowed in significant quantities. The SDS showing the ingredients can be found next to the product on our website. Hope that helps.

Response from Alex

Q: Hi we would like to know if we can use this stone sealer for the stone surface which will be covered with grout and stone etc


A: Yes, the natural stone sealer can be applied before or after grouting / pointing.

Response from George
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