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By Joanne Franklin Pitt

Great coverage anti mould paint, minimal odour

By Janna Barton

Arrived quickly, well packed. A nice matt white paint that goes on smoothly and covers well. As its only been on a couple of weeks I can't say yet how well it keeps the mould away. So far so good.

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Anti-Mould Paint (10 Colours & Samples)

An Acrylic Emulsion which Prevents the Growth of Dangerous Mould 5yr Protection Bathrooms - Kitchens - Bedrooms

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Product Description

We receive many enquiries from homeowners asking questions like "How do remove black mould on walls and ceilings?"  Fortunately, with our easy to apply mould-resistant paint we have a product that can help with this common problem.

Black spot mould (Asperillus Niger), generally occurs as a result of condensation build-up within a property. If there is poor air circulation, such as areas where there are no windows or behind cupboards, beds, fridges or other stand-alone items in the home, it can quickly grow and spread. In properties with cold areas, when humidity levels often exceed 75%, then the risk of black mould appearing increases considerably. The anti-mould paint will quickly suppress the growth of black spot mould on walls and ceilings within the home. This harmful fungi is commonly associated with areas of high condensation and high humidity. The anti-mould paint is for internal use only, and can help to significantly improve the living environment for any occupants. 

Smartseal Anti-Mould Paint is an easy to apply, solvent free, acrylic emulsion paint. It gives a matt finish once applied and is specially formulated to help prevent the growth of dangerous mould, mildew and algae within the home. The active fungicide within the anti-mould paint helps to stop any mould or mildew germinating and spreading, which can be very harmful to health, especially to anyone with breathing difficulties.

It is also a very versatile anti-mould paint, and can be used be used as an effective mould resistant paint or membrane on floors, walls and ceilings in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens & and basements.


  • Prevents mould & mildew growth on walls & ceilings
  • The solution for infestation of black spot mould
  • Helps avoids redecorating expenses
  • Active formula gives long-term protection from black mould
  • Can be easily applied by paint brush or roller
  • High quality matt finish
  • Easy to clean with warm water
  • Solvent free low VOC formulation
  • Helps to improve air quality


The anti-mould paint is for internal use only. The active fungicide within the coating will not leach out, even when cleaned with water.


Clean and brush off any dust, and remove any existing flaking paint to ensure the paint can bond to the surface. Apply Smartseal Mould and mildew Remover and give sufficient time to dry. This will help kill off any mould spores that may be present.


Apply two coats evenly with a paint brush or roller, ensuring consistent coverage over the over the entire area being painted. For best resuts, avoid putting too much paint on the brush or roller during application. The mould resistant paint should normally be touch dry in 2-3 hours at 18-20 deg C. The second coat can be applied after approx. 4 hours, once the first coat is totally dry to touch.

Coverage: Approx 4-6m per litre per coat

Areas For Use:

Smartseal anti-mould paint is mostly used in areas where condensation levels have been high over a period of time. Mould and mildew growth is common in areas like kitchens, bathrooms or shower rooms as well as in cold rooms with poor air circulation.  

Colours available:

The anti-mould paint is currently available in a range of 12 colours.

Sizes available:

The anti-mould paint is available in 2.5 litre and 5 litre plastic containers.

Storage conditions: 

Store in supplied sealed containers away from direct heat or frost.

Health & Safety:

Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes.
Wear appropriate safety wear during application
If contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
Keep out of reach of children.
Ensure area is fully ventilated during application and drying period.

PLEASE NOTE: For full health & safety data information, please refer to Safety Data Sheet (SDS), which is available to download next to product on website.

Product FAQs

Q: Is this a matt or silk paint ?

Julie Bartlett

A: The anti-mould paint is classified as having a matt finish.

Response from Nick

Q: Can I apply on external brick wall to prevent getting mould on interior walls. And do we get in transparent type


A: No, this anti mould paint is for internal surfaces only. We do a brick sealer on our website (sample available) that is transparent and will be far more effective. Hope that helps.

Response from Alex

Q: Can I paper over the top of the paint?


A: You can wallpaper over a painted surface, yes.

Response from George
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