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Heavy Duty Floor Paint GREY (2.5L or 5L)

An easy to apply, heavy duty elastomeric floor paint which provides excellent protection for high traffic areas with a durable, anti-slip finish. For use on concrete, brick, stone & wooden surfaces.

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Product Description

Smartseal Heavy Duty Floor Paint is formulated using a special blend of high quality thermo-acrylic and polyurethane resins. This creates a hard wearing, heavy duty elastomeric coating or paint for lasting protection to many high-trafficked areas in the residentail and commercial sector. The Heavy Duty Floor Paint provides a tough, durable, long lasting protective coating that also has an anti-slip finish. However, although the product will help, it is not possible to guarantee a totally non-slip surface after application 

Please note: the product should not be used to paint Latex screeds as they are normally covered with tiles, wooden flooring or carpet tiles and should not be painted.

Key Features

  • Provides durable, long lasting protection
  • Can be used internally and externally
  • Strong abrasion resistance
  • Prevents concrete dust forming
  • Anti-slip finish 
  • Easy to apply by brush or roller
  • Quick drying formula 
  • Multiple colours available 
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Areas of Use:

The heavy duty floor paint provides good slip resistance and is suitable for use in high trafficked areas, such as stairs, garage floors, pedestrian walkways, industrial work areas and car parks. The paint also provides an anti-slip finish which is very easy to clean and maintain. The heavy duty floor paint, although it is mostly used internally, also has good UV resistant properties, so can also be used for external applications as well.


Application Tools: 

Brush or Roller


6-10 sq metres per litre
Coverage will vary due to the texture and porosity of the substrate


White Spirits

Drying Time:

2-3 hours depending on ambient air temperature

Overcoating Time:

24 hours

Areas of Use:

External and Internal 

Substrates For Use:

Concrete, Stone, Aged Tarmac and Asphalt, Ferrous Metals and Wood

Available Sizes:

2.5L & 5L 

Surface Preparation and Condition:

Prior to application, the surface should be clean, dry, stable, dust free, with no dirt, grease and oil present. Any old paint coating previously applied should be removed completely before applying. If the floor is power-floated or has an existing coating please call our technical team on 01268 722500 for advice before starting. 

PLEASE NOTE: New concrete floors should only be painted after 6-8 weeks

Product FAQs

Q: I require a floor paint for my seaside balcony decking. Are there any other colours (light or dark wood), also can it be applied on to existing wood floor paint? Thanks


A: We currently only supply the heavy duty floor paint in Grey. Sorry.

Response from Alex

Q: I require a floor paint for my seaside balcony decking. Are there any other colours (light or dark wood), also can it be applied on to existing wood floor paint? Thanks


A: We currently on sell the Heavy Duty Floor paint in Grey but we will be looking to add more colours later this year. It should only be applied to an unpainted surface, so any existing paint should be removed beforehand.

Response from Nick

Q: Hi, we have sandstone slabs that get very heavy use and really grimy looking under trees with lots of weeds in the joints Will any products keep them looking clean (also don't mind painting them a darker colour) and withstand hard use without peeling?


A: Sandstone is very porous, so sealing it will certainly help to keep it clean. I would suggest prior to seakling, cleaning it first with xtreme patio cleaner. Once dry, then apply a natural stone sealer to make it more water resistant. You will still have to clean the sandstone slabs now and again but this should be easier to do once sealed.

Response from Nick
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