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A patio can look great when first laid, but over time, can get dirty and covered in moss, algae and lichen. Having the best patio cleaner to hand is essential if you want your patio to look good all year round. Using a good patio cleaner can keep your expensive patio looking like new. Knowing how to clean patio surfaces will help can help anyone who wants to make sure their patio area looks fantastic all year round.

Concrete patios and natural stone patios can be cleaned with the same type of patio cleaner. Acid based cleaners should not be used with on a natural stone patio as they can damage the surface of the patio.

There are many types of patio surfaces so we felt it was a good idea to list them seperately as the patio cleaning methods do vary. 

Sandstone Cleaner

Patio CleanerWe receive many requests from homeowners on how to clean patio surfaces laid with sandstone. However, the very porous sandstone can quickly become the perfect environment for moss, algae and lichen to grow. The most popular patio surface for homeowners in recent years has become Indian Sandstone. However, an Indian Sandstone patio can be very challenging to keep clean as it is very porous. 

Green algae will grow very rapidly on porous sandstone patios and make a patio look quite unisightly. The green algae will grow within months of a new patio being laid, especially in damp conditions. Black lichen often referred to as patio black spot is another big problem with sandstone patios. Pressure washing alone will not remove black lichen and an effective patio black spot remover is essential. This patio cleaner quickly removes black lichen and algae that grows on sandstone patios.

Once the patio cleaner has been used, we would recommend sealing the Sandstone patio to help protect it further. A good quality natural stone sealer can make the surface of the patio water resistant which will slow down the growth of moss and algae. To view any patio sealer see our complete range of natural stone sealers to help keep your sandstone patio clean. The sandstone sealer is a available as a colour enhancer, wet look sealer or DRY invisible finish.

Natural Stone Cleaner

Patio CleanerThere are many patios laid with various types of natural stone through the UK. Natural stone is very porous and is not really the best product for a patio surfcae in our damp climate. Lichen, dirt and algae can soon make a newish natural stone patio look like its been down for years. We would strongly recommend using an effective natural stone cleaner to ensure your patio remains clean.

Our natural stone cleaner is very good at cleaning most types of natural stone patios surfaces. The natural stone cleaner can quickly clean slate, black limestone, granite, travertine, terrazzo and indian sandstone.

Once you have used the stone cleaner and removed any dirt, grime or black spot we would suggest protecting it further. The natural stone patio can be protected with a natuarl stone sealer. The stone impregnator will ensure the patio is easier to maintain and help prevent it getting covered in moss or algae.

Block Paving Cleaner

Patio CleanerMany people have patios laid with block paving and block paving can be very hard to keep clean. Weeds in particular will quickly grow on block paved patios so it is important to have a good block paving cleaner to hand. The best way to clean a block paved patio is by pressure washing. However, most homeowners will not have a powerful pressure washer to do this. Patio Clean Xtreme can quickly clean dirt, lichen and algae on block paved patios.

Block paved patios are laid on a bed of sand which looks lovely when first laid. The problem with block paving on patios is that the soft sand is the perfect place for weeds to grow. A new block paved patio can quickly deteriorate in a short space of time if it is neglected. Once weeds start to grow in the joints of block paving they can make a block paved patio look very unsightly. Weed killer should be used to kill weeds on block paving to make cleaning a block paving easier.

The block paving cleaner will rapidly remove dirt, grime and black spot on block paved patios. Once the block paving cleaner has done its job the patio should be left to dry off. A block paving sealer should then be applied for lasting protection to the surface. The block paving sealer acts as a weed inhibitor and will solidify any jointing sand. The 'rock hard' sand will stop any weed growth in the joints and help to your block paved patio looking good. Regular maintenance should be carried out using the block paving cleaner to ensure your patio stays clean.