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By Debbie Clifford

Great product! Started to see a difference after a week. Will need a second application though. Our drive was covered in moss so its going to be work in progress. Would definitely recommend this product.

By Michael Reilly

I have used this product before over the last few years !! Its sometimes I use early spring once a year and it clears away all my moss from my drive roof and patio leaving them looking fantastic and requiring very little or no further maintenance just a low powered jet wash now and again

By Gerald Osborne

Two months after application seems to be working in keeping the moss from my block paving. Application needs a fine rose on the can or the product will not cover the area stated. A sprayer may be a better applicator.

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Green Clear (Formerly Moss Clear) Fast & Easy

Green Growth & Black Algae Remover - Apply & Leave DRIVES - ROOFS - CONCRETE- STONE- PATIOS - TARMAC- WOOD Inhibits Re-Growth

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Product Description


Green Clear is a green growth killer and cleaner that has been formulated specially for the purpose of killing green growth on all different types of roof tiles. tarmac, drives, patios and brickwork. It is used in a multitude of scenarios, not only to initially kill green growth, but also on an ongoing basis to help with prevention. It will remove growth usually after one heavy application. It works equally effectively as a roof green growth remover, green growth killer for tarmac and green growth remover for patios. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Scrubbing or high-pressure cleaning unnecessary
  • 5 litre is enough to cover 100 - 125m 
  • Easy application via watering can or sprayer  

Green Clear requires no washing off at a high pressure. Green growth and Algae that has been treated you should begin to see flake away and turn brown before falling away within a few days. The majority of people opt to leave the green growth to degrade by itself over time. If used on a roof, it reduces the risk of damaging the roof tiles via pressure washing. Furthermore, this roof green growth cleaner can be diluted further which helps with roof green growth prevention. After the surface has been cleaned. Green Clear can be re-applied at any time to the prevent the regrowth of algae and green growth spores on tarmac, driveways, patios, walls and roofs.

If using as a green growth killer for tarmac surfaces, Green Clear can be sprayed onto the tarmac and left to take effect. For best results, some light pressure washing may be required after 5-7 days to remove any green growth that may have died and turned brown.


Please read label carefully before usage.

To make sure that you receive the best results and optimum effectiveness of the green growth remover, green growth cleaner and green growth killer, dilute the product at a ratio of 1:5 (one part green clear to five parts water).

One of our 5 litre containers of Green Clear is able to cover around 100m to 125m. For areas of thicker organic growth an extra application may be required after the initial treatment.

To make sure that the product is applied evenly we advocate application by watering can or pump sprayer.

Does not contain bleach or acids.

Product FAQs

Q: Hi, will your product work on a workshop roof with felt shingles ?

Ron Benson

A: Yes, we would expect the product to work on this surface. Certainly the product contains no ingredients that could damage the felt. Hope that helps.

Response from George

Q: Is your product safe for pets and wildlife?

Nadine Cox

A: Once this product has been applied and dry (within 4 hours) it would become inert and safe to wildlife and pets

Response from Alex

Q: Hi, I applied Wood Protector (various colours including clear on individual battens) a couple of years ago to Siberian larch fence battens for decorative garden screening. The wood is now very dull and quite heavily stained (like grey cloudy)..The Protector manufacturer has advised to clean with a mould and mildew cleaner then use a wood reviver. Does Green Clear act as a mould and mildew cleaner? Thank you, David

david swallow

A: 'Green Clear' would act as a mould and mildew cleaner, because it does not contain any agressive chemicals, it might take a few days to work. Simply apply and leave. Because it contains an active biocide, it will also act as a preventative. Hope that helps.

Response from George
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